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• Jason Nash is a comedian, actor, screenwriter and YouTuber with 3 million subscribers and 600 million views.
• His net worth is estimated at $1 million and he owns a 1,400 square foot home in Los Angeles.
• He is divorced, has two children and was previously in a relationship with Trish Pytas.
• His best friend is David Dobrik, and they are both part of the YouTube group ‘Vlog Squad’.
• Received the Streamy Award and was a semi-finalist in Last Comic Standing.


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Who is Jason Nash?

Jason Eric Nash was born on May 23, 1973 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, to Ericson and Ranney Nash, and has a sister named Desica Nash.

Jason Nash is a comedian, actor, screenwriter and YouTuber with over three million subscribers and a total of 600 million views. Jason is a social media millionaire.

How did Jason Nash become famous?

Jason graduated from Medfield High School in 1991 and attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

After professional training at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles,

Good afternoon from Santa Monica!

Posted by Jason Nas on Monday, November 14, 2016

Jason teamed up with two famous comedians – Prince and Blieden – and the trio created their own Sketch Troupe and got the chance to perform at the Aspon Comedy Festival.

Later, Jason moved to Hollywood and got his first job there as an assistant to Norm Macdonald on “Saturday Night Live”, before becoming part of the famous sketch show ‘RandomPlay’ for VH1 in 2001.

In 2006, Jason Nash created the podcast ‘Guys with Feelings’ which became very popular. Later that year, he started working for MTV and produced the MTV web series ‘the Shaman’.

Jason also produced shows for CBS, Oxygen and IFC, and has appeared in ‘Drake and Josh’ and ‘The Simpsons’. In 2014, he released ‘Jason Nash is married’ and created the web series ‘How to be a man’. Two years later in 2016, he starred and directed ‘FML’, a famous movie that starred his colleague Viner Brandon Calvillo. The following year, Nash ran the weekly podcast ‘Views’ with his best friend David Dobrik, who also happens to be a successful YouTuber.

However, Jason Nash has decided to scale up his business to social media. He created a Vine account where he shared his funny and entertaining videos, quickly gaining two million followers on the platform.

Jason Nas

Soon after, when Vine was suspended, he opened a YouTube channel that was just as successful as his Vine account, with a whopping 3.2 million followers as of December 2020 and a total of over 600 million views across all of his videos.

What is Jason Nash Net Worth?

Jason Nash’s net worth is estimated at $1 million, and may soon be doubled as the YouTube star earns that six-figure figure annually from his YouTube channel. As of December 2020, Nash is attracting at least 500,000 views daily, meaning he earns an average of $3,000 a day from advertising, and that’s $1 million from YouTube alone. His sponsors include, Honda and Stitch fix.

Jason owns a 1,400-square-foot, two-bedroom, three-bathroom home in Los Angeles, California, which he bought for $1.3 million in November 2019.

Is Jason Nash married?

Jason Nash is divorced – he was married to Marney Hochman but there are no details on how long they were together but since they have two kids their relationship probably lasted for a while. His son Wyatt Nash and daughter Charley Nash can be seen on his secondary channel which he has dedicated to his family. The reason for the divorce has not been disclosed.

In 2018, Jason started dating Nash Trish Pytas‘The Big Brother’ reality show star, and their relationship seemed unbreakable until February 2019 when news of their breakup was published.

Trish Pytas can be seen in videos by Eminem and Amy Winehouse.

Who is Jason Nash’s best friend, David Dobrik?

David Julian Dobrik was born on July 23, 1996 in Slovakia; his family moved to the US when he was six years old. David started his comedic career with Vine and quickly rose to fame. Before Nash and Dobrik started filming YouTube videos together, they knew each other on Vine as they both became popular on the platform. He, along with Jason Nash and many other comedians, formed a so-called “views” vine group, with the group sharing their funny vines and videos.

That was before Vine shut down in 2017, after which David moved to YouTube and gained 20 million subscribers to his channel.

Jason Nash owes his YouTube success to David Dobrek, who featured him on his YouTube channel, and Jason wasn’t shy about admitting that in one of his videos.

2019, David Dobreak became Jason Nash’s stepfather. He legally married Nash’s mother, Ranney, but the couple divorced a month later! Whether it was all a joke or not is unknown.

Jason and David are currently part of a larger group called ‘The Vlog Squad’, more than 20 YouTube superstars. One of the actors who joined the team is Josh Peck, the ‘Drake & Josh’ star who worked on the show with Jason some time ago.

Dobrik said “Jason is definitely the funniest guy in the group when it comes to developing and improving ideas for bits, he adds a lot of dynamism, and that’s really important to us”

What’s so special about Jason Nash’s YouTube channel?

Nash got a whopping 17 million views for his crazy videos. Once, he surprised his kids with a trip to meet Nickelodeon star ‘Jojo Siwa’. In another place, his ex-girlfriend Trisha handcuffed him, and he even turned himself into one alien to surprise his vlogging team. The most heartwarming video, however, was when he gifted his nanny $10,000.

Jason’s friend David Dobrek said, “The reason why we make these videos is because we do things our way so if it’s a risk we could lose some money it’s okay because craziness is the reason people look at us in the first place.”

