Jim Carry’s Ex-Wife Melissa Womer: What Is She Doing Now?


Melissa Womer is a well-known actress who gained fame in the 90s for her work in several movies. In addition, her name became widely recognized after walking down the aisle with the famous Canadian-American actor-comedian, Jim Carry.

Speaking of the couple’s relationship, it didn’t last long. The duo broke up after a few years of dating. However, they have not disclosed the exact reason behind their divorce. So why did the perfect-looking duo change their path? Did they have a child together? What will she do after her divorce?

Well, in this article you will find answers to all your questions about Melissa Womer. Keep scrolling to learn more about her, including her personal life, net worth and much more!

Melissa Womer’s Early Life and Family

The famous woman, Melissa was born on July 8, 1960, in New York, United States. She has American nationality and her zodiac sign is Cancer.

The 62-year-old famous husband has not yet revealed her family background. She has also not disclosed anything about her siblings. However, she once told about her family that she grew up in a complicated household. She did not have a normal childhood like everyone else because of quarrels in her household.

Speaking of her education, she completed her education and high school at a local school in her hometown of New York. She later graduated from the University of Kansas.

Speaking of her former husband, Jim was born in Ontario, Canada on… January 17, 1962. He was raised by his parents along with his three other older siblings. He dropped out of high school at the age of 16.

She became famous after her marriage to Jim Carry

Before she married a celebrity, Melissa had a very normal lifestyle. She was not involved in the Hollywood industry before meeting Jim.

Jim and Melissa dated for a while before getting married. The couple tied the knot Mach 28, 1987.

However, Jim was a rising star at the time. He worked hard to make a name for himself in the Hollywood industry and began his journey through stand-up comedy. It was Jim who introduced his wife to the industry.

Where did they first meet?

As mentioned before, Melissa had a pretty normal life before her marriage. She worked as a waitress at the Comedy Store and Jim performed in the same club as a stand-up comedy.

Jim Carry
Melissa’s husband Jim started his career as a stand-up comedian

They both felt a spark between each other when they first met. Their meeting slowly grew into a beautiful relationship and after a few months they officially started dating.

Melissa worked hard for the family, even during her pregnancy

At the beginning of their relationship, the duo looked very happy. Both were ready to fight together for a better future. Melissa worked hard to maintain their daily lifestyle and did two jobs while 8 months pregnant to pay the bills.

Melissa Womer
Melissa worked during eight months of pregnancy

She worked two places, one as a waitress at the Comedy Store and another as a masseuse at a health club in LA. Jim was still struggling to make a name for himself in the Hollywood industry so Melissa worked hard to run her family.

They share a child

The couple welcomed their child the same year they married. They welcomed a girl named Jane Erin Carrey On September 6. Melissa raised her daughter alone because Jim was like an absent father.

Jane later embarked on a journey into a musical career. She was also one of the contestants on American Idol season 11.

Jim Carry Melissa Womer daughter
Jim with his daughter who he shares with his ex-wife, Melissa.

Moreover, Melissa is already a grandmother as her daughter gave birth to a son named Jackson Riley Santana. Unfortunately, Jane’s relationship could not last long, and she is currently raising her child with her mother Melissa.

Why did Melissa and Jim Carrey divorce?

per one spokesperson’s article, Melissa revealed that they had conversations about other Hollywood couples and thought they wouldn’t break up like other couples. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. Out of the blue Jim called Melissa one day and said he’s not coming home. Speaking of the incident, Melissa said:

“I wake up every day in shock that he is doing this. This is a man I went to church with, a man who had lunch with our pastor.”

Their divorce becomes ten times more devastating when we find out that Jim just celebrated their 6th anniversary together with his wife in the most beautiful way. He rented the ballroom at the Peninsula Hotel and hired a band. After the celebration Jim went to Florida to film, Ace Ventura.

Melissa revealed that he didn’t have time for her after he became famous. She even tried to convince him to return home by any means necessary and threatened him that she would leave. However, that didn’t change the situation.

She added,

“I was happy to take on the traditional wife and mother roles. He knows that I am a good wife, a good wife, a good mother. But… He’s not good husband material. Marriage requires empathy, commitment and sacrifice. The man has changed.”

They eventually broke up on June 15, 1993. After that, she demanded $5 to $10 million from Jim as a divorce settlement. However, he only gave her $7 million.

Melissa’s acting career

Melissa entered the Hollywood industry after she married Jim. She was given many opportunities to work in various films and series. Melissa made her debut in the movie, Real stories of the donut men in 1997 as an executive producer. She also produced other television series.

After that, she tried to appear in front of the camera through small roles.

What is she currently doing?

After Melissa’s divorce from her ex-husband, she leads a private life. She has not been open about her personal life. According to sources, she still lives in her hometown of New York and is enjoying her retired life.

What is Melissa’s Net Worth?

Melissa has been able to amass quite a fortune all her life. As of now, her net worth is about $5 million. Her main source of income was her work as an actor and producer. In addition, she also received a lot of money through her divorce settlement.

Speaking of her ex-husband’s net worth, he has an estimated net worth of $170 million. He was able to amass this huge amount of fortune by working as an actor and comedian.


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