Riley Hubatka was accused of using a small business for free products


On June 21, 2022, a small business owner called Homesick. co, which runs a hoodie brand, posted a video on its TikTok company profile. In the video, she said she set out to expose influencers who had been given free stuff from small businesses. Riley Hubatka, a prominent TikToker, and former Hype House member was the first person to reveal them.

Riley Hubatka Was Accused By Small Business Owner

The company owner said she initially contacted Hubatka on February 9, 2021, asking if she could give the influencer a free custom crewneck in exchange for shout-outs on social media. Hubatka responded on February 19 and agreed, after which the two went back and forth to finish the design. The owner mailed her crewneck on April 6, 2021, and after repeatedly asking Hubatka if she had it, the TikToker uploaded her merchandise to Instagram on April 14. However, since Hubatka had not uploaded the TikTok videos as promised, the owner of the company had to contact her and remind her.

Hubatka eventually said she will publish the TikToks, but she couldn’t say when because she was too busy. According to the owner, this event happened before influencers were compensated for ads. Hubatka still hadn’t posted in August. The owner closed her video by inviting viewers to come back for part two. “I’ve never wanted to do this, but it’s been over a year and a half and I want to warn other small businesses,” she said in the description of the video.

Commentators seemed to blame the owner of the company, suggesting that she should have been glad that Hubatka had mentioned her brand on Instagram. But she defended herself, claiming it wasn’t what they had agreed to and that if she’d known that Hubatka would do that, she wouldn’t have provided her with any merchandise at all.

Riley Hubatka responded to the accusation

Based on Hubatka’s response, which The Original Tiktokroom shared, it appears that she has kept the bargain. The TikTok had uploaded a photo of the merchandise and tagged her brand as soon as she got it. She also directly gave the owner a photo of herself wearing the merchandise so she could submit it if she couldn’t.

Riley Hubatka

Hubatka revealed that she was moving and faced a lot of behind-the-scenes challenges, which she didn’t want to discuss publicly. “It was not a priority for me to upload a photo of myself with a crew neck as I had previously posted for her and mentioned her company.” We had discussed it via DM and I assumed everything was fine,” the TikTok said. She then apologized for not being able to upload the videos and said she has always supported small businesses. Hubatka closed the post by saying that she had a lot going on at the moment and again apologized.


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