Mercedes Ramirez: everything you need to know about Richard Ramirez’s mother


Mercedes Ramirez is recognized as the mother of an American serial killer, rapist and burglar Richard Ramirez whose crime spree took place in California between June 1984 and August 1985. Ramirez’s son was also widely known as the “Night Stalker” before identifying his real identity.

Talking about her personal life, Mercedes was married to Ciudad Juarez Police Officer Julian Ramirez. From her married life, Mercedes also became a mother of five children. Unfortunately, her married life was not that great as her husband was an alcoholic and had an anger problem. So Mercedes had to be subjected to physical abuse along with her children.

Here, in this article, we will let you know everything about Night Stalker’s mom, Mercedes Ramirez, including her early details and tedious married life with her then-husband.

Who is Mercedes Ramirez? Details about Richard Ramirez’s mother

As mentioned earlier, Mercedes is the birth mother of a Night Stalker Richard Ramirez. Talking about her early life, there is no information available in the media. She only attracted media attention because of her son’s notorious crime.

She gave birth to her son Richard February 19, 1960, in El Paso, Texas, United States. Growing up, her son moved to the notorious pad and later came out as a criminal. By committing the heinous crime, Mercedes’ son is now famous with an alias like “The Night Stalker, The Walk-In Killer, The Valley Intruder, and Richard Mena.”

By the way, Ramirez was a Mexican immigrant to America. So she probably has dual Mexican and American citizenship.

Mercedes Ramirez Married Ciudad Juarez Police Officer; Her husband was violent

The Mexican girl, Mercedes, married her husband Julian Ramirez, a native of Mexico and Ciudad Juarez police officer. The details of their marriage are not known, but it seems that Richard Ramirez’s mother tolerated her husband’s mistreatment from the beginning of their marriage.

Mercedes Ramirez husband Julian.
Mercedes Ramirez with her husband Julian

However, Ramirez did not leave her husband’s side and together Ramirez migrated to the United States with her husband and children. The former couple went to live in El Paso, Texas. At the new site, her husband Julian began working as a laborer on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway.

So many good changes had happened in their lives, yet Mercedes had to endure physical abuse because her husband, the former police officer, was an alcoholic and prone to anger.

Ramirez is the mother of five with her husband

Speaking of her children, The Night Stalker Richard was not her only child, but the criminal was the youngest. Mercedes had already named 4 children before him Robert Ramirez, Ruth Ramirez, Joseph Ramirezand Reuben Ramirez.

According to sources, all of her children were born with congenital abnormalities from breathing difficulties to bone deformities. All of her children grew up in a violent environment. As a result, her children suffered from a number of problems while growing up. Mercedes’ son Robert developed a drug problem and Ruben, one in five, was arrested for stealing a car as described in the book The nocturnal stalker by the author Philip Carlo.

Mercedes Ramirez was a factory worker; She met with an accident when she was pregnant

Ramirez was a working woman. Since her husband was an alcoholic, Ramirez probably chose to work because of the responsibility of many children. She worked in one boots factory.

While working at the factory, she was exposed to chemical fumes. Meanwhile, it was reported that she was pregnant with her youngest child Richard. She has been through a lot in her life from physical abuse by her husband to such a cruel accident. Taking all this into account, she must have lived in suffering all her life.

Mercedes Ramirez’s youngest son, Richard Ramirez, was a vicious criminal

Her youngest son, Richard, was convicted of 13 counts of murder, 5 counts of attempted murder, 11 counts of sexual assault and 14 counts of burglary. He received a death sentence of 19 for his entire criminal record.

From a very young age, her son Richard, who was once married to Doreen Lioy, paved his way to crime. Since childhood, he suffered from his father’s abusive behavior and probably his mother could not give him a good time. So he started pursuing his cousin Miguel ‘Mike’ Ramirez, a decorated US Army Green Beret Combat Veteran. He fascinated Richard by telling his horrific stories of raping women while he was in the Vietnam War.

Mercedes Ramirez Son was a criminal
The son of Mercedes Ramirez, Richard Ramirez, better known as The Night Stalker

With this fascination, Mercedes’ son developed a strong interest in Satanism and the occult, dropped out of high school and later moved to Los Angeles. There he began using cocaine in excessive amounts and slowly embarked on a life of crime.

Her son had a mental illness, a schizoid personality disorder

According to psychiatrist Michael H. Stone, Ramirez’s criminal son went through this untreatable mental illness called schizoid personality disorder. According to him, multiple scars that he received before the age of 6 were the main reason for developing such a disease.

The condition from which Richard suffered led him to temporal lobe epilepsy, aggressiveness and hypersexuality.

Richard, the criminal son of Mercedes, can also be seen in various series and documentaries

Based on his horrific criminal activities, many movies and series have been made until the year 2022. First, in 1989, a TV movie called Manhunt: Search for the Night Stalker was made. Then the 2002 movie Night stalker was produced based on his life history.

So also in 2009 and 2016 two other films with the title The Night Stalkerr was produced in which he recounted his criminal activities. In the fifth and ninth seasons of American horror story, Richard could be seen. The 2020 documentary film Just a guy also appeared the story of Richard and the women with whom he corresponds. Recently, in 2021, Netflix released a documentary about him titled Night Stalker: The hunt for a serial killer.

Her son Richard died at the age of 53

On June 7, 2013, her jailed son died in California at the age of 53. He was admitted to Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae, California for complications secondary to B-cell lymphoma and was also stricken with “chronic substance abuse and chronic hepatitis C virus infection”.

That told his family about his death El Paso times,

“We mourn the loss of our son and brother, Richard Ramirez,

The world judged him, fair or unfair, it doesn’t matter anymore.

“He now stands before the true judge, the judge who sees and knows all things. We ask that you respect our grief and sorrow.”

In 2022 it will be 9 years since the popular Night Stalker left the world.

Where is Mercedes Ramirez now?

Nothing is known about her current situation. After the death of her son, Mercedes Ramirez has never appeared in the media. So neither about her nor about her family zero information is revealed.

However, there are many possibilities that she is no longer in the world or maybe she lives somewhere with her family. Nothing can be said for sure.


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