Mary Lou Connors, wife of Mike Connor; Is she still alive?


Mary Lou Connors is the late wife of the late American actor Mike Connors. Her husband is best known for starring in the CBS television series Mannix. Mike’s role as a private investigator in that series also led to him earning a Golden Globe Award. During that time, he was also nominated six times for the Golden Globe Award.

By the way, did you know that Mary and her husband Mike were in a marital relationship for nearly seven decades? So how did their love story begin? Do they share children?

Here in this article, you will unravel everything about Mary Lou Connors including her age, career, net worth, love life, children and much more.

How old is Mary Lou Connors? Know about her age and early life

Mary Lou Connors was born Mary Lou Willie On December 22, 1926, in Utica, Indiana, USA. She would be 96 years old in 2023, but she passed away in 2017. In addition, no information is available such as Mary’s early life, siblings, and parents.

On the other hand, her husband was born Krekor Ohanian Jr. (Armenian: Գրիգոր Օհանեան), on August 15, 1925, in Fresno, California. He was the son of Krekor and Alice (born Surab) Ohanian. Connors has six siblings: Paul I, Paul II, Arpesri A., Dorothy M., Krekorand Eugene.

Mary Lou Connors’ appeal before her death

Mary used to work in the film industry. She starred in five episodes of the TV series, It takes two. Similarly, in 1972 Connors wife appeared in the TV special called The 29th Annual Golden Globe Awards. However, Mary Lou has not worked in any other TV shows.

Aside from Mary’s career, her longtime husband has worked on dozens of TV projects. Mike made his acting debut in the thriller Sudden fear. He gradually appeared in the TV movies such as Island in the sky, Border, The day the world ended, Swamp Women, The Oklahoma womanand much more.

Connors’ husband Mike rose to prominence after playing the private detective Joe Mannix in the detective series called Mannix. In 1979, the Golden Globe Award winner played the role in the thriller films Avalanche Expressand in 1980 he starred in the West German-American crime horror thriller film Night Murder.

Mary Lou Connors and her husband were school sweethearts

Mary met her future husband, Mike, when they were students at UCLA. At the time, the actor was studying law on an athletic scholarship, and Lou was studying education. Some time later, they finally started dating.

However, after being in a relationship for a while, Mike wanted to marry her. But Mary continued to delay the marital relationship. Mike remembered the moment and said:

“I told her on the way that I was very much in love with her and wanted to get married. But she kept hesitating and said she didn’t think she was ready.

This time Lou had dropped her college courses and was living at her home in Laguna Beach. To stay close enough, Mike installed sprinkler systems and sold brushes and vacuum cleaners door to door. Then one day, Mike told her to decide whether to get married or break up.

Mary Lou Connors with her husband during their early romance
On January 1, 1977, Mike Connors and his wife Mary Lou at the Sportsman Lodge Luncheon

After delivering the message, Mike left Laguna and began attending his classes. A few weeks later, Connors got the good news of Mary’s “yes.” Finally, up Sept 10, 1949Mary and her husband walked down the aisle in front of their close relative and friends.

The couple was together until someone’s death. In fact, they were married for over 60 years, but both are deceased in 2017.

The story of how the actor remained faithful to his old wife

As mentioned above, Mary’s husband studied law at UCLA. It was clear that he could have become a lawyer, but shifted his career path to theater arts. Many eyebrows were raised over his decision, and even his mother and close friends disowned him.

Although Mike was struggling, Lou supported him. It’s not just about how Mary supported her husband, but how the Harlow star remains faithful to his wife. Connors often visited his colleagues at MGM during his early days in the film industry. One day, as usual, he was at MGM, and shooting was in progress for a movie with a starring role Richard Montalban and Lana Turner.

Surprisingly, Lana sent a girl to ask his name. In fact, the actress had her eyes on him. Mike gave his name without hesitation. Again Lana sent the girl if he would like to have a drink with her in her dressing room. Lou’s husband clearly denied the proposal and said he had an appointment.

Mary Lou Connors with her husband
American actor Mike Connors and his wife, Mary Lou Willey, attend the 40th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, on January 28, 1983

Likewise, he reportedly told her that he had not been in a marital relationship for long and was still in love with Mary. Then he got in his car and went straight back home. He was shocked when he got home as his wife had already got the news of the incident.

The Too scared to scream actor knew what he wanted when his family life started. Considering how important his family was, the words Mike said about his wife were:I am the happiest man on earth. I am married really well. ”

Mary Lou Connors welcomed two children with her husband Mike: unfortunately one of them has passed away

In 1958, Mary and her husband became parents to their son for the first time Matthew Gunner Ohanian. Likewise, in 1960, the deceased couple welcomed their second child, a daughter, Dana Lee Connors. Unfortunately, when Matthew turned 15, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Unfortunately, in 2007, he died before his parents and died of heart failure. After their son’s untimely death, Mike became an active spokesperson in charitable organizations for patients with mental disorders.

Mary Lou Connors and her husband Mike were blessed with two children
Mary, her husband and their daughter Dana

He was also an advocate for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Not only that, but Mike has made a public announcement for the Armenian Eye Care Project. For his great work, the Brain Imaging Center Committee of the UC Irvine College of Medicine even awarded him the Silver Ribbon Award in 1998.

Mary Lou Connors’ net worth before her death

Mike’s late wife Mary was not very open in the media. Likewise, her net worth has become something to wonder about. On the other hand, her husband was estimated to have a net worth of $6 million before his death. He made all his fortune as an actor.


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