Meet Halsey Parents: Facts About Her Parents You Didn’t Know


Halsey, the Bad At Love singer, whose real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, is the daughter of Chris and Nicole Frangipane. The Gasoline singer has been completely honest about her upbringing and whether she wanted to or not, Halsey brought up some of her parents’ stories and teachings during the questions and answers. And it’s sort of bittersweet.

Halsey’s parenting chapter is really about forgiveness and empathy. After learning about it, listeners have labeled their parents as apathetic to parents who are parents of anything.

But what really happened; what was the past like for Halsey and her parents? Were they really bad parents to the three-time Billboard Music Award winner? Read the answers along with several other facts in the piece below.

Halsey Parents Chris and Nicole Frangipane

As mentioned, Halsey’s parents are Chris and Nicole Frangipane. They gave birth to Halsey on September 29, 1994. The artist is their first child. In addition to the Gasoline singer, Chris and Nicole have two more sons.

Halsey Mother, Nicole Frangipane is a descendant of Italian/Hungarian parents

Halsey’s mother, Nicole, is of Italian, Hungarian and Irish descent. Nicole is the daughter of Richard Jacobs and Annette Canace. Her father, Richard, was the son of Hungarian parents, Frank Joseph Jakab/Jacob and Maria/Mary Takacs. Frank was from Gresekarat, Vas, Hungary, and Maria was from Olaszfa, Vas.

Nicole’s mother, Annette, was Italian and had settled in New Jersey. Anette was the daughter of Vito Canace and Josephine Fortunata Minervino. Both of Annette’s parents had roots in Calabria and Campania.

The Closer singer Halsey with her mother Nicole Frangipane
Italian-Hungarian descent Nicole Frangipane with her daughter and singer Halsey. Getty

Born in Edison, New Jersey, Ashley’s mother, Nicole, used to work in an emergency room. She apparently still works as one in Edison, NJ.

According to various reports, Nicole worked multiple jobs when she was a wife and mother, but she still had financial problems. Halsey once revealed her mother, like her, was bipolar. The singer found out she was bipolar at the age of 17. This was sometime after she attempted suicide by overdosing on “mostly over-the-counter painkillers.”

Halsey Vader, Chris Frangipane Ancestry and Career; He is usually a car salesman

Chris is an African American. He also reportedly has some degree of Irish ethnicity in him. Speaking of her ancestry, Halsey once revealed when she took a DNA test, the results showed her genetic ancestry included “Italian, Turkish, Nigerian, Senegalese and British/Irish”. However, some argue that Ashley’s father is half African American and half Irish American, and his mother was European American (Caucasian).

Chris attended Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Former car salesman Chris Frangipane and his wife, Nicole Frangipane, a medical technician
Halsey parents Chris and Nicole Frangipane

The Grammy-winning singer, Halsey’s father, Chris worked as a manager at a car dealership. Before that he was also a security guard and car salesman.

Like Halsey’s mother, Nicole, Chris worked various odd jobs throughout the day when he was husband and father. However, he and his family still faced an economic crisis. Throughout his career he has worked for companies such as Ayers Chevrolet, Prestige Volvo and Rossis Chevrolet Buick GMC.

Ashley’s parents Chris and Nicole got pregnant by her when they were students

After learning they were pregnant with Halsey, Chris and Nicole dropped out of college before they were due to graduate. After Ashley, the couple welcomed two more children, but both would be sons. Chris and Nicole named them Sevian and Dante.

After Chris and Nicole had children, they moved around a lot and as mentioned they both had many jobs but still found it difficult to support enough for their family.

Halsey on the far left with her father, Chris, brother and mother, Nicole
Nicole and Chris with their children Halsey and Sevian

Halsey, who once spoke to the Rolling Stones about that, said the time she grew up was very chaotic and the house was always thrown like that.

According to the New Jersian, her parents worked hard as long as they could; she only had their first home in 2015.

Chris and Nicole relationship with their daughter Halsey

In the past, Chris and Nicole did not have a good relationship with their now famous daughter Halsey.

At one point, they even kicked Halsey out of the family when the Closer singer refused to graduate from a community college. According to Halsey’s confession with the Rolling Stones, her parents also disagreed on many other things about her.

After her parents shunned her, Ashley took shelter in friends’ apartments and occasionally slept at her grandmother’s home in New Jersey. However, she would still go through instability until the start of her fame.

The Bad at Love singer Halsey with her father, Chris Frangipane
Halsey with her father, Chris

Despite the difficult relationship that Halsey experienced with her parents, the 28-year-old singer now has a good relationship with them.

Halsey even took her dad as a date to the 2017 Grammy Awards, and she shares a matching anchor tattoo with her mom, Nicole.

Ashley also frequently mentions them or shares their TBT photos through her Instagram.


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