Marilee Fiebig: Everything You Need to Know About TJ Holmes’ Wife


Marilee Fiebig is a former immigration lawyer who is widely recognized as the wife of an American journalist and national TV personality T. J. Holmes (aka Loutelious TJ Holmes, Jr.). Her husband gained fame as an anchor and correspondent for it CNN and an anchor forward ABC news.

Right now, her husband, Holmes, is in the headlines after the public revelation of his romantic relationship with his GMA3 co-host Amy Robach. Amid all the rumors and allegations of an extramarital affair with her significant other, reports of their divorce have also surfaced in the media. Well, what’s the truth?

Let’s find out all about the relationship between Marilee and her husband today. We will also shed light on her husband’s rumored affair with his co-host Am. Let’s get started.

Marilee Fiebig is originally from Congo; Her early details

Marilee was born to her African parents on October 27, 1977, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As of 2023, she is 45 years old.

Marilee Fiebig is in her mid-forties
Marilee Fiebig Holmes

Talking about her childhood, she was raised by her parents in her hometown until she was five. After that, Fiebig’s family moved to the United States. She said about this in an interview with Marie Claire told,

“Our family moved to the United States when I was 5 years old because my mother wanted my siblings and I to take full advantage of the educational opportunities she didn’t have growing up in Africa,”

As for nationality, Fiebig is American and belongs to the African American race.

Her educational details and university

Born in Congo, Fiebig holds a double degree. First, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in French and political science from the University of Michigan. She then went on to study law at Vanderbilt University Law School. While in college, she was also a member of the Phi Delta Phi Honors Fraternity.

She did her primary school in Florida.

Marilee Fiebig’s parents; Her father was a former peacekeeper

Her father William Fiebig was a United States Peace Corps volunteer in the Congo. Marilee considered her father to be a true superhero. She even described her father as “a real-world humanitarian and my superhero.”

Likewise, her mother Pauline Fiebig was an African native who grew up with a lack of educational opportunities. Both her parents moved to the US for better opportunities and they lived there for many years. Later the family moved back to Africa and worked for the betterment of the society.

After returning, Marilee’s father began using his degrees in agronomy and genetics to bring farming and fishing to impoverished villages and communities across the country.

On the other hand, her mother emphasized the importance of education for her children. It was when all of her children were in elementary school in Florida that Marilee’s mother Pauline received her US citizenship.

Marilee Fiebig’s Career as a immigration attorney; Her mother’s struggles inspired her to start her career in law

As mentioned earlier, Marilee Fiebig received her law degree from Vanderbilt University. She then started practicing law and worked as an immigration attorney in Atlanta and NYC for over a decade.

Marilee Fiebig in multiple professions
Marilee Fiebig Holmes

Her choice to practice as an immigration attorney is heavily influenced by her mother’s journey as an African immigrant to America. While talking about her life experiences in the US, she once said:

“I watched my mother go through the immigration process, get married to a US citizen, then have children with dual citizenship, and that whole process touched me.”

She is a former Atlanta attorney who now works as a Chief Diversity Officer at Save the children which she joined in 2021.

TJ Holmes’ wife also worked in the fashion world; Her role in Wilhelmina International Inc.

Marilee held the position of vice president at Wilhelmina International Inc., a modeling agency. While part of Wilhelmina, she also worked as a Fashion and Entertainment Executive helping the modeling agency get models to the US.

Being given the opportunity to work in such a high position, especially as a woman, she said she really admired the company. In this regard, she said,

“I appreciate the company for recognizing the importance of a woman’s point of view in senior management,”

She further said,

“As a woman, I think I have a natural empathy for them [models] and can provide a unique perspective. I fully embrace that part of who I am.”

Moreover, while working for the company, Marilee Fiebig was also Wilhelmina’s house lawyer in 2016, just before the MeTooMovement. As an in-house lawyer for a fashion company, Fiebig has successfully secured non-migrant and immigrant visas for numerous other clients. She has also worked on behalf of multinational financial and technology companies, major universities and others.

Her other works

After Wilhelmina, Fiebig became chief of staff at Roc Nation. According to her bio op Unlock her potential“she was the CEO’s right hand on all Roc Nationa platforms and business needs.”

