Morgan Ketzner Height, Bio, Measurement, Friend


Morgan Ketzner is a social media influencer, blogger and model. Similarly, Morgan is one of the individuals who cannot make a name for themselves without help from anyone. The multi-talented model has even worked with many well-known fashion brands, including Sports Illustrated, Maxim Mexico, Ignite, ASOS, Ragstock, One One Swimwear and many more.

Besides, there are many people asking about Morgan’s love life. Whether she has a romantic connection with someone or not. If so, who is the lucky person to be a part of Ketzner’s life?

Today, here in this article, you know everything about her including her age, height, career, net worth and much more.


How old is Morgan Ketzner? Info about her age, siblings and parents

Morgan Ketzner is 29 years old as of 2023. She was born on November 1st, 1993, in Minnesota, USA. Morgan is the daughter of Bet Ketzner (mom). However, her father’s name remains unknown. The model revealed her mother’s identity and name through her Facebook page.

Morgan Ketzner with her family
Morgan next to her parents and sister.

It was Beth’s birthday. She wrote the caption,

“Congratulations to my beautiful mom @bethketzner I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world ❤️💋🎂

By the way, when we talk about her siblings, Ketzner has an older sister named Paige Ketzner. Apart from this, Morgan is an American by nationality and belongs to white ethnic background.

Academic Achievements

Morgan Ketzner attended Metro State University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations/Image Management.

Physical measurements of Morgan Ketzner

According to data from the Stars Management modeling agency, Morgan is 1.55 meters tall and weighs about 54 kg. Likewise, her waist is measured 23 inches, her bust 32 inches, and her hip 33.5 inches. The 29-year-old model has dark blonde hair and green eyes.

Morgan Ketzner has been in the fashion world for almost a decade

As mentioned above, Morgan is a model and influencer. She started her modeling career in 2013. Within two years of working experience, she had already started modeling for major editorials in Europe, South Korea and Mexico.

The model has worked with dozens of modeling agencies. Some of them are called Sports Illustrated, Maxim Mexico, Ignite, ASOS, Ragstock, One One Swimwear, Pretty Little Thing and Revolve.

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Morgan’s work experience doesn’t stop there, in fact she has also appeared for Fashion Nova, Koana Swim, Luli Fama, Fast Protein, Tobi, Scent Bird, Club London and many others. In addition, she currently works at Elite Management and Stars Management.

In addition, every member of the Ketzner family takes pride in her work. Not only that, but beyond April 16, 2014, her older sister Paige even came up with a post. She captioned the message,

“Big shout out to this girl aka my sister as she starts her 3 month modeling contract abroad today! I love you so much! I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the next 3 months without my best friend.”

As a model, Morgan mainly does photo shoots in her swimsuit. Likewise, she has traveled to several countries for her work, including Costa Rica, St. Barths, Palm Beach, Puerto Rico, San Diego, Miami, Los Angeles, and many more.

Morgan Ketzner worked as a barista

Did you know that in addition to a career as a model, Morgan has seven years of work experience as a barista? Ketzner started working at Starbucks when she was in high school until she became a student. She even said it in her YouTube video.

The video is titled Question and answer, where she has mentioned that she could make any drink with her eyes closed. The question was asked, if she could have a job that is not her current job, what would that job be?

She replied,

“Oh definitely working at starbucks as a barista. I did that for seven years in high school and then I loved it for part of college. I could make any drink with my eyes closed, like in all honesty, like when I first started working at Starbucks.

Is Morgan Ketzner dating someone?

Morgan Ketzner is not dating anyone from 2023. She is a very private person when it comes to her personal life, mainly her love life. Plus, she seems to be focused on her career rather than trying to hook her up with someone anytime soon.

Morgan Ketzner is single as of 2023
Morgan’s relationship status still remains single.

Besides, Morgan has said that she prefers the narcissistic type of guy. About six months ago, she uploaded a video, “Panda Express Q&A! Relationship addition Mukbang’, where she revealed that she had met such a man once.

morgan said,

“That one guy once um, a few years ago and like we hadn’t even met yet and he’s also making plans like oh um, I can’t wait to meet your family. I’m going to take a trip to Minnesota”

But in the end their relationship couldn’t go on. While Morgan initially liked the behavior and she even thought he was a real deal, it didn’t work. After the first meeting, Ketzner never saw that man again.

Morgan Ketzner’s Net Worth

Morgan Ketzner is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million as of 2023. She earns money through her career as a model and as a YouTuber. There is no doubt that her fortune will grow in the coming days.

Is Morgan Ketzner available on every social media platform?

Morgan is active on all available social media be it Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In fact, she has over a million followers on her Instagram account.

Morgan Ketzner is also active on OnlyFans

In addition to her social media handles, Morgan also has an account on OnlyFans. On the platform, Morgan has set subscriptions from monthly to yearly.

To purchase a monthly subscription, fans only need to pay $14.99. Apart from this, if you purchase a three-month plan, we can also get a 10% discount with a total price of $40.47. Then you get a 20% discount with a total price of $ 71.95 with a 6-month subscription. In the 1-year subscription, Ketzner offers up to 30% discount.