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Jess Brolin is the youngest son of the Emmy Award winner, James Brolin, and his former late wife, Jane Cameron Agee. The older brother of 50-year-old Jess, Josh Brolin, is also a famous actor in Hollywood, just like their father. So, what is Jess famous for? Jess is an infamous member of the famous Brolin Family.

Brolin is famous for reasons that don’t quite match his family’s great reputation. Did you come across the rumor that he was homeless in 2014? Well, apparently he was, despite being the son of a legendary actor. The rumor broke out 8 years ago, so where is Jess today? We’ll know the answer soon.

That’s why we’re going to take a closer look at the life of Jess Brolin in this article. What identity does he have, despite his family’s legacy? Did his obesity almost kill him? Let’s know together!

Jess Brolin is one of the younger sons of the west world actor, James Brolin

Jess Brolin’s exact date of birth is unknown, but he was born in California sometime around 1972. His father, James Brolin, had been a renowned actor since his career began in 1960. Likewise, his mother, Jane Cameron Agee, was also active in showbiz and active as a wildlife activist. Moreover, with enough fame and fortune, Jess grew up in Templeton, California.

James Brolin and Jane Cameron Agee had 2 children together
The childhood photo of Jess Brolin with his parents and brother.

However, Jess certainly didn’t seem to have a smooth childhood. When he was barely 12 years old, his parents divorced. This must have had a serious impact on little Jess. In addition, his father’s multiple relationships after the divorce didn’t really help either.

His siblings

Two years after Jess’s mother’s divorce, James married Jan Smithers. From their relationship they welcomed a sweet daughter together, Molly Elizabeth.

Unfortunately, this relationship was also short-lived and later in 1998, the Patriarch of the Brolin family exchanged vows with his current wife, Barbara Streisand. James Brolin’s three different marriages blessed Jess with three siblings; Josh Brolin, his only biological sibling, Molly Elizabeth, his half-sister, and Jason Gould, his stepbrother.

His mother died in an accident

In 1995, Jess lost his mother, Jane Cameron Agee, to a terrible car accident. Jess was then in his mid-twenties and had experienced enough instabilities in life.

His mother’s passing left him with a huge legacy, which caused Jess to move away from his family. Yet any type of inheritance can never replace

Jess Brolin is a member of the famous Brolin family

Jess Brolin, 50, is the only member of the Brolin family who is not in the entertainment business. Besides him, almost everyone has a connection with the industry.

Starting with his father, James Brolin; he is one of the most renowned celebrities in Hollywood with two Golden Globe Awards and an Emmy. Brolin has been in the industry for six decades and is known for his roles in west world, Trafficand catch me if you can. Likewise, his mother, although not as well known as his father, was an American actress/nature activist.

James Brolin, his current wife and son
The famous trio of the Brolin Family.

Second in line is Jess Brolin’s older brother, Josh Brolin. Josh followed in his father’s footsteps. He is best known for his role as Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Not only Jess’ own sibling, Josh, but even his half-siblings have contributed to this entertainment industry. In addition, both his stepmothers are also in this sector.

Was Jess Brolin actually homeless?

After the death of his mother, Jane Cameron Agee, Jess Brolin inherited a 6 figure legacy. With all this money, he moved into an $800-a-month apartment in Ventura, California. So, how exactly did Jess become homeless?

The 2014 viral photo of Jess Brolin
James Brolin’s infamous son, Jess, was seen searching garbage cans in California.

It turned out that Jess soon ran out of money and was evicted from his apartment in 2011. Then it was reported that he was living in his truck, but was slowly being seen on the street as well.

Moreover, in 2014, a paparazzi caught him looking through trash cans in Ojai, California. This photo immediately went viral and the rumor that Jess was homeless spread across the country. He was less than 80 miles from Brolin’s house, but slept in parking lots.

Following this news, a source close to Jess Brolin said:

β€œHe sometimes sleeps in a field behind shops, basically anywhere he can sleep. It can be very cold at night as it is in the valley.”

This is really heartbreaking.

Jess Brolin’s family, on the other hand, reported that they were in fact trying to help him get out of this condition. His father, James Brolin, also released a statement saying the news “misinterpreted” the photos.

The deteriorating health of Jess Brolin

The photos of Jess clearly show that he is an obese man. Who knew that the unhealthy lifestyle that Jess followed after the death of his mother in California will take a toll on his health? Well, apparently it did.

Jess Brolin's health has deteriorated due to obesity
James Brolin caught himself outside Lisa Cantina with severe sores on his legs. Source: COLEMAN-RAYNER

In 2018, people from RadarOnline found Jess with unusually unhealthy feet. They described his legs as “lumpy with sores”. In addition, he suffered from venous stasis ulcers. These are normally caused by damaged or abnormal veins. This diagnosis was made by Dr. Charlie Seltzer. He even speculated about the need for amputation if Jess didn’t take good care of himself.

It’s just a guess, but we believe that this situation was brought under control in time.

Where is Jess Brolin today?

Jess is not available on social media sites. He has been a private person from the beginning. Therefore, it is difficult to know his exact whereabouts. Likewise, we also have no concrete information about his love life. Therefore, we can only theorize whether he is married or single today.

In an interview in 2021 with Procession, James Brolin stated that Jess lived somewhere in “a mountain town” and ran a charitable organization. We don’t know how true this statement is, but we hope wherever Jess Brolin is today, he is safe and sound. We also hope that he is far from his garbage bin diving days and living a dignified life.

His net worth

As we mentioned above, Jess inherited a huge chunk of money after his mother’s death. Unfortunately, he left all the money in vanity and became homeless. This is why his net worth is currently unknown.

On the other hand, his brother Josh is worth a whopping $45 million.


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