Does Jason Nash have awards?

Јаѕоn has rесеіvеd thе Ѕtrеаmу Аwаrd, and been а nоmіnее three times, first іn thе саtеgоrу оf Веѕt Еnѕеmblе Саѕt іn а wеb ѕеrіеѕ, then in the Веѕt Асtіng іn а Cоmеdу, аnd lastly а nоmіnее іn Веѕt Роdсаѕt in 2019. He also was a semi-finalist in Last Comic Standing.

What is the age, height and weight of Jason Nash?

Jason Nash was born on May 23, 1973, so he is 47 years old, 1.87 m tall and weighs 80 kg.

General information

First and last name Jason Nas
Profession Screenwriter, television producer, comedian, actor
Nationality American


Movies Jason Nash is married, Melvin goes out to dinner, Maryam

Links to social profiles



Title Year Status Character
Alexander IR 2017 after-production Mr Eskin
Typical Rick 2016 TV serials Director
FML 2016 Sam
The Simpsons 2016 TV serials Southie Criminals / Philanthropic Southies
Like, share, die 2015 TV serials Fat Albert / Jason / Chris Harrison / …
Meat heads 2015 TV serials Poop dude
Jason Nash is married 2014 Jason
DVK: Starring Daniel Van Kirk 2014 TV serials Kevin
SHFTY: Super Happy Fun Time, hooray! 2014 TV serials
Little Horrors 2013 Short
Date night failed 2013 TV Miniseries Vince
Angry 2013 TV serials Horton John Cena Roadblock…
Very Mallory 2013 TV serials Fernando
GQ: How to be a man 2013 Video short
Jason Nash is married 2010-2013 TV series short Jason
Laser power 2012 TV movie Tyrone Luther King aka TLK
1000 ways to die 2012 Documentary about the TV series Harley
Slaves of Farmville 2011 Short The teacher
CliffsNotes Movies 2011 Video short Capulet, Prince Escalus, Macbeth,
Traffic light 2011 TV serials Than
Mongo wrestling alliance 2011 TV serials Rusty Kleberkuh
Ecomando 2010 TV serials Leon
The knew-it-all 2010 Short Jake
Disappointment 2010/i Short Ray
Funny or mortal gifts… 2010 TV serials Valley
Super news! 2007-2010 TV serials
The Kari Files 2009 Short Cory (voice)
House MD 2009 TV serials Long hair
The shaman 2009 TV serials The shaman
Back to Top 2008 TV serials Stalkers (2008-2009)
Cheap seats: Without Ron Parker 2004-2006 TV serials Jason ‘The Diaper’ Penbrook / Art Farber
Reno 911! 2005 TV serials CDC agent
Melvin is going to eat 2003 Bartender
Miss Contest 2003 TV serials Boy
Mariam 2002 Joel
Friday late 2001 TV serials Coach Joe Farolla / Jason Nash
See for yourself 2001 Short Katie’s boyfriend
Batman over 2000 TV serials Harold/Bullwhip
Hope Island 1999 TV serials Calvin Douglas – 18 years old
Flushed 1999 Secret announcer
Random play 1999 TV serials Several


Title Year Status Character
FML 2016
Jason Nash is married 2014 written by
Date night failed 2013 TV Miniseries
GQ: How to be a man 2013 Video short
Crash & Bernstein 2013 TV series written by – 1 episode
Funny or mortal gifts… 2010-2011 TV series written by – 3 episodes
Ecomando 2010 TV series 2010
Jason Nash is married 2010 Short TV series written by – 5 episodes
Super news! TV series written by – 15 episodes, 2007 – 2010 writer – 1 episode, 2007
The shaman 2009 TV series written by
BSTV 2005 TV serials
Illustrated 2003 Writer of TV series
Random play 1999 TV series additional writer – 3 episodes


Title Year Status Character
Super news! TV Series consultant – 15 episodes, 2009 – 2010 script consultant – 5 episodes, 2008
Origin of the species 1998 movie runner


Title Year Status Character
Jason Nash is married 2014 executive producer
Funny or mortal gifts… 2010-2011 TV series producer – 3 episodes
Jason Nash is married 2010 Short TV series producer – 5 episodes
The shaman 2009 Executive producer of the TV series


Title Year Status Character
FML 2016
Jason Nash is married 2014
Date night failed 2013 TV Miniseries
GQ: How to be a man 2013 Video short

Thank you

Title Year Status Character
Super news! 2007 Special thanks for the TV series – 2 episodes
Melvin is going to eat 2003 Thank you


Title Year Status Character
Talk poop 2017 Documentary completed Himself
Truth… and everything else 2010 Short post production Himself
The Playboy morning show 2014 TV serials Himself
Red Eyes with Tom Shillue 2014 TV serials Self – guest panelist
The Love Me Cat Show 2013-2014 TV serials Himself
This week in comedy 2010 TV serials Himself / Ron Hockman / Limo Driver
I’m comical 2010 Documentary Himself
Turned past 2009 TV serials Himself
The test 2001 TV serials Himself – panelist


Nominated awards

Year Price Ceremony Presentation Movie
2010 Streamy award The Streamy Awards Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series Back on Topps (2008)

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