List of Shivon Zili’s Boyfriend: Her Dating History


Shivon Zilis is one of the top executives at Neuralink. Zilis also happens to be part of the complicated personal life of billionaire and founder of Tesla, Musk.

Speaking of which, the relationship history of someone like hers who was once close to A-lister is often poignant content. So look how many boyfriends Zilis has had in her life so far. Also know in detail how serious her relationship with Elon Musk was.


Billionaire Elon Musk was once Shivon Zili’s boyfriend

Zilis and Musk had fifteen years difference. It’s unclear exactly when the pair started dating, but the sources believe they started their relationship shortly after Zilis started working at Musk’s Neuralink. While they are no longer together, it’s also a bit sketchy how long their togetherness lasted. With Musk, Zilis welcomed twins in November 2021. A month later, however, the billionaire would have another child with on-again, off-again girlfriend Grimes.

Neuralink CEO Shivon Zilis and her twin babies father and billionaire Elon Musk.
Tesla founder Elon Musk and the mother of one of his babies, Shivon Zilis.

Although Zilis and Musk gave birth to twins in November 2021, the news did not become public until July 2022. Zilis kept the billionaire’s children private.

Musk also confirmed the aforementioned message which was a day later. In a tweet, the Tesla founder said:

Doing my best to help the underpopulation crisis. A declining birth rate is by far the greatest danger facing civilization.

Musk has a total of ten children (that the outsiders know) inclusive Saxon, Damian, Griffin, Nevadaand others with three different women, including Natasha Bassett. He’s had multiple breakups, including two splits from the same woman he tied the knot with twice.

Shivon Zili’s Other Boyfriends: Her Past Relationships

Unlike her baby daddy, Musk, Zilis of Indian origin appears to have no published relationship history. It is therefore a mystery whether she has had boyfriends or partners in the past. Though given the age she met Musk, it seems unlikely that the billionaire was her very first life partner or boyfriend.

Canadian-born chief operating officer and Shivon Zilis, Elon Musk's former partner.
Ex-Tesla project director and Shivon Zilis, Elon Musk’s baby mother.

Zilis, of course, may have had one or two or even more before crossing Musk. It can also be the case when she has had a husband or even a few serious relationships. However, since she doesn’t talk much in front of the media, the respective details about it are a hazy subject. And given her private nature and life, it seems that the history of Zilis’ boyfriend will remain unknown for years to come.

Zilis works at Neuralink

Speaking of Zilis, she graduated from Canada and Yale.

Shivon is a venture capitalist specializing in artificial intelligence and technology. Musk’s baby mom is also successful in her own right and she has also made it onto the lists including Forbes 20 under 30 and LinkedIn 35 under 35.

One of the top executives at Neuralink Shivon Zilis
Shivon Zilis gave birth to twins with Tesla founder Elon Musk in November 2021

She is also the director of operations at Neuralink, Musk’s brain-machine interface company. Previously, Zilis worked as a project director for Tesla from 2017 to 2019.