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Who is Himynamestee?

Tamera “Tee” Kissen was born on September 1, 1994 in California, USA. She is a social media personality, model, actress and entrepreneur, perhaps best known for her fame on the Instagram social media website, on which she attracted over a million subscribers in six months. She did several comedy skits, which opened the door of opportunities for her in the wider entertainment industry.

Himynamestee’s net worth

As of mid 2020, Himynamestee’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million earned through success in her various endeavors. Aside from the income that her huge following brings online, she has also dabbled in acting and modeling.

So I jumped on the @BrighterWhite bandwagon and my teeth have never been whiter! I’ve tried a few teeth whitening…

Posted by Himynamestee on Friday, November 23, 2018

She has made countless appearances on television and has also appeared in several music videos.

Early life and online beginnings

Growing up in California, Tamera aspired to make it big in the entertainment industry at a young age. She longed for fame and fortune, although it wasn’t exactly easy with the fierce competition present. She went on with her life without giving it much thought, and grew up next to a younger brother with whom she became very close. The duo loved comedy and loved to create their own comedy skits.

She eventually discovered the online platform Instagram, an online social media video and photo sharing website owned by Facebook.

Wanting to gain a little fame on Instagram, she created an account, although she did not choose a career as an Instagram model, which was common for attractive women. Instead, she used her account as an outlet to channel some of her creativity and comedic ideas. She posted short sketch videos featuring pranks, comedy skits, dancing and more. Early in her career, she teamed up with her brother and her comedic talent soon attracted attention.

Become famous

Tee’s popularity grew rapidly and she soon received offers from various companies to promote their products, due to her large following.


Her wealth also started to grow as she also received invitations to do commercials. She had a following, the acting talent, the confidence and comedic skill to pull it off; she also showed her improv skills online.

Eventually, she was hired to be one of the recurring cast members on the MTV television show “Wild N’ Out”, hosted by Nick Cannon. The show is a comedy and improv show, similar to “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” In each episode, two teams of comedians and popular entertainers compete in a series of improv games. The battle has no merit whatsoever, but is done to promote a bit of competitiveness while providing entertainment for the public.

One of the most popular games in “Wild N’ Out” is the final round called Wild Style, in which the team members battle it out through freestyle rap. The show has been running for over 15 seasons – she started appearing during the 12th season.

More chances

Her work in television would give her more opportunities and soon she got guest roles in several programs. She appeared on the show”Rosewoodplays the character Kitty, in the police procedural series that follows the titular pathologist who works closely with law enforcement officers in the Miami area. She was also a guest on the reality TV show “Real Husbands of Hollywood” which airs on BET and parodies the various reality shows that feature celebrity husbands.

Created by comedian Kevin Hart, the show features numerous comedic personalities.

Tee then landed her first hosting role, when she was cast on the commentary show “World Star TV”, a collaboration between WorldStar Hip Hop and All Def Digital. The show features her along with other comedians commenting on clips from WorldStar. The site is known for showcasing hip-hop music videos, street fights, and other content, with the African-American audience in mind. She also became one of the hosts of “BET Music” and also worked on a promotion for the movie “Straight Out of Compton”.

Other projects

In addition to acting, Tee continues to do modeling work brought about by sponsors or partners of Instagram. She also updates her account regularly, though she doesn’t have time to post as many comedic posts as she used to. Instead, she posts lots of modeling photos and uses the platform to promote some of her advocacy groups. Her popularity continues to go strong as her account moves closer to two million subscribers. She has also taken on commercial work and has often appeared in national commercials for well-known companies, such as Honda, Adidas, Google and Fiat.

In 2018, she was hired to become one of the models for the cosmetics brand Cover girl; as part of the company’s strategy, they often hire celebrities, including singers, actresses, and models who have appeared on magazine covers as their models, to showcase their cosmetics being used by these women. They offer a variety of cosmetics aimed at the average consumer. In recent months, she has mainly been working on her online presence at home, especially as most of the world has been quarantined due to the spread of the coronavirus. She posts a lot of selfies and photos from photo shoots.

Private life

Tee is single and hasn’t spoken much about past or current romantic endeavours. She used to have breast implants because she was insecure about her breast size when she was younger. However, she later decided to remove them since they just didn’t feel natural. She has since become a proponent of body appreciation and talks about her experience with breast implants and their removal.

She has also been outspoken during the Black Lives Matter movement, as protests and riots continue across the US. She is of mixed race, but still identifies as part of the African American demographic. She has expressed her support for the community through numerous online posts.