Meet Adam Scott’s Wife Naomi Sablan: Her Bio, Marriage, Kids


Naomi Sablan is a writer and producer known for movies and TV, the night (2015), Other people (2016), Ghosted (2017), and others. She is also known for co-producing the mockumentary comedy show, The biggest event in television history† Naomi stands out mainly as an Apple TV+ series, severance pay the wife of actor Adam Scott.

The two have been married for almost twenty years with two children. While her husband is in front of the camera, among other things, Sablan wants to become more and more active behind the scenes.

In addition to being parents of two, Naomi and Adam often work together to produce entertainment projects. Read more about the wife of the Parks and Recreation actor, Adam Scott’s wife, Naomi Sablan in the cups further down.

Is Naomi Sablan Indian; What is her ethnicity?

Although she is often believed to be of Indian descent, Sablan has yet to state what her true ethnicity is. Also, although barely enough about Adam’s wife, Sablan is in the magazines and the dailies or among the mainstream views, she’s believed to be a 1970s-born.

Naomi Sablan is a writer and producer: her age is 50
2001 film, Kissing Jessica Stein unit manager, and the Parks and Recreation actor, Adam Scott’s wife, Naomi Sablan. Getty

Her date of birth according to the prevailing assumption is branded as October 8, 1972. Judging by her date of birth, she is 50 years old. It is not clear where her birthplace is. The similar concealment also exists in the case of her parents’ what-about.

Naomi Sablan Career as a TV and Film Producer in detail

Sablan, who is now reportedly 50 years old, got into the showbiz industry by first acting as a unit manager in the 2001 comedy-drama film, Kisses Jessica Stein† In the film, she also had a cameo as Seductive Woman in Gallery.

Several years later, she became an assistant to executive producers for two episodes of the animated comedy series, Crank Yankers

That same year, in 2003, Sablan was also an associate producer on the ABC talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live† Two years later, she would become the producer of MTV’s comedy show, The Andy Milonakis Show

During her time on the show, Naomi was a producer for a total of 16 episodes from 2005 to 2006. In 2007, she was the producer on another show, Chrissy: Plain & Simple

For the next two years, Adam’s husband would have no significant credits in TV or movies. In 2009, she would resume her career as a producer, this time for the TV movie, alligator boots† The following year, she worked behind the scenes on the short film, Ass Castle: Part 1again as producer.

Then, in the early 2010s from 2012 to 2014, Scott’s partner served as an executive producer for the Adult Swim series, The biggest event in television history

Also in 2011, she appeared on screen for the second time as a cameo character, Clare in the British comedy series, Sadie J† Her next venture as a producer was on the 2017 supernatural comedy series, Ghosted

Recent TV works and other credits

Sablan’s recent TV project includes the upcoming animated comedy series, Gross girls which is currently in post production. In addition to all this, Sablan and her husband also own Gettin’ Rad Productions.

Naomi’s actor husband says the name is both silly and ambitious. Gettin’ Rad Productions focuses on rejuvenating classic comedies for modern TV. And in September 2014, Sablan and her husband’s company also signed a deal with Universal Television, which also produced the latter’s long-running NBC comedy Parks and Recreation.

Naomi Sablan is still married to Adam Scott
Step Brothers actor Adam Scott with his producer wife Naomi Sablan. Getty

With her husband, Naomi also produced the 2015 indie comedy film The Overnight. In the film, her partner Adam plays Alex.

It’s worth noting that during the production of Overnight, Sablan and her partner reportedly worked together from 6pm to 7am. In May 2022, it was reported that the pair had teamed up again with MCU actor Don Cheadle and Karyn Smith-Forge to Quitman 10+2

The series reportedly follows the 2010 arrests of several Black Board of Education members accused of voter fraud after overthrowing the majority white school board.

Naomi Sablan married her husband, Adam Scott in the mid-2000s

Naomi and her husband Adam Scott married in 2005. After the wedding, Sablan and her husband became parents to a daughter, Frankie Scott, and a son, Graham Scott.

Adam often describes his wife Sablan as “brilliant, hilarious and beautiful.”

Big Little Lies actor Adam Scott with his wife and TV producer Naomi Sablan.
The Good Place actor, Adam Scott with his wife and the producer of Other People, Naomi Sablan. Getty

He also often credits his wife, Naomi, for “suppressing the fortress”, referring to her raising their children while he was engaged in acting.

The stepbrothers actor says he likes to marvel at what an incredible mother, Naomi is. He is also thankful for his wife – because of whom their children turned out to be kind, smart and caring.

Adam once said that if it had been up to him, he would have given his wife “one year Mother’s Day”.

The Rule That Kept Naomi Sablan and Adam’s Marriage Strong

In October 2013, Adam said the secret to his long and happy marriage to Naomi is their rule put their phones away when they spend time together

I found that just looking at an iPhone while my wife was talking to me is not a good strategy. Just put it in a drawer and spend time together.

the Parks and Recreation said actor during the screening for ACOD (Adult Children Of Divorce). Also, a while back in May 2022, Adam as he reflected on his long-standing marriage to Naomi with US Weeklysaid,

I just love Naomi. I think she’s the coolest, the smartest, the funniest and the most beautiful.

Adam added that he always wishes that the mother of his two children would never stop liking him.

He also said that his marriage to Sablan has brought him really good luck and he further stated that he could not imagine his life without the Gross girls producer. Adam says he and Sablan have a great partnership, both at home and professionally.

Severance made Naomi and Adam’s kids interested in acting

Although Naomi Sablan and her husband have both worked in the film and TV world for decades, their children, who are teenagers, have yet to decide what to do with their careers.

However, in early 2022, Sablan’s husband said their children were developing an interest in his projects, especially with his latest series, Severance.

Naomi with her son, Graham, daughter, Frankie, and husband, Adam Scott.
Naomi with her son, Graham, daughter, Frankie, and husband, Adam Scott. Instagram

The resident of Santa Cruz said:

They’re teenagers now, so basically Severance really bonded with them.

Adam went on to share how his kids and Sablan’s kids loved the show and revealed that it was the first time they found their father’s work interesting, at least the work they both admitted to him.

the right place However, the actor revealed that there has never been any kind of pressure on his children to follow in his or his wife’s footsteps. In fact, he said that since his kids are still teenagers, acting is the last thing they probably want to do.

Speaking of their children, Adam said he and Sablan also raised them to be active in their community, especially with politics. Apparently Naomi and her actor husband are both constantly try to be politically active and community oriented and have also tried to pass the ghost on to their children.

In fact, he once said that he and his wife Sablan have always tried to keep their kids grounded and away from all the Hollywood stuff.

Naomi Sablan Other Facts

  • Sablan and her husband, Adam, apparently watch two or three shows at once.


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