Isayah Kembo Ekoko – All About Jires Kembo Ekoko Child


Jires Kembo Ekokos child is Isayah Kembo Ekoko. Jires, his father, is a former professional footballer who used to play as a striker. He was born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Quick Facts

First and last nameIsayah Kembo Ekoko
First nameisayah
Middle namekembo
Last nameEkoko
Professionfamous kid
father nameJires Kembo Ekoko
Father OccupationSoccer player
Mother’s nameMelissa Gateau
Mother OccupationPersonal stylist and an image consultant
gender identityMale
Sexual orientationStraight ahead
brothers and sistersLana Kembo Ekoko

Who are Isayah’s parents?

Jires, Isayah’s father, is a Congolese footballer, as mentioned earlier. He is also a naturalized Frenchman who last played for Bursaspor in the Turkish Super League. He previously played for a number of teams including Stade Rennais FC, Al Ain, El Jaish and others. Melissa Gateau is his mother’s name. She is quite secretive and rarely shares anything about her personal life on social media. Jires’ companion is known as the woman. We can tell from her Instagram that she likes to travel, which is why we can see her relaxing on her own in various places.

How many brothers and sisters does Isayah have?

Lana Kembo Ekoko, Isayah’s sister, is a blessing. We can get a lot of pictures of him with his sister. The photos of Isayah and Lana were posted by their mother during their trip to the UAE. She captioned the photo and said: My universe revolves around you, Isayah and Lana. They can be seen enjoying Dubai Garden Glow and spending quality time with mom in Bademli Bursa, Turkey, as well as on the cruise. During their visit to Tour Eiffel, Isayah and Lana were casually photographed sitting in an alleyway, enjoying their sweet moments, etc.

Is Jires married?

It is unclear whether Jires is already married or not. However, he is now romantically linked to a lady named Melissa. Melissa is both a personal stylist and an image consultant. Personal details such as their dating life and marriage have remained hidden from the public until now. According to their Instagram, the family of four is spending quality time together. Stay tuned for more information.

Mbappe’s family actually adopted Jires.

Wilfried Mbappe, Kylian Mbappe’s father, and Jires’ biological father, Kembo Uba Kembo, were both members of the Congolese national football team at the time. Jires’ father participated in the 1974 FIFA World Cup. But sadly, he died, leaving Jire alone in the world. Wilfried, as Kembo’s buddy, did something very remarkable that few people would do. Wilfried made the decision to adopt Jires. Jires was sent to France by his mother to study at the time, while his mother remained in Congo.

Isayah Kembo Ekoko

He was then a member of Mbappe’s family, who embraced him warmly. Jires grew up with full values ​​in Mbappe’s household. Jires is according to Kylian his first and greatest idol. He considers Jires to be the most important person in his life, with whom he has a close relationship. While the two brothers don’t share the same DNA or the same parents, they do share the principles and affection Wilfried instilled in them from the start.

Net value

Since Isayah is still a child, we depend on his father’s salary, which is currently worth $25 million.


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