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Nichol Kessinger is an ordinary American lady who came into the limelight as the girlfriend of the notorious killer Chris Watts. Her then-boyfriend was found guilty of murdering his pregnant wife and two other daughters in August 2018. But before Watts pleaded guilty, the notorious criminal claimed his partner Nichol was also involved in the family crime.

Well, the story is pretty gruesome and can send chills down your spine. Many people want to know the truth behind the murder and whether Kessinger was involved in the case. Do you also know what Nichol was doing before he met her partner? Where is Chris’s mistress today?

Here are many hidden facts and mysteries about Nichol Kessinger. So find out all the answers to these questions about Chris’s mistress in the following article!

Who is Nichol Kessinger? Details about her parents

Kessinger is Chris Watts’ ex-girlfriend. She was born in 1988 in Colorado, the United States. Not much information is available about her childhood. But her father’s name is Dwayne Kessinger. He is an electrical engineer.

Nichol Kessinger in a bridge
Chris Watts’ girlfriend Nichol.

Continuing to talk about her father, Dwayne attended Red Rocks Community College and received his engineering degree. He then started his career as an industrial electrician in 1984. He also worked as an Engineering Manager for RK Mission Critical from 2017 to 2021 and as an Electrical Controls & Power Engineer from May 2021 to February 2022. Likewise, Kessinger is currently working as an Electrical Controls & Power Engineer. Engineering Specialist for Easter-Owens Electric Co.

Details about her education

Speaking of her studies, Kissinger graduated from Colorado State University in 2013 with a degree in geology. Additionally, Nichol earned an Associate Degree in Geological and Earth Sciences and Geosciences from Aurora Community College.

What did Nichol Kessinger do?

Shortly after graduating, Nichol started working as a bookkeeper. She also worked as a field engineer. Nearly ten years after her aforementioned roles, Kissinger landed her job as an MWD Field Engineer at Halliburton.

She also became Project Manager at RK Mechanical. She also worked for Anadarko Petroleum and here she also met her boyfriend for the first time. She used to do the environmental service there. However, she was fired a few days after her partner CW.

When did Nichol Kessinger meet Chris Watts? Their short relationship

As we mentioned above, Kessinger met her then-beauty while working together for Anadarko Petroleum. Kessinger was working in the environmental department at the time, while Watts was working as an operator. She said Denver Post Watts always waited with other operators in the break room of the office before going to work. But Nichol never spoke to him.

Nichol Kessinger with her ex-boyfriend
Nichol with her ex-boyfriend Chris Watts

Later, in mid-June 2018, Watts herself came to her office room and there the two were introduced. Although Watts was still married to his then-wife Shanann Cathryn Rzucek, he did not wear a wedding ring at the time that left a positive impression on Nichol.

Soon they often met in the office. After some time, Chris also told her that he had just separated from his wife. He further revealed that he is the father of two children with his then-husband.

The first time they went out of service was at the end of June. At the time, Nichol further asked him about his divorce proceedings with his wife. He told her that their divorce was nearing completion and that they were only trying to solve their financial problems, even though he was legally married to his husband at the time.

Gradually at the beginning of July of the year, they also began to have an intimate relationship. They used to meet four or five times a week. At the end of July, Chris called his girlfriend to say that the divorce was final.

Chris Watt’s Missing Wife and Daughters Reports

On August 13, 2018, news of Chris’s missing wife and daughters was reported by Nickole Atkinson, a friend of Shanann Cathryn Rzucek. Atkinson, who was concerned about her missing obstetrics and gynecology appointment, also did not return her calls and text messages.

When Atkinson went to Shannan’s house, she tried the doorbell and knocked several times. But after no one answered, she called Chris who was at work and informed the Frederick Police Department. Watt’s told Denver7 that he saw his wife and daughter sleeping as he left for work at 5:15 a.m. that day. But when he returned, they were gone.

However, further investigation revealed that Shannan had left the house without taking any of her belongings, including her phone, purse and car. This made the police suspicious of Chris as his story was not true.

