Mabel Ray Mulroney – In the life of Dermot Mulroney’s daughter


Mabel Ray Mulroney is best known to the world as the daughter of My best friend’s wedding actor, Dermot Mulroney. The 59-year-old actor and his Italian wife, Tharita Cesaroni, welcomed their eldest daughter in 2008. Since then, however, the couple has kept Mabel’s true identity safe from the media and internet scramble.

By the way, did you know that Ray is her father’s second child? Yes, Mabel is her mother’s first child, but her father’s second. The actor and musician was married once before Cesaroni and had a son, who is the half-brother of Mabel and her younger sister, Sally.

Well, here we found many unknown details about Dermot Mulroney’s daughter Mabel. Let’s investigate!


Mabel Ray Mulroney was born in America yet baptized in Italy; Her early life

Mabel Mulroney was born to Dermot Mulroney and his second wife, Tharita Cesaroni April 2008. Six months after her birth in the US, the couple took their daughter to Italy to be baptized. And on October 4, 2008, Mabel was baptized in San Pietro Church in Roccascalegna, Italy.

In October 2008, Mabel Ray's baptism took place in Italy
Mabel Ray Mulroney, the 6-month-old baby held by her father. Source: Image Images

As of 2022, the couple’s pretty little angel is 14 years old. In addition, other early details about this teen are hard to come by. Her parents, who are also absent from social media, have kept such information highly secret

But we can easily guess when it comes to her education by looking at her age. Since the star kid is 14, maybe Mabel is a freshman in high school or about to start her new journey as one.

Mabel is her father’s second child; Who are Ray’s siblings?

Mabel Ray Mulroney is the eldest daughter of her parents Dermot Mulroney and Tharita Cesaorni. The couple have two daughters together: Sally Mulroney, Mabel’s youngest sister, born in 2009. Mabel and Sally have only a 1-year age difference.

Likewise, Mulroney is the young sister of the 23-year-old Clyde Keener Mulroney – the eldest son of Dermot. Clyde is the product of his father’s short-lived relationship with his then-wife Catherine Keener.

Mabel was born into a family of mixed ethnicities; Information about her grandparents

Mabel’s father is an Irish man with a hint of German blood. Her paternal grandparents, Ellen and Michael Mulroney, raised her father Dermot in Alexandria, Virginia, where Ellen was a theater actress and Michael was a law professor.

On the other hand, we now know for sure that Ray’s mother is Italian. Tharita Cesaroni was born in Milan, Italy to Emy Cesaroni and Franco Catulle. Mabel’s maternal grandmother, Emy was a great musician of her time. So it is safe to say that Mabel belongs to a mixed ethnic background.

14-year-old Ray’s father is a protagonist and musician; Will Mabel follow in his footsteps?

Mabel, Dermot’s second daughter, is just a 14-year-old teenager. Therefore, we cannot say for sure that the star child will follow her father in showbiz. However, looking at her Mulroney-Cesaroni family’s amazing history, it could be a possibility. We’ll just have to wait patiently and see.

Dermot is the father of three children
The wedding date actor, 59-year-old Dermot Mulroney. Source: Getty Images

On the other hand, her father has made a big name in Hollywood as an actor and musician. Dermot, 59, first appeared on screen in 1986 and has been America’s heartthrob ever since.

Dermot Mulroney became popular for his roles in films such as The Wedding date and My best friend’s wedding. Next to this, Young guns, Where the day takes youand Point of no return are some of the moves in which the star was the protagonist. He has also had roles in TV shows – Mulroney made a brief appearance in the famous 90s sitcom, FRIENDS.

Is Mabel’s teen’s mother also famous like her father?

It is often believed that Tharita Cesaroni only came to the limelight after marrying the father of her children. However, Cesaroni has a great individual career of his own. She is an Italian film producer and cinematographer by profession.

Cesaroni is the mother of two beautiful baby girls
The love of Mulroney’s life, Tharita Cesaroni.

Mabel’s mother’s career started in Italy and the famous husband slowly made her way to Hollywood. She rose to huge fame after her production job in the 2013 horror film, The Walker.

When and how did Mabel Ray Mulroney’s parents meet? Information about their relationship and marriage

Neither Mabel’s mother nor her father has yet revealed how the two met and it all started. But if we are to believe some sources, their relationship started sometime between 2005-2007 when Dermot went through a divorce. This speculation comes from when the couple were caught together by paparazzi in 2007.

Mulroney and Cesaroni have been together for 14 years
Mabel Ray’s loving parents. Source: Getty Images

Here’s everything we know about their first romance. As they went to their nuptials, Dermot tied the knot with the love of his life in 2008. They only had a privet ceremony with their closest family and friends. As of 2022, this sweet couple has been together for almost 14 years and they have a great life together.

Mabel’s mother is Dermot Mulroney’s second wife

We now know that Tharita Cesaroni is Mulroney’s second wife. So, who was the actor married to before her? He was married to Catharina Keener. His first wife is also an actress, and the two met on the set of 1996 Survival quest. The former couple has been married for almost 17 years and also has a son – Clyde Keener Mulroney.

Although they separated in 2005, the divorce between Mabel’s father and Keener was not official until June 1, 2007. According to Peoplethe main reason for the divorce was ‘irreconcilable differences’.

Is Mabel Ray already a millionaire at just 14 years old?

Being born to famous parents has its own perks; Mabel Ray Mulroney is just a teenager and already a millionaire. Her father’s famous acting career has made him worth a whopping $11 million dollars by 2022. Likewise, her mother may be no less, due to her career in production.

The happy family of four lives together today in their beautiful home in Los Angeles, California.


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