Lexi Underwood Age, ethnicity, height


Since Lexi Underwood’s performance as Pearl Warren in the Hulu drama series, Small fires everywhere, people have wondered to know her more and fully. One of the questions also asks for answers about this rising star’s ethnic background in addition to her age and height.

Turns out her family history is a fascinating mix of African American to Irish and Dutch descent. The nuances further increase when one delves into her family tree and discovers the different ethnicities that make up Lexi Underwood.

And if she turns out to be a rising star, find out how she keeps her fans engaged with her social media presence and advocacy for black rights.

Lexi Underwood era19 From 2023
Lexi Underwood height4 feet 11 inches
Lexi Underwood Ethnicity1/32 Irish, remote Dutch and Tobagonian

Lexi Underwood Age and height

Born on August 28, 2003, Underwood is currently 19 years old. The Little Fires Everywhere actress turns 20 on August 28, 2023. Lexi is clearly a Gen Z celebrity.

Lexi Underwood's height is somewhere between 4'11 and 5'1
Little Fires Everywhere actress Lexi Underwood is currently 19 years old.

As for Lexi’s height, considering that she is a teenager, the height of the young actress is prone to fluctuation as she is still growing. Most reports nevertheless claim that she often appears 4 feet 11 inches to nearly 5 feet an inch tall. However, the numbers are based on the looks of the actress on the red carpet and premieres where she usually wears hills and nice shoes. Considering that Underwood has yet to discuss how tall she really is.

Lexi Underwood Ethnicity; Has Italian, Irish, Dutch and Tobagonian

Lexi’s ethnicity includes African American, one quarter Italian, at least 1/32 Irish, remote Dutch and Tobagonian.

About her grandparents

To say more about her lineage, Joseph J Underwood Jr. Lexi’s grandfather. He was born in Massachusetts. Joseph Jr is the son of Joseph James Underwood Sr and Mary Eleanor Robertson, who were also the paternal great-grandparents of Lexi Underwood.

Little Fires Everywhere actress Lexi Underwood, Lexi Underwood Age Ethnicity Height
Just Beyond actress Lexi Underwood.

Lexi’s great-grandfather Joseph Sr.’s parents were both African American. The mother of the young actress’s great-grandmother (Mary) had an African American father and an Irish mother. On the other hand, Mary’s father’s father may have been white. As for his mother, she is usually said to be the descendant of Free People Of Color in Massachusetts.

Lexi Dutch and Tobagonian Ethnicity

One of Underwood’s great-great-grandfather (Irving Edgar Robertson) maternal great-grandmother was the daughter of a Tobagonian father and a Dutch mother.

Her Italian descent

Underwood’s paternal grandmother, Luciana, is of Italian descent. Her maternal grandfather is said to be James William Black of North Carolina and is believed to be a professional golfer.

Lexi is active on Instagram

While Lexi is seemingly doing well in her acting career, the actress is also quite lively with her social media, especially her Instagram and Facebook. Underwood’s recent Instagram feeds mainly feature her photos from the various events she attends.

19-year-old Lexi Underwood has over 300,000 followers on Instagram, Lexi Underwood Age Ethnicity Height
Lexi Underwood is famous for playing Pearl Warren in the Hulu drama series Little Fires Everywhere.

It often also illustrates her family photos alongside the actress enjoying her days off and vacations. In the meantime, Lexi also shares her excitement about her upcoming projects in addition to speaking up for black rights.

Lexi Underwood Instagram journey started on January 7, 2019.


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