Is Lyssa Chapman married to her new girlfriend? Her past relationships


Lyssa Chapman is one of twelve children born to Duane Chapman with his third wife Lyssa Rae Brittain. She is an American businesswoman and former bailiff and bounty hunter. Furthermore, Duane’s daughter is also known for her performance in A&E TV’s Dog the Bounty Hunter. But what about her love life? Is Lyssa Chapman Married?

According to reports, she has had two relationships in the past, one of which is a marital one. Unfortunately, none of her love affairs survived, but there are reports that she is married to her new girlfriend. So, who is her girlfriend? When did they get married?

In Lyssa’s love affairs and romantic relationships.

Girlfriend Lyssa Chapman: She’s in a lesbian relationship

if you didn’t know, Lyssa Chapman is in a lesbian relationship. She is going out with her girlfriend Leiana Evensen since 2016. The couple first met in Lyssa’s store, where Evensen came as a customer. When she knew she shared morale, birthday, and year with her now-parter, she instantly bonded.

Just after knowing each other for a few months, the couple started dating. Their bond was so direct and so intense that they even met each other’s parents. In fact, Lyssa already had the imagination of Leiana dancing at their wedding just a few months into their relationship.

Lyssa Chapman with her girlfriend-fiance Leiana Evensen
Lyssa Chapman with her friend turned fiancée Leiana Evensen.

Baby Lyssa has even stated several times about her connection to Evensen, stating that she was the “only one” she wanted to be with. In one of her media interactions, she stated:

Oh dear, don’t mess it up and let this one go,’ thought Chapman, adding that probably anyone who finds a person they want to spend the rest of their life with feels what she feels for Evensen: a sense of calm and ‘coming home a bit’.

Lyssa married Leiana in 2022

Well, after months of anticipation, Lyssa exchanged vows with Leiana on June 3, 2022, during a Hawaiian wedding ceremony in the Pacific Ocean. Lyssa shared the big news from her Instagram channel.

In the post she wrote,

“Last week, Lei and I boarded a boat with 7 of our close relatives at 7 a.m. and we dedicated our love and life to each other.”

Read the message, “With our feet in the water, we connected with the power and vastness of the ocean.”

Lyssa took her wife’s surname and is now known as Lyssa Evensen.

Their involvement

Lyssa has been engaged to her girlfriend Leiana Evensen since 2017. Well, Evensen was the one who popped the question during their December 2017 trip to Seattle.

As expected, Lyssa immediately said yes. Although they are already engaged, they have yet to make a formal and specific proposal. Asked about the specific occasion. Chapman stated that she has always imagined it “really small, “in the ocean” and wearing their bathing suits.

She further said, “We’ve flipped back and forth a few times between a date and have yet to finalize anything…besides each other.”

Well, now they certainly held their wedding as they expected.

Lyssa Chapman’s original plan to marry Leiana Evensen

The star child and Leianna have been together for more than 5 years, their marriage lasted a while. Initially, Duane’s daughter Lyssa had stated on multiple occasions that the marriage is just a formality.

According to her, being together and being in love is more important than getting married. When asked about her plans to walk down the aisle, she said:

People always ask us when we’re getting married, but right now it’s really just a piece of paper. We have completely entangled our lives and still see ourselves as married.

She further added,

Maybe it’s because we’re gay – not to say that just because you’re gay doesn’t make you want to get married because people have fought really hard for their rights, but we’re just both very happy with where we are in our relationship right now.

That said, we’re still hoping to see Lyssa and her fiancé Leiana in the wedding dress.

Lyssa Chapman was married to Brahman “Bo” Galanti in the past

Before starting a relationship with Leiana, she was married to her husband Brahman “Bo” Galanti. They got married February 20, 2009in Oahu, Hawaii.

From their marital relationship, the couple also welcomed a child named Madalyn Grace Galanti. She was born in 2009the same year they got married.

Baby Lyssa with her daughter
Baby Lyssa with her daughter.

But unfortunately, Lyssa’s relationship with Galanti soon began to turn sour. She also stated that her ex-husband was very rude. According to the reports of Radar OnlineBo was violent towards Lyssa on several occasions, including on New Year’s Eve 2010 and several times afterwards.

After several such instances, she allegedly kicked Bo out of the house. According to one source,

She kicked him out of the house in October, but he came back. She kicked him out a few times. He hurt her back. Gave her bruises, bruises and a black eye.

Lyssa did not want to involve the police in the case and preferred to be advised to get out of the marriage.

“She was confused. But then they went to counseling a few times. Even the counselor told her to get out of the marriage.”

She finally filed for divorce in February 2011, which was finalized later that year.

She was pregnant with her first daughter Abbie at the age of 15

Baby Lyssa has two children Abbie Mae Chapman & Madalyn Grace Galanti. While Madalynn was born to her husband Bo, her first child Abbie was born out of an extra-marital affair.

According to the reports, she became pregnant by Abbie when she was 15, with a man named Brendan, who was 24 at the time. Well, she revealed the fact publicly during her second pregnancy. Due to the fact that Brendan had a sexual relationship with a minor, he was arrested for statutory rape.


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