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Cassidy Freeman is one of Hollywood’s many stars making a name for herself as an actress. According to her fans, she has a lot of talent and makes her characters come to life on the silver screen, but also on television. She is best known for her role as Tess Mercer in ‘Smallville’. Let’s take a look at who Cassidy really is.

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Early life and family

Cassidy was born on April 22, 1982 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Her parents, Lee and Glynna Freeman, were leading attorneys in the area. They also own a cattle ranch in Montana. Cassidy is the youngest of three children and also the only girl. Her brothers are Clark, an actor, and Crispin, a voice actor.

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, Cassidy has: Jewish, Scottish and German descent† In the absence of scandalous reports, Cassidy is believed to have had a normal and happy childhood and upbringing.

Educational background

Despite being a popular actress, not much is really known about her education. She attended the Latin School of Chicago and graduated from Middlebury College in 2005, with degrees in Spanish and theater.


Cassidy toured Vietnam with her mother. and when she got home she took on the part of Gemma in the critically acclaimed stage production ‘Cigarettes and chocolates’† She did very well as in her role of Gemma, who championed the Catholic fasting tradition.

A Los Angeles talent manager took note of her during production. Following this, she rose to huge fame in 2006 when she landed the role of high-tech thief Veronica Sharp in the award-winning short film ‘Razor Sharp’. Two years later, Cassidy appeared in ‘Smallville’ as Tess Mercer and stayed with the show for three years until its end in 2011.

Cassidy has appeared on many shows since then – including ‘CSI’, ‘NCIS’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’. She is also admired for her role as Cady Longmire in the Netflix show ‘Longmire’.

In 2010, she also starred in (and was the executive producer) the gritty Indie film, ‘Yellow Brick Road’, alongside her brother, Clark. The film was based on true events that took place in a remote area of ​​New Hampshire, about a group of friends who bravely went into the woods to search for an entire town that went missing in the 1940s.

Since 2019, Cassidy has played the lead role in ‘The Righteous Gemstones’, in which she plays Amber Gemstone.

Cassidy Freeman

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

For the most part, Cassidy keeps her private life out of the limelight, but we understand she can sing and play the piano too. She is part of a three piece band – ‘The Real D’Coy’ – with Clark (her brother) on the drums and herself on the piano. Cassidy’s hobbies are being outdoors, taking it easy or being active. She often plays volleyball and water polo and also enjoys hiking, snowboarding, water skiing, diving and horseback riding depending on her mood. She has a Swiss mountain dog named Shasta.

She is part of the charity ‘Heal the Bay’, which focuses on cleaning and protecting the waters of the West Coast. As part of the Virginia Avenue Project, Cassidy has also tutored children in Santa Monica. However, it is not entirely clear what she taught the children. Besides being a talented actress, she is also considered to be good at modern dance and hip-hop.

Romantic Relationships

As someone who values ​​her privacy, Cassidy hasn’t dropped much about her romantic experiences.

Not much is even known about her husband, Justin Carpenter. Affair Post reports that Cassidy and Justin married on September 23 in 2012. The two had been secretly dating for some time before they tied the knot. Their wedding was a private affair probably attended by loved ones and close friends.

Cassidy and Justin have a daughter together. but nothing is known about her and it seems that the actress would rather keep it that way.

Physical Characteristics

  • Hair Color: Red
  • Eye color: Blue-Green
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m)
  • Weight: 125lbs (57kg)
  • Vital stats: 32-26-30
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Bra size: 32 B

Net value

She is reported by ‘Biographical world‘ to have an estimated net worth of about $3 million, based largely on her acting career, no doubt also some income from her music endeavors and endorsements.


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