Rollie Bands A Florida rapper was shot dead


Rollie Bands, a Florida rapper, was fatally murdered last weekend after challenging his opponents to meet him at his residence. The incident took place minutes after Bands wrote a social media statement to his detractors. The text stated:

“Many of these n**gas are aware of my residence on fr. I sleep with ease. If an**ga wants to smoke, I’ll be at my crib in five minutes. A short time later, authorities received a call informing them that a man had been murdered in the parking lot of an apartment complex. This was later determined to be the parking lot outside Band’s house when his assailants shot the young performer.

However, the alleged gunman left the area. According to police reports, as soon as authorities arrived on the scene, they took the rapper to a nearby hospital, where he tragically died of his injuries. According to Fox 13 reports, Bands was reportedly followed all the way home and shot just outside his apartment. According to detectives, the initial findings show that Bands knew the suspect(s) well. Growing up in Tampa, Florida, Rollie Bands was a prominent hip-hop musician known for songs like Struggle, Close Ties, and many more. He was active on social media and had more than 5,400 Instagram followers.

As tributes pour in for Rollie Bands, internet users are cautious about disclosing personal information on social media.

When internet users learned of the young rapper’s sad death, they flooded social media with tributes and condolences. Many internet users also took this opportunity to discuss how social media can be a dangerous place to reveal your whereabouts, citing the death of a Florida rapper who challenged his enemies and revealed his location on social media.

Rollie Bands

This isn’t the first time rivals have killed a hip-hop musician. KTS Dre was murdered in Chicago in July 2021 outside the Little Village Cook County Jail. The 31-year-old rapper was shot by two gunmen as he was released from prison. Likewise, Supa Gates was filmed in April 2021 at St. John’s Place. The Rollie Bands killer(s) have not yet been identified and no arrests have been made in the case.


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