Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck remarried in an extravagant ceremony


Jennifer Lopez married Ben Affleck in a grand ceremony in Georgia on August 20, 2022, following their court wedding in Las Vegas in July. Jennifer and Ben recruited Jay Shetty, a life coach and one of the world’s most prominent motivational speakers, to lead the wedding. Born in the UK, Shetty is of Indian descent and is known as a presenter, storyteller, filmmaker and content developer. Apart from that, he is a former monk.


How long has Jennifer Lopez been friends with Jay Shetty?

Shetty and Jennifer Lopez were previously featured in several episodes of the YouTube series Coach Conversations. That aside, she was featured on Shetty’s podcast, On Purpose, in March 2021. Shetty said in a Facebook post in February 2022 that Lopez had not only asked him to perform four marriages, but also to talk about the power of love at her special Marry Me performance. Jay Shetty has attended a number of weddings, including those of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. He also attended the wedding of Lilly Collins and Charlie McDowell in Colorado last year.

Jay Shetty

Is Jay Shetty married? Everything you need to know about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding officiant.

Shetty spent three years as a monk in a monastery in Mumbai, India, after graduating from a British business school. When he returned to business, he became engaged to make films for the Huffington Post in New York. Shetty has interviewed celebrities such as Kobe Bryant and Russell Simmons for his YouTube videos about mental health, wellness and relationships. Shetty married Radhi, his long-term lover, in 2016. They are co-owners of Sama Tea, an Ayurvedic-inspired tea company. Shetty was also named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in Europe in 2017. Apart from that, he was featured on the BBC and was asked to speak at various companies such as Google, Barclays and others.

In 2019, he started his own podcast, On Purpose, which had over 64 million downloads in its first year. Priyanka Chopra, Novak Djokovic, Matt Damon and other celebrities were on the program. In 2020, Shetty published his book Think Like a Monk, which debuted on the New York Times and Amazon bestseller lists. In 2022, he became the first Chief Purpose Officer of Calm, a meditation production company.

Bennifer’s Georgia wedding details

After their Las Vegas wedding, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck remarried in a three-day “intimate” ceremony in Georgia attended by the couple’s closest friends and family. The wedding weekend started on Friday, August 19 with a rehearsal supper. The ceremony took place on August 20, followed by a picnic on August 21. The celebration was held at Affleck’s estate in Riceboro.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got engaged in April for the second time this year. They have known each other since 2002, when they started dating. They were also briefly engaged, but broke up a few months later.