Oriana Sabatini; Who is the model and singer girlfriend of football player Paulo Dybala


Oriana Sabatini is a former child actress, model and singer from Argentina. She is also known as the girlfriend of the Argentine and Roma footballer Paulo Dybala.

Oriana comes from a family of artists and national celebrities. She herself is also quite famous on her own. Not yet 25 and she had already had opportunities to open the show to artists, among others Ariana Grande, Play coldand Red Hot Chili Pepper.

Besides her promising career as a musician, Sabatini has some other interesting things in her life that are worth paying attention to. Read everything there is to know about the Argentinian model in the headings below.


Oriana Sabatini; She received her name after her aunt

Oriana, full name, Oriana Gabriela Sabatini Fulop was born on April 19, 1996, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her middle name stands for her aunt, Gabriela Sabatini, an Argentine tennis player who was once ranked No. 3 during her early playing career.

From left, Catherine Fulop, Oriana, Ova Sabatini and Tiziana Sabatini
Oriana second from left with her mother, far left, father, Ova, and sister, Tiziana

Oriana is the daughter of actress and TV presenter Catherine Fulop and the former model and actor, Ova Sabatini. Fulop is Venezuelan, while Ova is Argentinian.

Sabatini is also the niece of former tennis player Gabriela Sabatini. Oriana also has a younger sister named Tiziana Sabatini. Sabatini had a maternal uncle who sadly passed away after battling throat cancer.

Speaking of Oriana’s education, she studied singing, theater and piano.

Oriana Sabatini Mother is more famous than her; She is a TV personality and actress

Turns out Dybala’s girlfriend, Oriana has a famous mother, Catherine Fulop, who is apparently quite a famous celebrity in her home country. Fulop is a former model, actor and presenter known for the films, Solos en la Ciudad, Marigold, Mercenariesand shows like MasterChef Celebrity Argentina 3 and Tardes Bellas.

Oriana started dating Roma Striker Dybala in the summer of 2018

Oriana and Roma striker Paulo Dybala started dating in late July 2018. They would have come into contact with each other through social media. However, it is unclear who approached first, although some claim it was Dybala himself. Also at the time Sabatini did not know that Dybala was a professional football player.

She asked her friends about him, but they all told her he was a tennis player. It was her father, Osvaldo, who correctly gave information about Dybala to his daughter Oriana.

Roma striker Paulo Dybala and his girlfriend Oriana Sabatini at Milan Fashion Week in February 2022
Dybala with his partner Oriana in February 2022 in Milan, Italy

Oriana once revealed in an interview that during the early phase of her and Dybala’s relationship, she put her career on hold because she didn’t know how to manage it from a long distance. However, Sabatini stated that she does not regret the decision to take a break from her career and was instead happy that she focused more on her relationship with her boyfriend. This apparently gave her the opportunity to arrange a lot of personal things.

The relationship between Sabatini and Dybala, the couple collectively claim, has grown stronger during the COVID-19 pandemic/lockdown. At the time, they both had to share the same roof in Italy.

The Truth About Oriana Pregnancy

In May 2022, the news that Oriana could possibly be pregnant got quite a bit of attention due to her boyfriend, Dybala’s celebration on the pitch, which he did after scoring one of his goals in a Serie A. The Roma striker had his thumb in his mouth stopped which is what players usually do when a baby comes into the family.

Curious that Oriana might have expected some media sources to even ask her mother, Catherine Fulop. Fulop stumbled upon the question while giving an interview and after hearing about the rumor, Catherine said, “Not for now.” The Latin American celebrity nevertheless got excited and wanted to make sure she was really going to be a grandmother. She therefore said:

I’m going to ask her!

Fulop soon knew about Dybala’s particular goal celebration that prompted the hearsay. She ended up having a video call with her daughter Oriana. When Fulop finally asked if her daughter was having a baby with Dybala, the Argentinian artist said no and that her footballer boyfriend’s party meant something else.

As for marriage, Sabatini and Dybala have yet to tie the knot. However, in an interview with Jay Mammon on the Los Mammones program, Oriana said on the subject of marriage that while she sometimes searches online for marriage proposals, she will wait for Dybala to ask her. She also spoke of her dreams of having Argentinian children “hopefully with Paulo.”

For now, the couple is the parents of two dogs, Kaia and Bowen.

