Miller McCormick, Mac Miller Brother: Where and what is he doing now?


Miller McCormick is a designer from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania who is also the older brother of the late singer, rapper and producer Mac Miller.

It was Miller McCormick who designed all of his late brother’s album covers. He gave awards to Mac’s every record from 2010’s Blue Slide to that of 2016 The divine feminine. McCormick has also designed and created several other projects for various musicians.

Miller does miss his late brother and regularly pays tribute to him. However, unlike his late brother, McCormick has largely kept himself under the radar. That being said, the star sibling is said to be in a relationship with the daughter of a well-known celebrity. So who is his girlfriend? Keep reading to learn more about him.


Miller McCormick Parents; His mother is Jewish

Miller McCormick’s mother Karen Meyers, a photographer by profession is Jewish. On the other hand, his father, Mark McCormick is an architect.

Miller McCormick with his mother Karen and late brother and singer Mac Miller
The Divine Feminine singer Mac Miller with his mother Karen and brother Miller McCormick

Although Karen and Mark raised Miller and his late brother Jewish, the siblings attended a Catholic grade school. While it is unclear what school Miller attended, his late brother had attended Winchester Thurston School and later graduated from Taylor Allderdice High School.

Miller McCormick was born in January 1989. He is currently 33 years old.

What does Miller McCormick do? His career as a graphic artist

As mentioned, Miller is an artist who, however, works with visual media. According to his LinkedInMcCormick is a freelance graphic designer.

Miller also has a website where he showcases much of his work.

He also signed for the song Might Not Be OK by Kenneth Whalum and Big KRIT

Album cover designer and Mac Miller's brother Miller McCormick
Penn State University graphic designer Miller McCormick.

To say more, besides giving aesthetics to various musical artists, McCormick has an array of work credentials as a designer. His earliest recorded work experience dates back to May 2011 when he started working for Belle And Wissell, Co. He then worked for companies such as AccuWeather, Actual Size Creative, Chandelier Creative, Aquent and Pro Unlimited. He now operates largely as a freelancer.

Miller attended Penn State University from 2008 to 2012. He has a degree in Bachelor of Arts.

Miller McCormick Little brother Mac Miller died of a drug overdose

McCormick’s brother Mac died of an accidental drug overdose on September 7, 2018. The Blue Side Park singer’s personal assistant found him unconscious in his home in Studio City. He performed CPR until emergency services arrived. Forensics pronounced Mac dead at the scene at 11:51 a.m.

The deceased singer known for the album Swimming Mac Miller with his older brother Miller McCormick
The late Pennsylvania singer and rapper Mac Miller with his brother and graphic designer Miller McCormick

Once while making a memorial for his late brother, McCormick wrote on his Instagram:

[M]alcolm turned people into friends. [T]he light, that stuff stays real,” he wrote. “[I] imagine him running circles in a living room during the livestream and jumping on a couch next to someone. [I] miss you and [I] love you so much.

Two months after Mac’s death, on November 5, 2018, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office found that the Pittsburgh resident lost his life from an accidental drug overdose resulting from a mixed drug toxicity of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol.

The following year, in September 2019, while investigating Mac’s death, police arrested three men, Cameron James Pettit, Ryan Reavis and Stephen Walter. Cameron allegedly supplied McCormick’s brother with counterfeit oxycodone. The other two men were also involved in the supply. The court charged them with conspiracy and drug distribution resulting in death.

Miller McCormick has a famous girlfriend: does he have a wife?

It is unclear when Penn State University graduate, Miller, and Casey David started dating, but sources report it’s been several years since they became a thing. When Page six Announced the news exclusively in December 2021, the outlet also reported that it had been over a year or possibly almost two years since the two began their relationship. So it will probably have been around the year 2018.

Cazzie and the art designer, Miller, met after the former contacted his family after Mac’s death. David was reportedly a good friend of the late Circles singer.

Larry David's daughter and author Cazzie David and Miller girlfriend
Writer and producer and Miller McCormick’s girlfriend Cazzie David

David and McCormick are now apparently so serious that they already live together. Page Six also reported a real estate transfer stating that Cazzie and Mac’s brother bought a house in his hometown of Pittsburgh in February 2021 for $450,000.

The property is reported to have four bedrooms and four bathrooms and is located near the tree-lined community of Regent Square on the East End of the city. However, the couple is quite private about their relationship.

Cazzie was previously in a relationship with the SNL star and was declared a Hollywood womanizer Peter Davidson. Their affair lasted until Davidson started dating the Love Me Harder singer Ariana Grande. Grande herself was the ex-girlfriend of McCormick’s late brother Mac Miller. However, Grande is now married to Dalton Gomez.

Cazzie David and her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson.
Cazzie David and her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson.
Source: page six

Besides, Cazzie revealed in an interview that she was heartbroken after her breakup with Davidson.

Cazzie David is the daughter of Larry David

Cazzie, McCormick’s current partner, is the daughter of the writer Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David. Larry had Cazzie with his ex-wife and environmentalist Laurie David. Cazzie is Larry’s oldest daughter. He and his former wife Laurie are also the parents of Cazzie’s sister, Romie David.

Miller’s partner Cazzie is also a writer and producer. She had also titled her own web series Eighty-six. Cazzie is a graduate of Emerson College. She studied film writing and passed out in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts.

Some Instagram posts say that Miller McCormick had a girlfriend named Cody Metzger

There’s a very good chance McCormick dated someone else before his current girlfriend Cazzie entered the picture. However, this is strictly in light of some Instagram posts or photos that are still on the internet. The images consist of Mac’s brother with a woman named Cody Metzger.

Mac Miller's brother Miller McCormick with his alleged ex-girlfriend Cody Metzger
Miller McCormick, 33, with his ex-girlfriend Cody Metzger.

Not much is known about Metzger, but her and Miller’s photos apparently began to surface in the summer of 2016, and their photos continued to appear, albeit intermittently, over the next several years. Even McCormick’s mom’s Instagram has such a picture of her son and Metzger getting cuddly with each other.

For now, the alleged couple appears to have broken up. However, it is unknown if they were serious or why they even broke up.


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