Is Gwendoline Christie married to a man? Her partner, friend


Gwendoline Christie is one of the most renowned actresses in Hollywood with numerous film and TV credits. Notably, Christie, who is six feet tall, played the role of Brienne of Tarth, a tall warrior in the HBO fantasy drama series. Game of Thrones. Her popularity skyrocketed further when the actress landed the character of Larissa Weems in the cult hit Netflix series Wednesdaydirected by Tim Burton.

Aside from her burgeoning acting career, is Gwendoline equally successful when it comes to dating? Thousands of her fans are very curious if Christie is married to her husband. If yes, read more about her husband and partner in the article below.

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Is Gwendoline Christie married to a man? Her quiet love life

Contrary to her professional endeavors, the details about her love life have been kept notoriously private by the actress herself. Despite her tendency to keep things private, people are still eager to know what relationship status Christie will have in 2023.

Especially since Gwendoline has starred in a number of critically acclaimed TV series GOT and Wednesdaythere have been many questions about whether or not the 44-year-old actress is married to a husband.

Gwendoline Christie has no husband in 2023.
Christie is not married to anyone in 2023.

Well, the answer is NO! At the moment, Gwendoline is not married to anyone and has not spoken about her husband until now. So, who is Christie dating in 2023? Let’s talk about her boyfriend and partner in the next headings.

Gwendoline Christie is now dating her longtime partner Giles Deacon

While Christie has yet to tie the knot with anyone, the Wednesday star has had a blissful relationship with her partner Gilles Deacon. Both are well-known figures in the entertainment industry.

While Gwendoline loves acting, her boyfriend Deacon has made quite a name for himself in the fashion world with rich, dramatic and more cultural designs. Over the years, the famous British fashion designer and Creative Director has even designed for his partner.

Gwendoline Christie with her partner.
Christie with her partner Giles.

Not only that, Giles Deacon’s girlfriend of about a decade also had a lot of praise for her beau’s extraordinary designs. She once chose a silk dress printed with bird eggs from the British Isles designed by Deacon. And later the Hollywood star described her old partner as her favorite designer. She said from her bae via email Telegraph,

“Giles has long been one of my favorite designers. He has two of my favorite traits in artists: wild imagination and technical rigor. [His designs] can be practical, otherworldly, sculptural and mind blowing, but you always feel celebrated as a woman when you wear them… Their confidence somehow boosts yours. It’s quite a power for a designer to have. His clothes have personalities.”

Christie and her boyfriend Deacon were friends at first

Like many relationships, their feeling for each other started with a friendship. It was the first Gwendoline to reveal they were initially friends in an interview with Stylist early 2013. When the interviewer asked her how much the actress is active and expressive towards her fans on her social media, Christie responded by saying:

“I have taken a step back from social media. I don’t think it’s really healthy. I’d rather not know. And it is completely complacent.”

But the Game of Thrones star said she tweeted TV network QVC about an item from her friend Giles Deacon’s jewelry line.

In the same interview, Gwendoline further said that another fashion designer from London, Henry Holland, is also her best friend. She said of both her friends,

“I am very lucky that those people are my friends. I’m lucky because they’re all great people. Brilliantly talented and incredibly smart, they work extremely hard in a very, very difficult industry. Almost all my friends are creative.”

Christie’s partner Deacon adored her

According to some sources, the duo first met in 2012. When they first met, it was love at first sight for designer Giles Deacon. He was “immediately smitten” in love with her. He told Yahoo! News in 2018,

“I met Gwendoline six years ago through a mutual friend and was immediately hooked.”

He added,

“For a million different reasons, I thought she was extraordinary. The way she carries herself was unlike anything I had seen before.”

Since then, the experienced designer has also collaborated professionally with his partner on several occasions. He once told British magazine Grazia that it is “an absolute pleasure to work with her professionally, and we have dressed her for many occasions, most recently for the Emmys.”

Deacon went on to say that his longtime girlfriend also “has her own innate sense of self and her knowledge of film and fashion in film wipes the floor with mine. It’s great to have that to play with.”

Game of Thrones star Gwendoline started dating Giles on New Year’s Eve 2012

As mentioned earlier, the movie and TV actress Christie has been quite confidential when it comes to her love life. Like her, her old partner Giles is also the same about their private lives. So the duo initially revealed nothing about their growing romance. However, they made several joint appearances at the time.

Gwendoline Christie boyfriend
Gwendoline and her old partner Deacon.

But we later found out that Christie and her boyfriend Deacon have been dating since New Year’s Eve in 2012. By then, they were already going on several dates, including a trip to the Elle Style Awards. There, the lovebirds joined Deacon’s designer partners, Henry Holland and Jonathan Saunders.

They have been in a happy relationship ever since.

Are Gwendoline and Deacon married?

No, they are not married till date. Although the couple has been together since the early 2010s, neither the actress nor her fashion designer partner have spoken about their marriage plan for the future.

So it looks like it’s going to be a while before we see them husband and wife.

Her role on Wednesday

In 2022, Gwendoline Christie began starring in the coming-of-age supernatural comedy-horror series Wednesday. She played the role of Larissa Weems, the principal of Nevermore Academy in the series. And the other cast members include Jenna Ortega, Emma Mines, Imam Marsonand more.


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