Regina Lasko – All About David Letterman’s Wife


David Letterman’s wife is Regina Lasko. She is originally from the United States. The woman is a production manager by profession. Her nationality is American and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. David’s full name is David Michael Letterman, and he has worked as a television host, writer, producer and comedian.

Quick Facts

First and last nameRegina Lasko
First nameRegina
Last nameLasko
Professionfamous woman
Country of birthUnited States
gender identityFemale
Sexual orientationStraight ahead
Marital statusMarried
HusbandDavid Letterman
Number of children1
Net value90000000
Height167 cm
Net value$90 million
Date of birthNov 20, 1960
Age61 years
wedding dateMarch 19, 2009

Regina’s husband got caught up in a sex scandal

David had really cheated on his wife, which he had dealt with himself. In 2009, David admitted to having relationships with several ladies who had served on his Late Show with David Letterman program. The artist had even slept with the assistant, who often appeared on the program. Her name is Stephanie Birkitt. He also blames himself for the deeds he has done. David even claims that if there were a flowchart for this situation or sex scandal, his name would be at the top. David has no choice but to take responsibility for it.

Regina married David in a civil ceremony

David had a romantic relationship with Merrill Markoe, a novelist, while his relationship began with Regina. Nevertheless, Merrill and David broke up, leaving David and Regina alone. Everyone around them assumed the couple would never marry after dating for more than two decades. On November 3, 2003, they became parents. Harry Joseph Letterman is their child’s name.

They eventually chose to wed on March 19, 2009. Their wedding took place in a private courtroom, civil ceremony in Choteau, Montana. Pete Howard, commonly known as the Justice of the Peace, presided over the ceremony. In his program, the artist also revealed their wedding plans and explained why they took so long to make the choice.

Regina’s child was kidnapped

Their only son was almost kidnapped, which was unfortunate but true. To clear up the problem, Regina’s husband hired a painter in 2005 to paint the house. The person who was hired hatched a plan and attempted to kidnap Harry and his nanny for a total of $5 million. Harry Joseph Letterman was only 16 months old at the time. Kelly Allen Frank was the kidnapper’s name.

He devised a comprehensive strategy, but he was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Nevertheless, he escaped from prison in 2007, only to be arrested again. He was released on parole in 2014.

Divorce from his first wife

Michelle Cook was David’s first wife. The woman is said to have been David’s girlfriend since college. However, the couple chose to marry in 1968. Michelle was the one who advised David to go to Los Angeles and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. The woman was with David when he started his career in comedy. They were married for over ten years before deciding to split up in 1977.

Regina Lasko

David Letterman Facts You May Not Know

In addition to his personal life, he has other characteristics. Before or during high school, David had worked as a packer in a grocery store in Indianapolis. Apart from that, he is the longest running late night TV host. Nevertheless, his favorite band, the Foo Fighters, performed for his farewell broadcast on the program. David was also never seen again wearing the same tie on his program. Finally, the pencil he used for the show had erasers on both ends, so even if he threw it at the crowd, no one got hurt.

Net value

Regina Lasko’s net worth is estimated at $90 million.


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