Meet Erinn Cosby, Bill Cosby’s Second Child – Where Is She Now?


Erinn Cosby, 56, is a professional photographer and artist who was popular as the second child of fallen comedian Bill Cosby and his wife of more than five decades, Camille Cosby. She is also very popular because of her feud with her own father.

Erinn, who now works as a successful recording artist, once suffered from substance abuse while only a sophomore in college. After years of struggle, she got help and now leads a clean lifestyle.

The father-daughter duo also reconciled after the tragic death of Ennis Cosby. Where is Erinn Cosby now? What profession does she practice? Is she married by the way? Stay with us to learn more about second Cosby heir Erinn Cosby.

Erinn Cosby – Where was she born? Details of her age, Wiki, Bio

Professional photographer Erinn Chalene Cosby was born on July 23, 1966 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She recently turned 56 in 2022. Cosby is an American by nationality and of African American ethnicity.

She is the second child of comedian-actor Bill Cosby and his long-term wife Camille Cosby. Erinn grew up with her older sister Erika Cosby and her three younger siblings: Ennis (1969-1997), Ensa (1973-2018), and Evin Cosby.

Her younger brother Ennis was tragically murdered during an attempted murder in Los Angeles in 1997. Likewise, her sister Ensa Cosby died due to kidney failure on February 28, 2018.

Cosby’s Educational Achievements

Speaking of her education, Erinn finished high school at a Pennsylvania boarding school. She attended a series of private and public schools during that time.

Cosby dropped out of Spelman College during her sophomore year and later earned her bachelor’s degree in photography and imaging from New York University.

She then enrolled at Fordham University and received her master’s degree. In addition, she did her Ph.D. in psychology from Temple University.

Erinn’s siblings are all successful artists

Although the Cosby siblings did not follow their father into the showbiz world, they are all equally successful in their own fields. Like Erinn, her older sister Erika is an artist, a painter to be exact. She is mainly abstract.

Erinn Cosby and her sister Erika Cosby and Evin Cosby
Erinn (left) with her sisters Erika (center) and Evin (right) at an event in 1991

She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and was an adjunct art professor for NYU’s Steinhardt School in 2007. Additionally, her works have been featured in renowned galleries such as Arlington Arts Center, Artspace, SALTWORKS Contemporary Art, and more.

In a similar fashion, Evin attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and completed her bachelor’s degree. She currently works in a fashion line and even has a boutique called PB & Caviar located in the Tribeca neighborhood of NYC.

Erinn Cosby’s estranged relationship with her father Bill Cosby

While stand-up comedian and actor Bill Cosby seemed to have a fun and loving relationship with his family, it wasn’t the same with one of his daughters Erinn.

The father-daughter had a difficult relationship for years after Erinn fell into drug abuse. Their relationship got so out of hand that Cosby even gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times about his “troubled” daughter.

During the interview he told

“She turns out to be the only one who’s really, really selfish. … I think she is a child who has refused to take on the responsibility of taking care of herself. … She has never had a job, never had an apartment for more than six months. Erinn never finishes anything. She uses her boyfriend. Her problem is behavior. She is very stubborn. She’s not a person you can trust.”

According to a source Cosby even betrayed his own daughterr to the media. He is said to have handed information about Erinn’s fight against drug and alcohol abuse to a media outlet.

Even then, Erinn calmly handled the labels, saying: “I don’t know about those quotes, all these things were so long ago. It was ridiculous.”

American photographer Erinn Cosby and her father Bill Cosby
Erinn and her father Bill just before he received the Marian Anderson Award at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 6, 2010.

Bill and Erinn rekindled their relationship after Ennis’ death in 1997. They are currently in a good relationship. Erin even spoke in favor of her father after he was accused of assaulting women in the 1960s.

Erinn’s father Bill was in prison for two years

In recent decades, about 60 women have publicly accused Cosby of being a sexual predator. After years and years of charges, lawsuits and trials, Bill was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2018. He was guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

However, he only served a little over two years of his 3- to 10-year sentence in the state prison near Philadelphia. He was released from prison in 2021 after Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his sexual assault conviction on a technicality.

After his release, he tweeted: “I never changed my point of view and my story. I have always maintained my innocence” to thank his supporters.

While some celebrated his release, some slammed it shut. Ex-playboy Bunny Victoria Valentino even said: “my stomach turns” after hearing the news. Even she had told candidly that Cosby had violated her in 1970 after drugging her when she was just 24.

Erinn Cosby accused former professional boxer Mike Tyson of sexually abusing her

Erinn accused former professional wrestler Mike Tyson of raping her in his own home after inviting her himself. The then 24-year-old Cosby came forward with the bold accusation seeking justice for what she had to go through.

She even went to the Donahue TV show to discuss the incident. She said Tyson invited her and her two friends to his home in 1989. When he got there, Mike reportedly took her upstairs to give her a tour of the house, took her to his bedroom and tried to violate her. cosby said,

He locked the door and ran after me. Before I knew it, I was on the floor, on my stomach with my hands behind my back. He had a hand over my mouth, and there was a lot of fighting.”

Tyson didn’t let her go until a maid came to the door and heard her screaming for help. She went on to reveal that Mike offered her money not to tell anyone about the incident as she fled his home.

After the incident, she sought shelter with her father, but to her surprise, Bill insisted that Mike seek help through his lawyers. No criminal charges or case have been filed against him.

The artist later revealed that the only reason she made her story public was that her ex-boyfriend wanted to sell it.

The boxing sensation was later sentenced to six years in prison for the alleged rape of then 18-year-old Miss Black winner Desire Washington.

Erinn is a full time photographer

After graduating, she started working as a full-time artist/photographer. Likewise, she even modeled for Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show.

Cosby is currently based in Philadelphia and has an art studio. Her works have been exhibited in galleries in Miami and New York City.

During her show at the Art Sanctuary Gallery in Philadelphia, 70 edited photos of Cosby were on display for the public. Erinn tells the stories of everyday people from places like Cuba, Senegal, India and more through her art.

Is the photographer Erinn Cosby married to anyone?

Cosby moves on with her personal life and lives a quiet lifestyle and rarely talks about her private life. Likewise, she avoids media attention and is not seen much in the public, which is why not much is known about her current relationship status.

American photographer Erinn Cosby
Cosby during her show at The Art Sanctuary

According to sources, the media personality was previously married in 1990 when she was just 24. While her husband’s identity has never been revealed, they reportedly divorced in just four months. Then Erinn moved to Miami to start a new life.

What is her current net worth?

Erinn is reportedly worth it $1 million according to sources. Her main source of income is her career as a photographer.

On the other hand, her father Bill has a huge fortune of $400 millionn. He started his career in 1961 and was active in the entertainment field until 2018.


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