Inside the relationship between Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann


Stars of Love Is Blind Bachelor Nation’s Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann met while filming All-Star Shore in the “middle of the beach off the coast of Africa.” The new reality show will air on Paramount+ on June 29. The couple keeps their relationship a secret for a few months. Giannina Gibelli, on the other hand, has spoken out about her connection to Blake Horstmann since the All-Star Shore announcement.

The relationship history of Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann of All-Star Shore.

Giannina Gibelli was featured in Season 1 of Love is Blind and got engaged to Damian Powers, but the couple split on their wedding day. They got back together after the program, but broke up again in 2021 after he was suspected of cheating on her with another reality star. Despite Powers’ denial, Gibelli felt “really, really wonderful” and “so peaceful” after their breakup. While filming for the All Star Shore last year, she met Blake Horstmann, who finished runner-up in the 2018 season of The Bachelorette. Gibelli shared the following information about their first meeting with E! News:

“I’d never seen the Bachelor series or anything like that, so I had no idea who he was.” He looked familiar to me and he just smiled at me, and that’s how I met him there on the beach.”

She went on to say:

“He’s courteous, but I don’t think people realize how hilarious, impulsive and devoted he is.” He’s doing his DJ thing now, and I don’t think a lot of people realize he’s got it in him, and I see him reaching all these new heights and aspirations, but he’s definitely doing it.”

The duo have not stated their connection as their future venture had not yet been revealed. However, fans quickly noticed that the two uploaded photos from the same spot on Instagram after spending the new year together. In response to a fan’s complaint about their apparently identical photos, she wrote:

“I can’t formally publish it because we’ve been working on a project together that has yet to be unveiled.”

Blake Horstmann

Gibelli spoke about their connection after the All-Star Shore launch. During the next competitive reality series, viewers will also be able to experience their growing love story. She told People about their love story portrayed on the show:

“I think it’s fair to say that we weren’t shy about expressing how we felt about each other and how comfortable we were with each other. During the performance, you’ll hear people say, “Take a room.” Could you kindly resolve this there? I miss my husband. I miss my husband. You make me jealous.’ You could get mad at us towards the end, but we were in heaven. We were on honeymoon or whatever. So… I don’t really care.’

All-Star Shore premieres Wednesday on Paramount+ and features reality TV stars from Love Island, Jersey Shore, Bachelor in Paradise and more in a unique series of party competitions.


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