Meet All American: Homecoming Lead Actress Geffri Hightower: Her Biography, Love Life & Social Media


Gefri Hightower (full name: Geffri Maya Hightower) is an American actress Private practice (2000), WTF, Baron Davis (2019), ed locomotive (2020). Lately, she has been in the spotlight for her character Simon Hicks in the American sports drama TV series, All American: Coming home.

In addition to her acting career, her audience is very interested in her personal life. Is Geffri Hightower dating a boyfriend? Aside from her love life, who are her parents? What was her early life like?

Today let’s get every personal and professional detail about the Private practice famous actress Geffri Maya Hightower in the following article. Here we go.


When was Geffri Hightower born? Wiki, bio, age

Geffri Hightower (also known as Geffri Maya) was born to her parents on February 25, 1995, in South Central Los Angeles, California, United States. As of 2023, she is 27 years old.

Geffri Hightower is currently 27 years old
Geffri Hightower in her youth. Source: Her Instagram

Likewise, Hightower grew up in a lower-middle-class family of her mother and grandmother in her hometown. Her mother Stephanie Renee Hightower raised her on her own, but that doesn’t mean her father wasn’t present in her life. While growing up, Geffri maintained a relationship with both of her parents.

In addition to the Black actor who stands at 5 feet and 6 inches in height belongs to African American ethnicity. She is also American by nationality. Her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Her education

As for education, Hightower attended Hamilton High School. For further study, she enrolled at HBCU Clark Atlanta University where she studied mass communication and journalism.

Geffri Hightower is an actress; In which films and series did she act?

As mentioned earlier, Geffri Maya is a Hollywood actress. She started acting at the very young age of 11. In the year 2006, she debuted as a child actress through the TV series, Jericho. Then she played the character Latrinda in the 2008 TV series, Everyone Hates Chris.

After her first two projects, she then portrayed the character of Maya Bennett in 12 episodes of the TV series, Private practice (2007-2010). Her role as Maya gave her recognition as an actress in the American entertainment industry. Furthermore, her acting credits include Question and answer, Blaq Gold, Defending Dad, Dirty habits, Beast mode, locomotiveand many others.

Geffri Hightower works in Hollywood
Geffri Hightower’s new series Homecoming. Source: Her Instagram

Lately, in 2022, she played the character of Simone Hicks in the 2022 TV series American: Coming home. On May 22, 2022 she promoted her latest series Homecoming season 2 on her Insta and wrote:

It’s been a nice week. Grateful and humbled to share this stage in honor of celebrating what I believe is our mission as artists: authentic storytelling, reflection and connection.
Thank you to my amazing team for your art and supporting such a special moment in my life.

On season 2 🥂

In All American: Coming homeHightower appeared next Peyton-Alex Smith, Kelly Jennetteand Cory Difficult.

Hightower developed passion in acting as a child

Geffri wanted to be an actress from a young age. She grew up watching child actors on her television, which sparked her interest in being in the place of those child actors. Hightower was extremely mesmerized by their acting when she was a little girl. Once in an exclusive conversation, she told,

“I’d just say, ‘Why can’t I go there (in TV)? Like, mom, what’s up? I’m trying to be in these places with these kids,'” And she didn’t really understand what I meant when I that said.

After that, she debuted on TV as a child actor. But as she got older, she decided to study journalism and was completely out of the acting world. During those years, Hightower said that she expected a miracle in her life so that she could get back into acting. The Homecoming actress said she prayed to God for this and her prayers are as follows:

“If I’m meant to act again, please let it come to me in a different way. Let my passion and my zeal be different than it was.

At the moment she is working on her passion. While talking about her acting projects, she said that her mother now realized what she wanted to say when she was a child. The actress stated,

Now that I’m older and doing what I want to do and being guided by my art, it made more sense to her now. Like, ‘Oh, you’ve always wanted to be on screen in these places.’”

Geffri’s mother inspired her to dream big; She credits her mother for what she has become today

Today, she is identified as one of the most talented actresses in the American entertainment industry. She thanks her mother for all her achievements. Geffri stated,

My mother always pushed me to get more out of my life.

In this regard, she further added,

what my mother taught me was to always dream bigger, to want more.

Seeing this, we can say that Geffri Maya has always had great support from her mother and her mother’s boundless support and motivation has made her what she is today.

Is Geffri Hightower also a dancer?

The California-born actress is not a professional dancer, but received minor dance training as a child at Debbie Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles. Like acting, she was equally interested in dance, which also led her to plan to attend Fordham University to study dance.

Geffri Hightower was interested in acting since childhood
Geffri Hightower is in the frame. Source: Her Instagram

However, she later changed her mind and went to study journalism at Black College Clark Atlanta. Finally, after graduating from college, she started her career in acting and the rest is history.

Relationship Status: Is Geffri Hightower dating a friend?

Talking about her relationship status, the locomotive actress Geffri appears to be single as of 2023. There is no authentic information about her relationship with any boyfriend either past or present. Further, she rarely talks about her personal life, and moreover, her social media account also does not show any sign of anyone special in her life.

However, having no authentic detail about her dating life doesn’t mean she’s definitely single. Looking at her age, we cannot deny that the 27-year-old actress has a secret love affair. Whatever her relationship status, we are sure that Hightower is more into her series right now All American: Homecoming. We may soon get acquainted with her personal life, in addition to her professional career.

Hightower is active on social media

Geffri Maya is very active on Instagram with 282,000 followers. On her verified Insta account, Hightower mainly shared her few photos and she also continues to promote her work on her Insta page.

She also has a Twitter account with 10.9,000 followers. She can also be seen in TikTok.

Her net worth

Geffri has been working as an actor since she was eleven. So, she has undoubtedly earned quite a bit of money from her acting career. Hightower reportedly has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2023.


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