Holly Anna Ramsay – Who is Gordon Ramsay’s daughter? Bio


Holly Anna Ramsay is an aspiring fashion designer and up-and-coming social media influencer, who gained public attention by being the daughter of renowned international chef Gordon Ramsay.

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Early life and family

Holly Ann Ramsay was born in England on January 1, 2000 to British parents Gordon James Ramsey and Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson. Her father is a popular chef, restaurateur and TV personality, while her mother is a cookbook writer and a former school teacher. She has four siblings, namely 22-year-old Megan Jane, 20-year-old fraternal twins Jack Scott, 18-year-old Matilda Elizabeth and 10-month-old Oscar James. Her mother miscarried a five-month-old baby they named Rocky a few years ago, before the youngest was born.

The family lives in London, but commuted back and forth to LA and Cornwall as needed. Megan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Oxford Brookes University in June 2018. Jack is pursuing his college education at Exeter University and will enlist in the Marines upon graduation. Matilda completes her A-Level requirement so she can pursue a college degree, while filming cooking shows between school breaks.


Holly completed her high school education and graduated in August 2018 her A-Levels results with an ABC. She is currently enrolled at Ravensbourne University in London and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design.


Holly occasionally appeared as a guest on her father’s numerous television shows, but she is a regular guest on the cooking reality family show hosted by her younger sister Matilda Ramsay entitled “Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch.” This is a CBBC-commissioned TV show, aimed at young viewers, that shows the Ramsay family during their annual summer vacation in Los Angeles. Each episode would show Matilda cooking while the rest of the family do other summer activities. The pilot episode aired in 2014 and the most recent episode aired in July 2019. There is no news of a season 6 extension yet.

Holly also had a part-time job at the popular clothing store Brandy Melville. Her millionaire father has said in interviews that although he loves his children, they would not be able to access his fortune, and children are expected to work hard to be successful in life.

Holly . is currently managed by Established, a London-based modeling agency as a social media influencer and model. She attended several fashion shows at London Fashion Week last year and shared about it on her Instagram account – with her nearly 240,000 followers, she is now considered a lifestyle influencer.

Private life

There is no information whether she is dating anyone, or about previous relationships.

Gordon Ramsey’s middle daughter is not as open about her personal life as compared to the youngest daughter, Matilda. She may have shared a few photos getting cozy with different men, but no incriminating captions on her Instagram posts, although some of her followers assumed one of them is her mystery man. Most of her Instagram posts are about family, fashion and food.

Who is Gordon Ramsey?

Gordon James Ramsey was born on November 8, 1966 in Johnstone, Scotland to parents Gordon Sr. and Helen. He grew up in Stratford-upon-Avon, England in an unstable family with his three siblings, two sisters and a younger brother, who was a juvenile delinquent for heroin possession. His father, who held various jobs, was violent and alcoholic.

Gordon Ramsay

His mother was a nurse who often wore sunglasses even in winter to hide the bruises on her face. They often moved from home because his father lived beyond his means, and they were repeatedly thrown out of their rented houses. Even when he grew bigger than his father, he never tried to fight back. His parents never divorced, but his mother decided one day not to return to his father after seeking shelter in a women’s shelter for nine months. His father died in 1997; apparently Gordon regretted not reconciling with him before that happened.

Growing up, he dreamed of becoming a professional football player (soccer) and had a promising path in his younger days. However, a knee injury prematurely put an end to his football ambitions and he decided to go back to university to study Hotel Management instead.

Then he discovered his talent for cooking and under the watchful eye of renowned international chefs and restaurateurs such as Albert Roux, Guy Savoy, Joel Robuchon and Marco Pierre White, he was able to further develop his talent and develop his signature cooking style.

After three years as head chef of a London restaurant and helping it achieve two Michelin stars, he was ready to venture out on his own. In 1998 he opened Restaurant Gordon Ramsey and before long it was awarded three Michelin stars, achieved in all of London by just three other chefs – his restaurant has the longest record of maintaining its Michelin quality.

His other restaurants were also highly regarded, such as Petrus in Knightsbridge with one Michelin star, Le Pressoir d’Argent in Bordeaux with two Michelin stars and Trianon in Versailles with one Michelin star.

Gordon has expanded his business and has opened several restaurants in major cities around the world. Outside of the UK, it has four in Europe, six in the US, three in the Middle East and three in South East Asia. They usually bear his name, except those in the Middle East and Asia, which are called Bread Street Kitchen and London House.

Its popularity has skyrocketed thanks to its many highly regarded cooking reality TV shows. The most notable are Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, The F-Word, and Kitchen Nightmares.

Interesting facts

  • Holly participated in the 2018 London Marathon with her fraternal twins and best friend, Jack, to support charities.
  • Her father has chosen her from his children to be his plus one for fashion events.
  • She and her siblings are forbidden to go out with David Beckham’s children as the Ramsays are very close to the Beckhams.



There is no information about her height and weight, but from her recent Instagram photos, she has a well-toned curvaceous body shape. She is white with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Net value

As of April 2020, sources estimate her net worth at approximately $1 million, collected through her appearances on her father’s TV shows over the years, and as a lifestyle influencer.