Mary James Marsden


Mary James Marsden is the youngest daughter of the X-Men movie star, James Marsden, and his former wife, Lisa Linde. Both of Mary’s parents are famous stars in Hollywood, with notable appearances in many movies and TV shows.

Mary has quite a private life to begin with. She is not available on social media sites so it is very difficult to know what is going on in the life of this famous boy. But we believe she has an interesting life other than being the child of two famous celebrities. Did you know that Mary’s maternal grandfather was a famous country songwriter? Well, he is and was quite famous in his day.

So, who is Mary James Marsden? In this article, we will get to know her in detail along with information about her family life, her parents’ relationship and divorce, and much more. Is she from a line of showbiz? Let’s know together!


Mary James Marsden is James Marsden’s middle child

She is the daughter of a former celebrity couple, James Marsden and Lisa Linde. This 17-year-old was born on August 10, 2005. On her father’s side, she has an English, German, Scottish and distant French background.

Mary James Marsden Young
Mary’s old photo with her father. Source: Instagram/James Marsden

In the ten-year marriage between Marsden and Linde, they had two children. In addition, Mary has an older brother, Jack Marsden. He was born on February 1, 2000. Likewise, Mary also has a half brother. Marsden, with his relationship with Rose Costa, welcomed their son in 2012 – William Luca Costa-Marsden. That’s why this makes Mary James Marsden the middle child from Party of Five actors, James Marsden.

Since her birth, Mary’s parents have done their best to keep her under the radar. As a result, information about her early childhood is not known to the public. However, as the only daughter of two famous celebrities, Mary must have had a great childhood growing up. Today she is only 17 years old, so we can guess that she should be in high school and focus on her graduation.

Mary’s parents separated in 2011 after ten years of marriage

The parents of Mary James Marsden, James Marsden and Lisa Lide started dating sometime around 1995. The former couple dated for five years before getting married on July 2, 2000. Both Marsden and Linde were in their late twenties and naive when they decided to marry each other.

Only after a year of marriage, Mary’s parents welcomed her older brother in 2001. Soon, in 2005, they also had their beautiful daughter. Everything in this couple’s life went great; they were blessed with two children and had an immense love between them.

Lisa Linde and James Marsden
Actress Lisa Linde was married to James Marsden for almost ten years. Source: Getty Images

However, the marriage between Marsden and Linde took its toll in 2011 when Mary’s mother, Linde, filed for divorce from Marsden after being together for nearly 11 years. The former couple has officially split up September 23, 2011.

The exact reason for Mary’s parents’ divorce is unknown. But according to a statement from her father, James Marsden, he and his ex-wife were… very young when they decided to get married. They also only realized that they were not compatible with each other after a few years of being together.

After the divorce, Lisa took custody of her two children with James. She also received full financial support from her ex-husband to raise their children.

Lisa Linde and James Marsden’s current relationship status after the divorce

Mary’s mom Lisa has not announced any relationship or dating updates as of 2022. After the divorce of the father of her children, she appeared less in public. So it’s hard to actually confirm whether this actress is currently married, single or dating.

On the other hand, Mary’s father, James, has met many women after his divorce. Recently, it is rumored that he is dating an English singer, Edei, aka Emma Deigman.

Marsden was also formally in a relationship with Brazilian model Rose Costa. They never actually married but have been dating for quite some time and also have a son together as mentioned above.

Mary James Marsden comes from a line of showbiz

By now we know that Mary is a celebrity of two famous stars in Hollywood. Her mother, Lisa, made her debut in the 1997 TV series, Pacific bull. In addition, Linde was also part of the famous show, Days of our lives from 1998 to 1999. She is also known for her role in The Darkling. Linde, however, has been away from showbiz since her last appearance in 2000.

Likewise, Mary’s father, James, has a successful acting and modeling career. Marsden made his first appearance through a number of TV shows – Saved by the bell: the new class, Touched by an angeland Party of five. However, it was not until the early 2000s that he gained fame through the X-Men movie series. Likewise, Marsden has also appeared in films like The notebook, 10th & Wolfand the alibi.

In addition to her parents, Mary’s grandfather and brother are also in this company.

Linde’s father, Dennis Linde, was a famous American singer/songwriter from Nashville. He has recorded over 250 songs and is best known for writing Burning Love – a 1972 Elvis Presley hit.

Father of 3, James Marsden
Mary with her father and siblings at the Sonic the hedgehog 2 premiere.

On the other hand, Mary’s brother, Jack Marsden, is a model. The 20-year-old made his runway model debut for Dolce and Gabbana at the Milan Men’s Fashion Show in 2018.

As of today, Mary James Marsden has not come forward with what she is doing with her life. Looking at her family history, can we only guess that it’s at stake for the entertainment industry, or could it be elsewhere? We’ll have to wait.

Is this 17-year-old in a relationship?

We don’t know exactly.

Mary James Marsden lives a quiet life without the hassle of social media and the internet. Because of this, it is very difficult to know about her whereabouts and current relationship status. Since she is only a teenager, she has to focus on her studies in school.

Mary James Marsden must have a lavish lifestyle

Secure! Mary is the daughter of the two most famous celebrities in America, so it is clear that she has a fulfilling life.

Mary Marsden with her actor/model father
James has a beautiful relationship with his daughter, Mary.

Although her mother, Linde, left this company around the 2000s, she still has a large income from her past roles in many successful movies and TV shows. Likewise, James, Mary’s father, stands at a whopping $10 million dollars. Since Mary has not yet reached her legal age, she must live a lavish lifestyle off the income of both her parents.