Interesting Facts About Lesly Brown, Pat Sajak’s Wife And Their Marriage


Lesley Brown is the wife of the American TV personality, Pat Sayak. Unlike her husband, who has been a prominent face on television to date, Lesly has somehow stayed behind the doors. However, around the time Brown met Pat, the famous husband was a famous model.

Since marrying Pat, Lesly has lived a lavish life, but without the prying eyes of the media. Still, many of us are quite intrigued to learn about Lesly’s history. What did Brown do before meeting her husband Pat? How did they first meet? Do they share children?

Let’s try to find answers to all the questions and find out the real truth behind Pat Sajak’s wife, Lesly Brown, including her parents, age and more.


Who are Lesly Brown’s parents? Her father died in 2008

Brown is the daughter of Dr. D. Michael Brown and Mary P. Brown. Hair father passed away in 2008. He worked as a teacher at the University of Maryland Dental School in addition to owning his own dental practice in Columbia.

She spent most of her early life in Gambrills, MD. She also received her high school education from Gambrills.

How old is Lesly Brown, Pat Sajak’s wife? Her nationality

She is 57 years old as of 2022. She was born on April 21, 1965, in Gambrills, Maryland, in the United States. Regarding her ethnicity, Lesly is of Scottish, English, and Irish descent and holds an American nationality.

Brown graduated from her father’s alma mater

After graduating from high school in the early 1980s, Pat Sajak’s wife, Lesly, attended the University of Maryland, the same college her father attended. But she had no dental training and instead graduated in television production. She graduated from her university in 1986.

During her studies at university, Lesly had already made some strides in the modeling industry. She competed in Miss Georgetown while attending college and yes, she ended up winning the competition.

Lesly was a Playboy model before she met her husband Pat Sajak

In winning the Miss Georgetown crown, Lesly got a lot of attention from the model scouts. She made a number of appearances as a model before landing a spot on the critically acclaimed Playboy.

She appeared in the cover photo of the magazine’s November 1988 issue titled “Women of Washington.”

Lesly Brown Playboy model
Lesly during her modeling days.

Everything went well with the beautiful and radiant model, but after much deliberation she decided to switch her career. She decided to study law and become a lawyer.

However, after marrying Sajak, she decided to formally end both of her careers to become a full mother and housewife.

How did Lesly Brown meet Pat Sajak? They didn’t have chemistry right away

It was in 1988 when they first met. Lesly and Pat attended the opening of their mutual friend’s California sports bar in Irvine, California in 1988. Brown was 23 years old at the time, while her future husband was 42 years old. In fact, they didn’t meet until two years after Pat’s divorce from his first wife.

Their meeting was not what you would expect from a couple that has been together for decades. According to Pat, “There was no electricity in the air.” Moreover, he also said that when he drove back home, the thought of her didn’t even cross his mind.

Despite all that, the couple continued to see each other. They called each other and maintained a platonic friendship that was also at times distant. Speaking about the early stages of their relationship, Lesly told PEOPLE magazine, “He was fun and easy to talk to. But it wasn’t romantic.”

Well, from the beginning, their relationship didn’t seem to go that far, and yet here we are.

Pat and Lesly Brown got married in a small wedding ceremony

While their relationship didn’t start out the way it’s thought it should, it managed to stay afloat. Finally, after about a year here and there, the duo decided to marry each other.

They exchanged vows on December 31, 1989. It is safe to say that the couple wanted to start the new year together as a married couple.

As for the wedding, it was held at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Annapolis, Maryland. There were 10 police officers standing guard outside the church while the ceremony was going on. The lovebirds had invited many of their close friends and family and about 100 to 150 guests attended.

Lesly Brown Sajak
Lesly and Pat married in 1989.

Previously, Pat and Lesly were engaged in September 1989. When Sajak first revealed his engagement to millions of his viewers, the majority of them were surprised. It’s because many of them had no idea that Pat has a different wife than his own Wheel of Fortune co-host Vanna White in his life. Well, he did have someone in his life.

Her husband Pat was previously married to Sherrill

By the way, this was not the first wedding for Lesly’s husband Pat, whom he was previously married to Sherill Sajak. The former couple was married for almost ten years, from 1979 to 1986. It was because of his first failed relationship that Sajak was quite skeptical about this too.

They shared no children between them.

How many children does Lesly Brown share with her husband Pat?

The lovebird is a proud parent of two beautiful children, a daughter and a son. They welcomed their first child named a son Patrick Michael James Sajak On September 22, 1990. A few years after his birth, they became parents to another child named a daughter Maggie Sayakwhom Lesly gave birth to January 5, 1995.

Their daughter Maggie is a country singer who sings for the labels GMV Nashville and AO shots. She started playing guitar at the age of 12. She then released her first single titled First kiss at age 16.

Lesly Brown Kids
Lesly with her children and husband.

Meanwhile, Lesly’s son Patrick doesn’t like to come out in public like the rest of his family. So far, we have not found any trace of him on social media.

How Much Is Lesly Brown’s Net Worth?

Being the husband of a celebrity certainly has its perks. Not only is she the center of attention when she is out with her man, but she also enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

As of now, her husband’s net worth stands at $70 million. He receives a hefty annual salary of $15 million. The couple lives most of the time at their home in Severna Park, Maryland.


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