Sabatini ex-boyfriend

For Dybala, Oriana was in a relationship with a YouTuber Julian Serrano; Sabatini had just broken up when Paulo contacted her on social media. Sabatini and Serrano dated for three years. They also collaborated on some video clips.

Oriana Sabatini studies an unusual course; Sleeping with a lifeless body

In an interview with Nadie Dice Nada (a podcast) in September 2022, Sabatini confessed that she has a passion for life with an inanimate body. Dybala’s girlfriend surprised everyone when she revealed it she had a secret passion for thanatopraxy.

Oriana Sabatini at a press conference for Perdidas in April 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Singer and actress Oriana Sabatini in April 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sabatini said she took it online because the course is taught in Spain and she can’t be there.

“I am doing a very interesting thanatopraxy course. It is the people who prepare the bodies for vigils. I love it. I like being with a lifeless body.

according to the Argentinian model.

In the same interview, Sabatini said that she has not interacted with an inanimate body, however. Oriana further revealed how her fascination with death and love of the medical study led her to pursue thanatopraxia. She was also initially interested in forensic medicine, but was unable to do so due to time constraints.

Oriana Career; All performances and her musical releases

Sabatini was 13 when she did her first fashion shoot, followed by some small TV roles.

Oriana started her career by first being part of the Uruguayan soap opera Because I love you in 2011. The following year she appeared in another series, Aliados. However, the show did not air until 2013.

The following year, Oriana became one of the cast of Tu Cara me Suena, where she impersonated several other regional musicians. In the same year, she also appeared in a music video, Love is louder by Jota Esse.

26-year-old Argentine singer and actress Oriana Sabatini
Catherine Fulop daughter Oriana Sabatini

In the summer of 2017, Oriana was set to serve as the opening performer on Ariana Grande’s Dangerous woman tour. There she would sing her first single, Love me easily. Later in 2017, Sabatini performed as a solo artist in Usina del Arte, Ciudad Emergent. A few months later, she would open the show again for another global artist (music group), Coldplay. After that, in December 2017, Sabatini released her single, Stay or run.

In 2018, Oriana would once again share the stage with another famous band, Red Hot Chilli Peppers at Lollapalooza Argentina festival. The following year in 2019, on October 4, Dybala’s partner premiered a video song titled El Ultimo Tango.

Oriana would release another single in early 2020, Luna Llena. In March, Sabatini would launch her other creation, Poor, especially for digital platforms. She let go Lo Que Tienes on December 8, 2022.

Sabatini started the year 2021 by releasing Tuyyo in collaboration with FMK, an Argentinian band. Her other releases would be in 2022 Perro, Sola, 325, Meeting, and chin chin.

Oriana Sabatini has received quite a bit of criticism from her Instagram and TikTok posts

While Oriana is famous on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, the 26-year-old has also sparked a lot of controversy over the nature of some of her posts. Often she has been called out for her looks and the way she has appeared lately. The criticism mainly pointed to her dyed eyebrows and many people called it a style that did not suit her at all.

People have also shown their bitterness over a certain TikTok video by Sabatini. It involved Oriana and her footballer boyfriend trying to make a funny joke. The couple recorded themselves for a short video of Dybala trying to lift his own girlfriend at the cross with one arm while Oriana remains silent. Although the video was rather trivial, Dybala and Sabatini tried it a number of times.

Shortly after the couple made the video public, many people considered it explicit content. Later, the video was removed by TikTok itself. Not long after, Sabatini hit back at the platform, expressing her frustration at having her video removed.

Oriana Sabatini Net Worth; Is she richer than her friend Dybala?

Oriana is not your average joke; she is famous on her own, as said. You could say they like Sabatini for her music rather than her relationship with Roma striker Paulo Dybala. However, despite all the opening performances and quite a few notable songs, the details of Sabatini’s financial breakthroughs are yet to come.

That said, it is quite a challenging task to conclude whether the Latin celebrity is richer than her World Cup winner boyfriend Paulo Dybala, who has an estimated net worth of $40 million in addition to a salary of $14 million a year.

Oriana Sabatini Other facts

  • Sabatini once somewhat confirmed the rumors that she was bisexual. She indicated that there is nothing more beautiful in life than feeling free and that she has no prejudices about such things.
  • Oriana is also a friend of Tini Stoessel, the girlfriend of Dybala’s national teammate, Rodrigo de Paul, and an Italian TV actress.