Meet Jojo Siwa’s father, Tom Siwa, what is he doing now? Details here:


Tom Siwai52, is a media personality and chiropractor who rose to fame as the father of Youtubers Jayden Siwa and JoJo Siwa. The father of two retired and now mostly works behind the scenes of JoJo’s videos.

Likewise, he is currently married to dance teacher Jessalynn Siwa. She also acts as their daughter’s manager. The two have been together for over two decades.

While Tom was doing quite well considering his children’s careers and their upbringing, the two Siwa siblings made a pretty twisted joke regarding their father. Tom’s accident joke became a headline. So, did he really have an accident? How old is he now? Is Tom Siwa okay? Find out here.

Tom Siwa’s Parents, Birth Details, Age

Media personality Tom Siwa was born on July 17, 1970 in Nebraska under the birth sign Cancer. He was born to his father Omaha Siwa and his mother Joan Siwa.

American media personality Tom Siwa and his family
Tom Siwa next to his father Omaha (front row right) and his family

Likewise, Tom is 52 years old and of white Caucasian ethnicity. He grew up alongside his two brothers, Ron Siwa and Joe Siwa. Both his siblings are married and live with their own respective families.

Tom Siwa Education Details

Tom, 52, graduated from Omaha Burke High School. He then enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic and received his degree in 1994.

In addition, he also obtained a postgraduate degree in chiropractic orthopedics to further hone his talent. While still working as a chiropractor, he said he wanted to help as many patients as he could by saying:

“It has always been my intention to help as many people as possible with the best possible care. We often see patients with problems that no one has been able to help. If we help these people recover and feel better, there is no greater gift. That makes everything I’ve worked for worth it.”

As of 2022, he will not be doing chiropractic.

Tom Siwa is very supportive of his children’s career

As the now 19-year-old Jojo Siwa grew up in the dance world, her parents, Jess and Tom, withdrew from their respective career paths to support her. Shortly after, his older child Jayden also embarked on his social media journey.

American media personality Tom Siwa, his wife Jesslaynn Siwa, daughter Jojo Siwa and son Jayden Siwa
Tom gave up his career as a chiropractor to support his children’s dreams

This led to the father of two becoming a full-time behind-the-scenes manager for his children, while his wife Jessalynn is a business owner. The couple handles all of Jojo’s business, shows and more.

During an interview, Jess opened up about being her daughter’s manager, saying:

“Every day is just a learning experience, it’s a lot of work and a lot of dedication. If you like it, you should try it.”

Furthermore, we can spot Tom in Jojo’s and Jayden’s YouTube videos, Instagram posts and even Tiktok.

Tom’s famous kids made a joke about his accident on YouTube

In 2017, when Jojo was only 14 years old and Jayden only 17, they posted a now-deleted controversial prank video to YouTube. There they talked about their Dad gets hit by a bus on a sidewalk while on their way to buy stuff for a homeless person.

The siblings explain the situation by saying:

“Today was a tough day. We went to buy some stuff in the shop for a homeless person. As we crossed the road, a bus literally came towards us and knocked my father to the ground.”

They continued,

“My father is now in the hospital. The bus crashed into him. It was quite a production, he broke bones. When we got to the hospital, it was very scary.”

While still explaining the situation, Jojo reveals that it was just a joke. She says,

“We’re just playing with you, we just wanted the views, so we made up a story about a near-death experience.”

Though the young teens thought it was a healthy joke, fans and viewers, especially those who have lost their families in car accidents, shouted at them.

Then they released another video apologizing to the public with yet another controversial statement. She said,

“I’m so sorry about yesterday’s video… I know it was a lot of click bait, and I know some of you are mad at me, but you know what? It wouldn’t be a YouTube video if there wasn’t clickbait.”

How long have Tom Siwa and Jasselynn Siwa been together?

The husband and wife have been together for more than two decades since 2022. They reportedly got married on October 2, 1998 in an intimate wedding ceremony.

From their marriage they share two children, Jayden Siwa b. 2000 and Jojo Siwa b. 2003. Both his children are successful internet influencers while Jayden is also a real estate agent currently working for Compass company.

American Internet Personality Tom Siwa's Kids Jojo Siwa and Her Brother Jayden Siwa
Tom shared an adorable throwback photo of Jayden and Jojo wishing him a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ as babies

Although Tom and Jess have kept information about their early dating phase and details of how they got under the radar together, even after so many years, they are still so much in love.

Plus, the power couple can be spotted traveling, having fun with their family and more on their respective social media handles.

Tom Siwa’s Social Media Tools

The 52-year-old former chiropractor is as famous as his children on the social media platform Instagram he visits @itstomsiwa. Tom mainly shares photos of his family, friends and his wife to keep his followers informed as best as possible.

As of September 2022, he has over 84k followers. On the other hand, his super famous daughter has over 11.6 million followers and his vlogger son has over 143k on IG.

What is Tom Siwa’s net worth?

Despite having a degree as a chiropractor, Tom currently makes his fortune working for his own daughter. He covers almost every work behind the scenes on Jojo’s youtube videos or during other media appearances.

According to several online sources, his current net worth is estimated at around $2 million. On the other hand, Jojo Siwa has a staggering net worth of $20 million at just 19 years old.

Tom and his family currently live in LA in their $3.5 million 6,000-square-foot mansion.


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