She was also the mentor for Unlock her potential who strives for “provide mentorship to women of color in the US and PR as young as 18.” According to her social media account, she is also on a Board of Trustees at Brooklyn Independent Middle School.

Marilee Fiebig married her husband TJ Holmes in 2010

The Atlanta attorney is the second wife of ABC News host TJ Holmes. The couple got married March 1, 2010. And their wedding was held in Memphis, Tennessee.

Marilee Fiebig is a famous wife
Marilee Fiebig and her husband TJ Holmes

After their marriage, the beautiful couple was on good terms with each other. Marilee always supported her husband through thick and thin. TJ Holmes once said of his wife that Fiebig’s arrival in his life made him a better person. In this regard, he mention,

“My family and I are closer, my individual net worth has increased every year since we met, I’ve learned a second language, I’m healthier, I use the N word less, I listen to Sunday church more, I’m a better friend, I’m more forgiving than I used to be, I’m more involved in charity work,”

Marilee’s husband Holmes continued:

“I am better off in every way because I am married. I love who I am with her.”

But by 2023, it looks like their decades-long relationship is on the verge of divorcing. Sources reported that Holmes had had multiple affairs with his colleagues. Especially his connection with his co-host Amy Raboch made the media. Amidst all this, there are also reports that Marilee and her husband have split up.

Are Marilee and her husband Holmes divorced?

The couple was together until August 2022. Marilee even celebrated her husband’s birthday on August 19 and wished him well on her Instagram (which is now private). But suddenly her husband’s extramarital affair hit the media in November 2022 and reports emerged that the couple also ended their decade-long marriage.

Although their long-term marriage hit a roadblock in November, it seems that her other half Holmes wanted to divorce her a little earlier. In 2020, on his wedding anniversary, TJ wrote on his Facebook accounts,

Marilee Fiebig married me 10 years ago. And despite my best efforts, she remained married to me for the past 10 years. That’s no exaggeration. I’m not dramatic. I gave her enough reasons, excuses and opportunities to let her go out of her mind.

He also once spoke about their marriage on his Instagram, writing:

“End the relationship and cry once. It is better than being with them and crying daily.”

Looking at his statements, it can be said that TJ may have stopped falling in love with his wife Marille a year before their divorce.

Her husband, TJ Holmes, is reportedly in a relationship with Amy Robach

As mentioned earlier, Holmes’ affair with his co-host Amy Raboch from the Good morning America show made a string of headlines in November 2022.

Marilee Fiebig's husband is having an extramarital affair
The husband of Marilee Fiebig and his alleged romantic partner Amy

About the alleged romance said one of their colleagues USA weekly,

“the GMA the staff largely all knew there was something going on between Amy and TJ, they were always playful with each other, like two people dating,’

An insider went on to say that TJ and his new partner Amy tried to keep their romance private.

“Amy and TJ didn’t seem to try to keep their relationship a secret anymore. Everyone in the office could tell there was a spark between them for months.”

There are also some reports that, before Amy, Holmes had a three-year extramarital affair with GMA producer Natasha Singh. After her husband’s many extramarital affairs, sources said Fiebig is devastated.

She’s devastated. She had no idea. “They haven’t been in together [a while], but they tried to fix it. “They got together just before TJ’s birthday,” which is August 19.

Does Marilee Fiebig share children with her husband TJ Holmes?

From her ten-year marriage, Marilee and her husband became the parents of a daughter Sabine who was born in January 2013. As of 2023, their daughter Sabine will be 10 years old. The mother-and-daughter duo is absolutely close. After separating from her husband, Marilee raises her daughter with values ​​and determination.

Marilee Fiebig is a mother
Marilee Fiebig with her daughter and husband

In July 2020, Fiebig said of her daughter on Instagram:

“I want our daughter to be nice first and foremost. But I also want her to be curious. I want her to be confident in asking questions, seeking answers and practicing her voice.”

Marilee and her husband Holmes have only one child together. But her 12-year-old husband is also the father of two other children. TJ Holmes shares a daughter Dian with his ex-wife Amy Ferson and a son Jaiden with his ex-girlfriend Brooke Moore.

Her net worth

According to sources, Marille has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Her main source of income is her wide and distinguished career. On the other hand, her famous husband TJ Holmes has a fortune of $3 million.


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