Nichol was the one who contacted the police and the FBI

On August 13, 2018, after his family disappeared, Chris texted his girlfriend informing him that his family was gone. He told Nichol that his wife had taken their children on a play date and hadn’t returned since. Seeing his casual reaction, Kessinger was a little concerned, but let the thing slide. Later that evening, however, reporters came to Chris Watt’s residence and the true story was out for all to see.

Nichol found out that her then-boyfriend lied to her about the divorce and that his wife Shannan was 15 weeks pregnant. That same night, in order to confront him and clarify the situation surrounding the disappearance, she made long phone calls and text messages.

Continue talking with The Denver PostNichol later said Chris was not concerned about the disappearance. Whenever she asked him about his missing family, he dodged the questions and tried to change the subject.

Watts’ mistress said:

It got to a point where he told me so many lies that I finally told him I didn’t want to speak to him again until his family was found.

After hearing what Chris had to say about his missing family, she became suspicious and called the Weld County Sheriff’s office to tell them their relationship and the lies he told her. Kessinger also contacted the FBI, saying, “With a pregnant wife and two missing children, I’d do everything I could.”

Nichol Kessinger Deleted Some Posts: Was She Involved in the Murder?

In an interview with the investigators of the case, it was mentioned that Nichol had deleted some of the messages she sent to Chris, which is quite odd and a big question as to whether or not she was involved in the murder.

However, in a two hour interviewshe clarified by saying:

“I was just a little bit grossed out by him. I didn’t know what was going on now. You just lied to me and I don’t want to see this on my phone again. So I deleted it. I removed all his stuff because he lied to me. It was the pain that made me remove it.”

There is no indication that she was involved in the disappearances, but many people during the interview thought she was full of guilt.

Likewise, there were many flaws in her story, the reports show that she only searched for wedding dresses online after dating him for about two months. Whatever the case, the researchers couldn’t find any evidence that she was involved.

However, some people still believe that she is equally guilty and her affair with the killer also sparked different reactions. Later, the media portrayed her as a “home wrecker” and others called her “assassin mistress.”

Chris Watts gave a heartwarming interview before he was arrested for the murders

Watts gave a very heartwarming interview before admitting to murdering his wife and daughters in cold blood. He said he had an emotional conversation with his wife before she went missing.

Chris in an interview with NBC news said, ‘I don’t feel like this is real right now. It’s like a nightmare from which I can’t wake up. Knowing that they could get into trouble is earth-shattering.” Further in an interview with Denver7he spoke of his three and four year old daughter saying, “My kids are my life. I mean, those smiles light up my life.”

Nichol’s friend CW found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment

Chris Watt was arrested on August 15, 2018 for the murder of his pregnant wife Shannan and daughters Bella and Celeste. He was found guilty after an interview in which he failed a lie detector test and confessed to killing them.

However, before confessing, Nichol’s friend claimed that Shanann killed their children after filing for divorce. So, out of anger, he killed his wife. The liar said he saw on the baby monitor that his daughter Bella was lying on her bed, blue in the face. His wife strangled Celeste. Watts went down and choked her to death.

When asked what he had done with the bodies, he told police that he had taken the three bodies, loaded them into his truck and drove to his job site at Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. Watts hid Shannan’s body with two oil tanks and his daughters in one of the oil tanks. The investigators found the missing bodies on August 16, 2018 in Anadarko Petroleum.

Nichol Kessinger's boyfriend with wife and daughters
Murderer Chris Watts with his wife and daughters for their murder.

Moving on, the cold-blooded killer was charged with four first-degree murders on August 21, 2018. After a plea deal, he was sentenced to five life sentences without any possibility of parole.

Likewise, he owed Shannan’s family $6 million, $3 million for the deaths and $3 million for the pain the family suffered.

A Netflix documentary released about the murder of the Watts family

Netflix released a documentary in connection with the murder of Shannan Watts, her two daughters and an unborn child by her husband Chris Watts. The gruesome murder story aired on September 30, 2020 and the film was titled “American Murder: The Family Next Door.”

Where is Nichol Kessinger now? Her Life After the Watts Murder Trial

After making her statement to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Nichol has since disappeared. There is no information about her whereabouts or what she is doing now. However, many believe she has undergone a witness protection program. She also said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s going to be difficult to go out in public for a few years.”

Nichol is reportedly trying to live a new life under a new name.


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