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Who is Ruby May?

Born on May 3, 1996 in England, Ruby May is a social media personality best known for her fame on the Instagram platform where she has approximately one million followers. She has been active on the site since 2017 and has since expanded her reach to other popular online platforms as well.

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Ruby May’s Net Worth

As of early 2020, Ruby May’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through a successful online career. She regularly earns weekly and monthly donations through the use of websites such as Only Fans. She also has income from advertising revenue on websites such as YouTube, including various sponsorships.

Early life and online beginnings

Ruby grew up in England, and although she spent much of her childhood there, her family later moved to Australia, where they settled. At a young age, she discovered various online platforms and aspired to become a popular internet icon. This eventually led to her account on Instagram, a popular website among many influencers and aspiring models.

She quickly gained a following on the website, as she started posting sensual photos – she loved showing off her body, especially her breasts, often wearing revealing clothes or anything that would accentuate her figure.

With this career direction, she began to pay a lot of attention to her body, exercising regularly to maintain her figure. She also posted a lot of pictures with nightwear or clothes with no underwear underneath. Most of her followers were men who admired her appearance, and soon she looked for other ways to earn wealth.

Sponsorship and donations

With her large following, May was eventually approached by several companies to post sponsored posts for them. This practice is very popular among Instagram models with a significant following – one of the most popular companies using this form of advertising is Fashion Nova, a retail company based in Los Angeles.

Ruby May

The company is known for promoting club clothing that is often marketed as cheap. They continue to use online advertisements and pay huge amounts of money to models, despite the problems of underpaying some of their employees.

In addition to sponsored posts, Ruby also earns a lot of money through a only fans account, which will earn you thousands of dollars weekly from paying subscribers. Unlike other Instagram models, she is not afraid to pose naked for photos and videos of herself. She enjoys posting and does so on a regular basis, which has certainly helped to grow her following on the site.

The downside to this type of content is that while OnlyFans is exclusive, photos and videos are often leaked to other media. This, in turn, has led to some of her sex videos appearing online, although she doesn’t seem to be bothered by it much.

Alternative accounts

A common practice among Instagram models, especially those who like to post sensual photos, is to have a secondary account to fall back on. This is because Instagram’s policies can be strict and constantly changing. Photos can be instantly removed from a person’s profile and in the worst cases an account can be banned without notice leading to the downfall of the careers of many aspiring models on the website.

She supplements her main account through her second account, which mainly shows a peculiar side of her, photos that she normally doesn’t post on her main account. She also posts comedic photos and videos on that account.

Because she gets a lot of unusual and inappropriate comments from men, Ruby decided to give a varied account that privately shares some of the messages she receives. The posts she shared on this account range from sweet, to inappropriate, to stupid, and downright hateful. The account has shed some light on what many female influencers experience on a daily basis.

Due to her exposure to a lot of bad behavior from men, she has gained even stronger support from her followers, especially from women of course.

A wider reach

In recent months, with many parts of the world in quarantine or lockdown due to the spread of the coronavirus, the careers of online content creators have boomed, with many more people tuning in to live streams and YouTube videos. Ruby’s activity is hampered because she can’t go out normally like she used to. This prompted her to think about other ways to make money, and in early 2020 she created a YouTube account.

The YouTube account functions more like a video blog (vlog) account, showcasing some of her daily efforts. She has new clothes on, cooks and stays at home. She also created a question and answer segment.

In addition to YouTube, she also launched a TikTok account, where she shares memes and comedy videos. The app also has a golf of increased activity, as many people are stuck at home with nothing else to do. The app allows users to offer short videos or looping videos ranging from dancing, comedy videos, borderline sexual videos, and videos of a particular niche.

Some of the more popular ones often include dancing or pets.

Private life

Ruby is single and doesn’t talk much about her romantic relationships. She has been seen with sex partners in the past, although it is not known if she is officially in a relationship. She admits that while she posts a lot of nude photos, she doesn’t want to work in the porn industry. She is a vegan and is very careful with food and clothing choices, making sure she respects animals. She owns two dogs who are often featured on her social media accounts.


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