Nicholas Brendon was rushed to hospital after cardiac arrest


former buffy cast member Nicholas Brendon, star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has been hospitalized after a second cardiac arrest. The 51-year-old actor was sent to hospital and is currently “focused on medical appointments”. His sister turned to Instagram to write a long letter on his behalf, detailing his health concerns. The message stated:

“Nicky is fine today, but he was sent to the hospital about two weeks ago because of a heart attack (tachycardia/arrhythmia). Some of you may remember he had a similar experience last year during his second spine surgery (for Cauda Equina). He has tried to get more rest and concentrated on medical visits.”

Nicholas Brendon’s Hospitalization Reasons

The cause of Nicholas Brendon’s unexpected visit to the ER has been captured by his sister in a lengthy Instagram post as a “heart attack” with “tachycardia” and “arrhythmia.” She also said the actor had to undergo spinal surgery. Nicholas Brendon underwent surgery last year after suffering “paralysis in his genitals” and legs. According to The Daily Mail, his manager, Theresa Fortier, said his arrest for prescription fraud and having to sleep in a concrete-floored prison cell contributed to his depression. She mentioned:

“They weren’t too concerned about his health during the arrest… It has exacerbated the symptoms of his previous injury and the paralysis is reappearing. He could have ruptured another disc or everything could be misaligned. So sleeping on a cement floor with other convicts was not exactly beneficial for rehabilitation, and it aggravated his injuries, leaving him in excruciating pain with numbness and paralysis ever since.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, Nicholas Brendon’s recent tachycardia-related health care could lead to serious health complications such as heart failure or sudden stroke. According to the Mayo Clinic, tachycardia symptoms include a pounding heartbeat, chest discomfort, fainting, dizziness, a high heart rate and shortness of breath.

Some patients with tachycardia may have no symptoms at all. However, if these signs are present or if the person is experiencing pain, you should seek immediate medical attention. While it’s unknown if Nicholas Brendon had similar symptoms, his sister said the actor is now concentrating on his medical visits.

Learn about Nicholas Brendon’s various health issues

According to Theresa Fortier, Brendon’s manager, he had to pull out of the marketing of his film Wanton Want due to paralysis issues that required urgent medical treatment in October. According to reports, he was unable to walk due to “deep-seated physical problems and great discomfort”.

Nicholas Brendon

The actor was charged with prescription fraud for a banned drug in September 2021. He was arrested for trying to obtain prescription drugs under a fictitious name. Brendon also had Cauda Equina, a condition in which the nerve roots of his lumbar spine were crushed. As a result, he underwent major back surgery.


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