Meet Parents Of Jack Sock: Here’s Things You Never Knew


Jack Sock is a professional tennis player who has won a Wimbledon in doubles and several other ATP silverware. Sock was once the hottest candidate to end the U.S. men’s no-Grand Slam title drought.

Like many other tennis players, Sock also has a story about how he became a professional tennis player. Two people have been mentioned over and over in the retellings; his mother and father.

Find out who his parents are, what they do and how they helped boost his career. Also read a bit about Jack Sock’s grandparents.

Jack Sock Parents and Their Relationship

Jack is the son of Larry and Pam Sock. According to Facebook of the first, Larry and Pam got married on July 30, 1989 in Hawaii.

Jack parents, father Larry and mother Pamela or Pam
Jack’s father Larry and mother Pam. Facebook

Jack’s mother’s original name is Pamela Sue. Pam is Larry’s ten-year-old junior. However, it is unknown how the two met. Jack Sock’s parents have also barely appeared in one frame. In fact, Pamela, Jack’s mother, is not as busy socializing as her husband and Jack’s father.

Jack Sock Father Larry worked as a financial advisor for many years

Sock’s father, Larry, used to work as a financial advisor. Larry, born in Norfolk, Nebraska now is the senior vice president of asset management at UBS Financial Services. The Sock Sr claims that his company provides extensive financial planning specialists and wealth planning expertise.

Tennis player Sock with his father Larry in front and his brother Eric
Former US Open Jr. champion Jack Sock with his father Larry in the front and his brother Eric in the back. Facebook

Larry joined UBS Financial Services in February 2009 and has been an integral part of the company ever since. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement. Prior to UBS, Sock was a senior financial advisor to Merrill Lynch, Lincoln Nebraska, for more than 27 years from January 1982 to February 2009.

Larry Sock additionally served as the president and board of directors of the Nebraska Golf Association.

Larry, patriarch of Sock, studied business administration at Oklahoma State University (1973 to 1976). He also apparently graduated BBA with a minor in marketing from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Jack Father Larry was a collegiate golfer

Longtime Nebraska resident Larry Sock was also an athlete for NCAA. However, he played golf for Oklahoma State, but later moved to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is also a multiple amateur golf champion in Nebraska.

Sock’s father, Larry, meanwhile, is still a fan of golf. He often visits and plays at recreational clubs. The father of two also volunteers and serves on the board of directors for Junior Achievement in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Jack Sock’s grandparents (also Larry’s parents)

Larry was the son of the late Gene Shock and his late wife Donna. Gene, who passed away in June 2015, was a local businessman. He worked in organizations such as the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, Norfolk Catholic Schools, Norfolk County Club and Knights Of Columbus.

In 1987, Larry’s father and mother moved to Atlanta Georgia and ran family furniture stores there until 2005. Like Larry himself, his father was also a golf enthusiast.

ATP Tour tennis player Jack with his grandfather and Larry father Gene Sock
Larry’s father Gene Sock with his grandson and tennis player Jack Sock. Facebook

Jack’s paternal grandmother (also Larry’s mother) Donna died in March 2019. Like her late husband, Donna was also active in Norfolk Catholic Schools and Norfolk Country Club. She later became involved with St. Brendan’s Catholic Church in Atlanta and the Alpharetta Bridge Club.

Larry also has three siblings, all brothers. He is apparently Gene and Donna’s second son. According to a 2015 record, his brothers are Ron from High Point, North Carolina, Randy from Roswell, Georgia, and Jim from Alpharetta, Georgia.

On the other hand, not much is known about Jack’s mother, Pam, or her family. Nevertheless, it is believed that she works in horse breeding.

Jack Sock’s parents sacrificed a lot for his career

Sock says his parents made a huge contribution to making him a professional tennis player. Speaking once to Sports Illustrated about that, the former Olympic gold medalist said:

It starts with family – they sacrificed so much for me, with my parents leaving each other when we were young, for tennis.

Sock also revealed his father stayed in Lincoln to work while his mother accompanied him to Kansas City for his weekend training.

Lincoln, Nebraska native tennis player Jack with his father and Larry Sock, senior vice president of UBS Financial Services
Ex-financial advisor Larry Sock with his son Jack Sock

When Jack later moved to Kansas City, his parents couldn’t even live under the same roof with his mother moving with Sock and his older brother while their father stayed in Lincoln to keep his job as a financial consultant.

Sock has an older brother

Jack has an older brother Eric Shock who also plays tennis. Jack practiced with his brother at the Mike Wolf Tennis Academy. In high school, the brother duo also practiced doubles. Together they also won the state championship. Like his brother, Eric is also a former student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Jack’s older brother, Eric has played a number of ATP matches, but he has never won a duel to get enough points for the ATP rankings.

Jack with his older brother Eric
Sock with his older brother and tennis pro Eric. Instagram

Eric is now a tennis professional at Elite Squad Tennis Club. He also previously worked in the health, wellness and fitness industry.

In January 2015, Eric hit the headlines due to his critical health due to Lemierre’s syndrome. Jack later revealed in an interview how the doctors told him at the time that his older brother only had hours to live. Eric reportedly contracted bilateral pneumonia in both of his lungs. The infection affected his liver, lungs, kidneys and heart all in one day.

Jack’s brother luckily survived after the doctors cleared all of his infections.


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