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Horacio Paganic is a well-known Italian Argentine businessman with a successful car company. After working for some of the world’s most prestigious car companies, including Lamborghini and Renault, he founded ‘Pagani Automobile SpA’, an Italian specialist car manufacturer. Pagani founded ‘Automobili Modena’ in 1992. He also designed and built two racing cars, named ‘Zonda’ and ‘Horacio’.

Quick Facts

celebrated name:Horacio Paganic
Real name/Full name:Horacio Paganic
Age:66 years old
Date of birth:Nov 10, 1955
Birthplace:Casilda, Argentina
Nationality:Italian, Argentinian
Height:5 ft 9 in
Weight:80 kg
Sexual orientation:Straight ahead
Marital status:Married
Wife/husband (name):Christina Paganic
Children/Children (son and daughter):Information not available
Dating/girlfriend (name):N/A
Is Horacio Pagani gay?:no
Profession:Italian-Argentine automotive businessman and engineer
Net worth in 2022:$60 million

Biography of Horacio Pagani

Horacio Paganic was born on November 10, 1955 in Casilda, Argentina, and grew up there. He is of Argentine and Italian descent. He was born into a low-income family. His father, Luca, was an Italian baker and his mother, Maria Pagani, was a housewife. He had a lifelong fascination with cars, especially racing cars.

Growing up, he aspired to be an automotive engineer. He once believed that because he came from the countryside, he would not be able to continue his engineering studies and thus would not be able to realize his dream. Pagani maintained his optimism. He completed his bachelor’s degree in industrial design and mechanical engineering. He started working in a small shop when he was very young and gained invaluable experience in craftsmanship.

Horacio Pagani Age, height and weight

Horacio Paganic was born on November 10, 1955 and is 66 years old as of 2022. He is 1.80 m tall and weighs 80 kg.

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Pagani established himself as a gifted engineer after being hired by the world’s largest automaker, “Renault”. He learned a lot about improving the body of a car, especially racing cars. He was given countless opportunities to showcase his talent. Pagani later joined Lamborghini and started working as a chief engineer. While with the company, he created the “Countach Evoluzione concept” while also working on the engineering of his car.

Pagani tried to persuade Lamborghini to purchase an autoclave to expand the production of carbon components for the Evoluzione. However, the organization refused, claiming that because Ferrari did not have an autoclave, neither did their firm ‘Lamborghini’.

Unconvinced by this decision, Pagani hired the Monetary Asset in 1987 to buy his autoclave. He resigned from the company in 1991. He set up his own consultancy, ‘Modena Design’, which produces carbon fiber compounds for ‘Formula One’ cars and prestigious clients such as Ferrari, Aprilia and Daimler.

When he was twenty, he designed and built his first “F3 race car”, which he called “Zonda”. Pagani Automobili Modena was founded by him in 1992. He toiled for seven years to bring his first car to market. His second vehicle was known as ‘the Huayra’. His car is named after the world’s most famous and admired car, the ‘Huayra Tata’.

Horacio Pagani Awards

Horacio Pagani is best known as the founder of the Italian car manufacturer Pagani, ‘Automobili SpA

In 1983 he left for Italy with the intention of building a supercar. He designed and built his first F3 racer, ‘Zonda’, when he was only twenty years old. He became a national sensation and quickly gained wide popularity.

His path has never been easier. He was promoted to chief engineer at the leading car company Lamborghini after doing minor odd jobs due to his talent and achievements. It is an extraordinary achievement for him that he created the concept “Countach Evoluzione” and bought his autoclave in 1987. After much success and recognition, he left the company in 1991 to start his own consultancy ‘Modena Design’.

Horacio Pagani .’s fortune

Horacio Paganic is a well-known Argentine entrepreneur and car manager. Based on his annual earnings, assets and other sources of income, he is expected to have a net worth of $60 million by June 2022. Most of his net worth comes from the sale of his car company, “Pagani Automobili SpA”

He designed and built his first F3 race car, which quickly became popular among sports car enthusiasts. He also owns and runs the consultancy ‘Pagani Automobili Modena’, which produces its first sports car, the ‘Zonda’. The company produces carbon fiber compounds for ‘Formula One’ cars and has major customers such as Daimler, Aprilia and Ferrari.

Horacio Pagani had to overcome many obstacles to reach the top of the car industry. His success story should serve as motivation for all young and aspiring entrepreneurs. He started small, with fewer resources, and worked his way up to become the owner of an Italian specialist car manufacturer. Not only did he realize his dream of building his two racing supercars, but he also received a lot of praise from his fans around the world.

Horacio Pagani Wife, Marriage

Christina is the wife of Horacio Pagani. The 26-year-old car entrepreneur and his 19-year-old wife Christina traveled from South America to Europe. The couple only had their dreams and hopes with them, as well as two large bags containing their belongings.

Pagani and his wife had to do small chores like cleaning floors and cleaning workplaces when they started working for Lamborghini. He gradually rose to become chief engineer at Lamborghini, where he designed the Countach Evoluzione in 1987.


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