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Jodie Woods is especially popular as the sister of Jordyn Woodsa model, socialite and former best friend of Kylie Jenner. Besides being a famous sister, she is also an Instagrammer like her older sister. She has millions of followers and is also associated with many clothing brands.

Woods was raised by her single mother Elizabeth Woods along with her siblings. She is very close to her mother, but unfortunately her father is no longer in the world. Although the two sisters are very close, they even resemble each other, which makes many people wonder if Jodie and Jordyn are twins. So, are the two sisters twins? Does she have any other siblings? What happened to her father?

Let’s take a look into the teenager’s life to find out every detail about her. Check out the article below to find out Jodie’s age, parents, boyfriend, sister, net worth and more!

How old is Jodie Wood? Her early details

She was born in 2007 and will be 15 years old in 2022. The young social media star was born in California and will celebrate her birthday on January 6. She holds American nationality and has an African American ethnic background. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

As a child, Jodie was home schooled along with her other siblings. Given her age, she must be in high school now. However, the information about her high school or graduation is still classified.

Jodie Wood’s Mom Elizabeth Woods Is Also Popular On Instagram

The 15-year-old was raised by her mother Elizabeth Woods because her parents divorced when she was very young. Speaking of her mother, she is also a social media star with thousands of followers on Instagram. Yes, she has 360K followers on her Insta. In addition, she is idolized as a “cool mom” by her fans and younger generations.

Jodie Woods and her mother Elizabeth Woods
Jodie Woods with her mother Elizabeth Woods
Source: Instagram

She is not only a popular Instagrammer but also a businesswoman who also owns a business. As a working mother, she has managed to handle her children and professional life as a piece of cake.

Do Jodie and Jordyn have the same father?

Yes, Jodie and Jordyn have the same father. They were both born to John Woods, who was a television sound engineer. He was reportedly working on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and was also a close friend of the actor and rapper, Will Smith.

Elizabeth Woods and John Woods
Jodie Wood’s mother Elizabeth Woods and father the late John Woods.

Despite the divorce of Jodie’s mother and father, she had a good relationship with both of them. In fact, her mother considered her father a close friend and partner, even though they were not together as a married couple.

But unfortunately her father passed away January 19, 2017when she was only 12 years old. He died just two weeks after being diagnosed with cancer.

Does Jodie Woods have twins? All about her siblings

Jodie Woods has three siblings; two brothers and a sister, but she’s not twins. That said, she and her sister Jordyn Woods, biological sisters, look similar. By the way, both sisters have the same characteristics as their mother Elizabeth.

Jodie Woods, Jordyn Woods and Elizabeth Woods
Jodie Woods with her grandmother, mother Elizabeth Woods and sister Jordyn Woods. Source: Instagram

In addition to a sister who resembles twins, Woods also has two brothers; John Woods III and Joshua Woods. While their profession is not yet clear, according to sources, John is both an artist and a manager of Woods Management Group. Likewise, her other brother Joshua is a photographer and a filmmaker.

Does Jodie Woods have a boyfriend?

Jodie is just a 15-year-old teenager who is currently focusing on her education. She’s too young to get married or have a boyfriend now. Therefore, she is currently single and focused on her studies and flourishing career.

Nevertheless, it was rumored that Jodie was engaged to P. Diddy’s eldest son, Quincy, as they were seen together in a photo on the internet. However, it turned out to be groundless talk when Jodie’s mother Elizabeth stated that they were like brother and sister to each other.

Meanwhile, her older sister Jordyn Woods is dating Karl-Anthony Towns; a Dominican-American professional basketball player. He is close to Woods’ family and can often be seen on their news feeds.

Has Jodie Woods Lost Weight?

Many people are curious about Jordyn’s sister Jodie’s weight loss journey, but the fact is, she never intentionally lost weight. Maybe they were confused between the sisters because it was Jordyn who lost significant weight for Teen Vogue, but she didn’t do it on purpose either.

Jordyn said,

“When I started losing weight, I wasn’t doing it to lose weight, and I think that’s why it worked out so well. For me, sports became my therapy. It’s all for your mind, really. When I realized that I was focusing more on my mind than on the goals in my body, I lost more weight.”

On the other hand, Jodie likes sports and does it with her sister, but has never done it to lose weight.

Are Jodie’s Sister Jordyn and Kylie Still Friends?

The news that Jordyn and Kylie were becoming distant as a friend was not hidden from the public eye. When it was all over the media, many speculated that they broke up for life, but according to… PEOPLE, the two are still texting each other and are not completely cut off. Their friendship isn’t 100% over, either way, the one-time best friends aren’t so close anymore.

Initially Jordyn and Kylie were proposed by Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith. They once shared a strong bond that was broken after Jodie’s sister interacted with Tristan Thompson.

He was Kylie’s sister Khloe Kardashian’s on-and-off boyfriend with whom she also shared a daughter named WHERE. She was found “kissing” with him at a party that ruined her relationship with Kylie and her family.

Jodie Woods Hanging Out With Alabama Barker Made Controversy

Alabama is the stepdaughter of Kylie’s sister Kourtney with her partner Travis Barker. While the Kardashian family reportedly completely destroyed the Woods family, the two teens seem to have no problem getting along. Some fans even said they give BFF vibes, like Kylie and Jordyn.

Jodie Woods with
Jodie Woods with her best friend Alabama Barker. Source: Instagram

It seems that Jodie and Alabama are loving each other’s company. They often went out together and also went out to dinner. Their then shared selfies on social media became the talk of the town. After the photos were uploaded, Kardashian fans were confused about what was going on, causing the comment section to flood. Still, the besties don’t seem to care about what people have to say.

Jodie Woods’ Social Media Handle

As mentioned before, Jordyn’s sister Jodie has millions of fans on her social media just like her sister. She is a verified user on both Instagram and TikTok under the name Jodie Woods.

Woods has 389,000 followers and 7 million likes on TikTok. Likewise, she has 1.4 million followers on Instagram. She also has two outfit lines on Instagram under the name “frvrunbothered” (limited edition streetwear) with 11.7K followers and “wodiewrld” with 21K followers.

What is Jodie Woods’ Net Worth in 2022? Her career

The famous sister has a net worth of $1 million. Jodie, despite being 15 years old, has accomplished a lot in her life. Although she is known as a sister to Jordyn Woods, she has also made her own identity.

Jordyn Woods sister Jodie Woods
Jodie Woods in PLT clothes
Source: Instagram

She is a fashionista who has millions of fans on her social platform and calls herself an entrepreneur. At the same time, she helps the family business at Woods Management Group and is Brand Ambassador @prettylittlething. So, with talent in many fields, there is no doubt that she makes millions.

How did Jordyn Woods get rich?

Jodie’s sister Jordyn has a thriving career in media and modeling. She officially started her career in 2015 after being signed to Wilhelmina.

She then got an offer to work with several brands and also started her own athleisure line called SECNDNTURE. Jordyn is doing a great job at her job and has total assets of $6 million.


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