Jeff Satur – All About the Star of KinnPorsche The Series


KinnPorsche Series star Jeff Satur’s record reveals he tested positive for Covid. The message was circulated on social media channels and Jeff posted it in both Thai and English. The success of the program has also increased Jeff’s fame among fans, and the BL drama has admirers all over the world. BeonCloud, the show’s representative, has turned down a worldwide tour due to the show’s popularity. However, the future of this tour seems in doubt due to Jeff’s positive Covid test. While there is no certainty about how the worldwide tour will unfold, there is no formal news of its cancellation either.

KinnPorsche The Series Actor Jeff Satur’s Health Statement

The actor’s physical condition was disclosed in a statement from Warper, the talent management company that represents him. It was stated,

“Jeff Satur, Warper Talented Artist Manager, tested positive for Covid-19 on June 28, 2022 at 12:33 PM.” And now he’s home, self-isolating and adhering to Covis protocols. His symptoms are cough and a little fever. Nothing to worry about. Warper is now telling all alliances and everyone involved to postpone the job, and everyone who has contacted Jeff to keep an eye on him until he is completely healthy and back to normal.”

The agency also thanked fans at the end of the note, saying:

“Thank you so much for all your love and support for him.”

The Jeff Satur character from KinnPorsche The Series

Jeff Satur is a well-known singer who is reportedly working with a female musician who is signed by the Korean agency RBW. Fans flock to MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, but it could be one of the company’s female members. Jeff’s popularity has grown across the country, mainly thanks to the recent Thai BL drama KinnPorsche The Series.

The drama is based on a popular online book in which Jeff Satur plays Kim, the son of a mob leader. His relationship with Porche’s brother Porchey, the main character, brings him to the fore. The actor has also performed on the show’s original soundtracks. It contains the famous song Why Don’t You Stay? A version of this also includes Barcode briefly in the program when they sing a duet together.

Jeff Saturn

Such love scenes have pleased the viewers of the LGBT drama, in addition to Kim’s character and the way Jeff Satur dealt with it. When faced with a difficult decision, the character has gray tones and is cruel. His first meeting with his love interest Porchay is fraught with complications. He does not develop affection for the young man until later in life.

Due to the novel’s popularity, the title has a devoted following. Growing interest has also prompted the show’s creators to consider a second season. There are currently two episodes left to air on the program. The next episode will air on July 2. The fourteen-episode series can be seen on iQiyi.


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