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Harper Hempel is an American social media manager, who rose to fame as the girlfriend of NBA star Jamal Murray. Her boyfriend Jamal currently plays for the NBA team, Denver Nuggets

Speaking of their relationship, the couple was in a relationship for a few years before breaking up. So who is Harper Hempel currently dating and what was the reason behind the couple’s divorce?

Today we will find the answer to the questions along with some interesting facts about her life.

Harper Hempel Wiki-Bio: Where is she from?

She was born on August 31, 1996, in Kentucky. She is the daughter of Richard Hempel and Colleen Hempel.

Harper is of German, Dutch and Swedish descent and has American nationality.

Harper Hempel Parents
Harper with her father and brother.

She spent most of her childhood in Union, a homely-ruled town in Kentucky. She grew up with her brother Conner Hempel

Her brother played football

Harper is known for dating a pro athlete and one of her relatives is also a player. Her brother conner played American football for his high school Larry A Ryle High School.

He even won the Ivy League Football Cup with his team. In addition, he has received several awards throughout his career. From 2011 to 2014, he was part of the Harvard University team.

Nevertheless, he did not turn professional and currently works as the Vice President of the 3rd Party Operation Department at Wheels Up.

Her father co-founded eCoach

Harper’s father Richard is a co-founder of eCoach Sports. According to his LinkedIn profile, the company is,

“The global youth sports coaching platform that makes the best coaches in the world available to everyone. In partnership with the NBA Coaches Association, eCoach has created the “Masterclass of Basketball,” the largest short video instruction library and curriculum in the world taught exclusively by more than 40 NBA coaches.”

Harper Hempel played volleyball

As if it wasn’t obvious enough, Harper was also an athlete in her high school. After graduating from high school, she enrolled in Ryle High School, where she played volleyball for the team, Wildcats† During her senior season, she even became the MVP.

She then enrolled at the University of Kentucky in 2014. Then, in their sophomore year, she also joined the university’s volleyball team. Throughout her time in college, she played volleyball and performed incredibly. A tweet from Kentucky Volleyabll even showed a video of Harper standing up to LSU’s team,

But like her brother, she never turned pro. By the way, Harper graduated with a Bachelor in Marketing in 2018.

Harper Hempel relationship with boyfriend Jamal Murray: how did it start?

As we mentioned earlier, Harper and Jamal first met when they were in college. Both attended the same University of Kentucky. Jamal had joined college in 2015, although Hempel entered college in 2014.

They both played sports, Hempel played volleyball and Jamal played basketball before college and that’s how they initially became close.

Harper Hempel Jamal Murray
Harper with her ex-partner Jamal.

Around the time they were in college, the couple started dating. Their relationship was tested when Jamal was drafted by Denver Nuggets and had to move to Denver. Meanwhile, Harper stayed in Ky to complete her studies. Fortunately, their love has stood the test of time and they have not broken up.

Why did Harper and Jamal break up?

When your relationship is constantly in the eyes of the media and fans, there are bound to be problems. As in any celebrity relationship, Jamal and Harper’s relationship suffered from privacy issues that eventually led to their divorce.

Everything was going well between them when something completely ruined their love story. Around March 2020, a video of a girl performing oral sex on a man was shared on Jamal’s Instagram account, along with some other really weird posts. Based on the video alone, several tabloids have claimed that the man in the photo is Jamal and the girl is Harper.

Initially, the girl’s identity remained unknown given the video quality. Still, it was later confirmed that the girl is none other than Harper. She revealed it herself by sharing a tweet request everyone to delete the video“If you have the video, delete it.”

When the graphic video first surfaced, Jamal immediately apologized to his fans. In a statement he wrote:

“First of all, I would like to apologize to my fans. My account has been hacked, I am currently working on the issue. Thank you,”

After the incident unfolded, the couple then broke up.

Who is Harper Hempel dating now?

Going through her Instagram account, we can see that she doesn’t share romantic photos with anyone who we can say is her boyfriend. So it is clear from her social media activity that she is not in a relationship with anyone.

Harper Hempel
Harper isn’t dating anyone yet.

On the other hand, her Instagram is full of happy photos from her daily life. From her social media, we can say with certainty that she lives her life, day by day. She also likes to discover many new places as evidenced by her photos from many exotic vacations.

What does Harper Hempel do for a living?

From now on she works as a Social Media Community Manager at Fact & Fiction. She has been with the organization since October 2019. In addition, since May 2014 she has been running her own photography company, Harper Hempel Photography.

Before that she worked at All Social Jessie as a freelance Social Media Marketing Manager. She also worked as an instructional coach during her time at the University of Kentucky. She also once worked as an Auditing and Financial Planning intern at the Central Bank.

Her net worth

As of now, her total net worth is about $400,000. She earns the main source of her income through her work as a photographer and social media manager. On the other hand, her ex-boyfriend Jamal has an impressive fortune of $4 million.


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