Mekbul Timmer, Jeff Timmer Son; How did he die? Who is his biological family?


Mekbul Timmer, nicknamed Mek, was the son of a political strategist Jeff Timmer and his wife Mattie Timmer who adopted Mekbul from Ethiopia in 2014.

Mekbul’s arrival in the Timmer family was something Jeff and his brood enjoyed every day. His American family also couldn’t help but praise him for his daring sense of humor and quick wit.

Unfortunately, their Ethiopian adoptee was not able to live long and the family has been mourning the loss ever since. In the meantime, some of these questions have remained unanswered. Decode them all in the headings below.


Mekbul Timmer was born in the early 2000s

Mekbul was born on April 27, 2003, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He was the biological son of Zeyneba Tesfaye but the details of his biological father are still a mystery. The mother of the late Ethiopian-born American teenager, Zeyneba, died in 2009, after which he went to live under the care of his grandmother Alemitu Kono, a teacher by profession. However, she would also die in 2012.

Then Mekbul ended up in AHOPE for Children, an orphanage. Timmer lived there for two years, during which he was known as a smart, curious, funny and mischievous prankster.

Ethiopian-born American child Mekbul Timmer in April 2019
Jeff Timmer’s deceased son Mekbul Timmer in April 2019.

As a child in Ethiopia, Mekbul was apparently an outgoing, smiling and mischievous boy. He was also good at math and English. Timmer was also competitive and often finished best in class.

However, Mekbul was also notorious for playing truant and leading his friends to spend their lunch money on sweets.

When did Jeff and Mattie Timmer adopt Mekbul Timmer?

It’s a bit unclear when Mekbul actually became Jeff and Mattie’s official son, but according to his adoptive sister, Maggie, the Ethiopian-born child definitely became Timmer sometime in the summer of 2014.

Mekbul Timmer with his adoptive parents Mattie and Jeff in 2014
The late Mekbul with his adoptive mother Mattie Timmer and father Jeff Timmer

According to the Timmer family, Mekbul’s integration with the Americans was effortless. His obituary states that the African boy immediately opened his heart to Jeff and the rest of his family from the first moment he met them. He was apparently very excited to be part of the Timmers.

Mekbul Timmer Life after he came to America

Growing up with his American family, Timmer reportedly had grown cocky, smart, and independent. He also preferred to be a trendsetter. He loved his collection of shoes, hats, bandanas and sunglasses. Mekbul also loved video games, music, football, wrestling, movies and playing pranks on family and friends.

Mekbul at the age of 18 with his sister Maggie
Jeff’s children Maggie and Mekbul

He was also passionate about things and the future. Mekbul had a constant hunger to learn new skills and his patience and focus were formidable. He was skilled in juggling, Rubik’s Cube, throwing cards, skateboarding, yo-yo tricks and dancing.

Mekbul, one Impractical pranksters fan attended Portland High School and was a varsity football player. He was a senior at the time of his death.

Mekbul Timmer Parents Jeff and Mattie Timmer

Mekbul’s adoptive father, Jeff is mainly a political consultant who has advised hundreds of candidates, trade associations, voting initiatives and large corporations.

The political and public affairs consultant also occasionally appears as a guest on various news broadcasts. His duties also include presenting political commentary at industry, association and corporate meetings. He also teaches campaigns and communication to various organizations.

He is also a senior advisor to The Lincoln Project and co-founder of Republicans and Independents for Joe Biden. Mekbul’s father Jeff is a former Republican, but is now an independent.

He also has a podcast titled A republic, if you can keep it. It will be broadcast on Apple’s platform.

As for Mekbul’s mother and Jeff’s wife, Mattie, a Michigan State University graduate an experienced professional in the public relations and communications industry. Her job primarily involves dealing with non-profit organizations, public affairs, event planning, fundraising and government.

Mekbul Timmer dead

Jeff and Mattie Timmer adopted son, Mekbul Jeffrey Seid Timmer passed away March 6, 2022 at the age of 18. The next day, Jeff’s The Lincoln Project took to his Twitter account to announce the tragic news.

Although Mekbul wasn’t around for long, his family claims the prankster made the lives of everyone who came to meet him better.

Ethiopian-born deceased son of Jeff Timmer and Mattie Timmer
The late Ethiopian adoptee Mekbul Timmer who died aged 18 in March 2022

Mek’s survivors include his adoptive parents, sisters, brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins ​​and friends.

The Timmer family held the memorial service of Mekbul by Deacon Don Sobolewski on Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 2:00 PM. It happened at the Portland High School Auditorium, 1100 Iona Road, Portland MI 48875. Jeff and Mattie also made a donation to AHOPE for Children.

Mek’s mother Mattie via Twitter thank you everyone who has contacted the family for expressing their condolences. She and her husband also made a plea to “love your children.”

How did Mekbul Timmer die?

Although it has been some time since Mekbul died, the Timmer family has yet to reveal how their adopted son lost his life. In addition, almost zero open dailies have pursued the reason behind the late teen’s death. There are theories, though not many, that show some curiosity as to the details of Mekbul’s passing.

Some believe the Michigan native died in a car accident, but none of the obituaries suggest any terrible or foul play would have happened.

Though almost every Mekbul family member remembers him through their respective Facebook, they have not even given a reason behind Mekbul’s tragedy.


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