Inside The Life of Christian Culkin: Facts About Macaulay Culkin Siblings, Marriage


Christian Culkin is the brother of actor Macaulay Culkin who is known for his role as Kevin McCallister in the Home alone franchise. Christian’s brother, Macaulay, is considered one of the most successful child actors of the 1990s.

Macaulay’s siblings lived in his shadow and it’s all too easy to forget them, including Christian. But what is often forgotten is that they all have their own story. While not as famous as his brother, Macaulay, Christian’s whereabouts have piqued the curiosity of Culkin’s fans.

So now everything about Christian Culkin’s past, as well as his current affairs, is in the content below.


Christian Culkin was born in New York

Christian Culkin (fully Christian Patrick Culkin) was born on January 30, 1987 in New York. As of 2023, Christian is 36 years old. His father, Christopher Cornelius “Kit” Culkin, is a former actor known for his Broadway productions and is the brother of actress Bonnie Bedelia. His mother’s name Patricia Brentrup.

Christian got his name because it was close to his father’s name, Christopher, and his middle name, Patrick, to his mother Patricia.

Christian Culkin is an actor by profession
Christian Culkin is an actor by profession Source: Facebook

During his early childhood, Christian’s family lived in a small apartment. His mother, Patricia, was a telephone operator and his father worked as a sacristan in a local Catholic church. Although unofficial, Christian presumably followed the Roman Catholic while growing up with his parents.

The whole family lived in a tenement in a NYC railroad apartment with no connecting doors except the one to the bathroom for nine years.

Family life was unpredictable for Christian and his siblings, the family was constantly struggling financially, and the children did not always attend school. His mother was the glue that held everything together despite Kit’s anger, abuse, and his eventual lengthy disappearances.

Christian’s grandfather, Philip Harley Culkin (1898-1977), was in public relations, while his grandmother, Marian Ethel (née Wagner) (1914-1964) was a writer and editor.

Christian Culkin Parents

Christian’s parents Kit Culkin and Brentrup stayed together for 21 years from 1974 to 1995, but never married. Some sources suggest that they met in North Dakota and started dating in 1974. After living in North Dakota for a few years, they moved to New York.

Christian Culkin's parents, Kit Culkin and Patricia with Macaulay Culkin
Christian Culkin’s parents, Kit Culkin and Patricia with Macaulay Culkin. Source: Getty

They reportedly had quite a court battle for custody of their seven children after their divorce. After splitting up with Kit, Patricia married Mart D. Cox and had a daughter, Kara Cox.

Similarly, according to a 2001 NYMag article, Christian’s father, Kit, was in a relationship with Jeanette Krylowski. The two lived in a two-bedroom apartment in Phoenix, Arizona. However, Jeanette passed away in 2017.

According to a 2016 Daily Mail article, Kit now 78 suffered a stroke in 2014 that forced him to relearn how to speak. He reportedly lives alone in a small house in Grant’s Pass, Oregon. Media has seen him on rare occasions, sporting a long, gray patriarch’s beard and trilby hat. When the Daily Mail reporter asked if he had contact with his most famous son, Macaulay, Kit replied that he no longer considers him a son.

Macaulay Culkin’s brother, Christian Culkin, has seven siblings

Christian is the seventh of eight children. His parents had five boys and three girls; two of whom have died. Christian’s older siblings include Jennifer (1970-2000), Shane (born 1976), Dakota (1979-2008), Macaulay Culkin (born 1980), Kieran (born 1982), and Quinn (born 1984).

Christian Culkin's brother, Rory Culkin
Christian Culkin’s brother, Rory Culkin. Source: Getty

His younger brother Rory was born in 1989 and is known for his roles in Scream 4, Lords of Chaos, You Can Count on Me, Columbus and M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs.

Jennifer Adamson June 27, 1970 – May 20, 2000
Shane Culkin 1976
Dakota Culkin June 15, 1978 – December 10, 2008
Macaulay Culkin August 26, 1980
Kieran Culkin September 30, 1982
Quinn Culkin November 8, 1984
Rory Culkin July 21, 1989

Two Christian siblings passed away years ago

Christian’s older sister, Dakota, lost her life in a car accident in 2008. She was 29 at the time. She was hit by a car when she stepped off the curb and into a moving vehicle.

Culkin’s other sibling, Jennifer, who was his half-sister to be exact, passed away in 2000 of a drug overdose.

His Bother Kiernan is also an actor like him

Christian’s brother, Kiernan, also began his career as a child actor in the movie Home Alone (1990) and appeared in such films as Father of the Bride (1991), Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992), The Mighty (1998), and The Cider House Rules (1999).

Christian's brothers Macaulay Culkin and Kiernan Culkin
Christian Culkin’s brothers Macaulay Culkin (left) and Kiernan Culkin. Source: Getty

He achieved a career breakthrough after starring in the film Igby Goes Down (2002), for which he received his first Golden Globe nomination.

Christian’s sister, Quinn, has also appeared in a few Hollywood projects. She starred in a 1993 psychological thriller film by Joseph Ruben, The Good Son. In the movie, she played Macaulay Culkin’s sister, Connie. Additionally, Quinn voiced the character, Katie McClary, in the animated television series Wish Kid.

Christian Culkin’s Career

Christian appeared alongside his brother Kieran Culkin in a 1994 Bob Clark comedy film, My Summer Story. The film served as a sequel to the 1983 film A Christmas Story. In the film, Christian portrayed the character of Randy Parker.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Christian Present is a contributing writer at The Waverly Press. He has been working there since September 2012. Likewise, since January 2012, he has also been working as a writer at Lid Magazine. Christian received a BA in Creative and Professional Writing from Manhattanville College in 2009.

After graduating, Christian entered the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema in 2015 and received a Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Film in 2018.

Is Christian Culkin Married?

Given his age, chances are he has a partner, but whether he’s married or not is a whole other mystery. Apparently he’s not married to his wife, but he might just be keeping things a secret.

There are also no reports that he has a girlfriend as well. However, he has been seen partying with some women, and no credible stories have come out of those incidents, which would at least suggest that he has some kind of love interest.

Adding to the conundrum is the fact that he’s hard to get around even on social media. Therefore, the details regarding his personal life are a distant matter.