Haji Wright- All about the professional soccer player of the United States national team


Haji Wright is a professional football player. Since 2022, he has represented Antalyaspor in the Super Lig and the United States national team. He plays striker and winger for both his club and the national team.


Quick Facts

First and last name Haji Wright
First name Haji
Last name Wright
Birth name Haji Amir Wright
Profession Soccer player
Nationality American
Hometown Los Angeles
Country of birth United States
Father name Frank Lloyd Wright
mother name Mary Du Bose
gender identity Male
Sexual orientation Straight ahead
Horoscope Ram
Marital status Relation
In a relationship with Jana
Net value 2500000
Brothers and sisters Hanif Wright
Height 190cm
Weight 80kg
Net value $2.5 million
Date of birth March 27, 1998
Age 24 years

Haji Wright Personal Life

Haji was born on March 27, 1998 in Los Angeles, California, to his father, Frank Lloyd Wright, and mother, Marie Du Bose. Haji was the first child of the Wright family. Hanif Wright is his younger brother. Hanif was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 12, 1999. Hanif also played football. He was a forward for the Under 18 United States National Team.

Who is Haji’s girlfriend?

According to sources, Haji is currently not in a relationship. However, while browsing his Instagram, the player posted pictures with a woman named Jana. Jana also posted a picture of herself with Haji with the comment:

“boat day”

They just visited his hometown on July 10, 2022 and he posted a few photos with a comment on Instagram.

I love my city and its people. Until next time

Haji Wright

From this entry we can conclude that he spent the days with Jana and other friends or family by traveling to the beach and other areas, bowling, grabbing a drink and then returning home to spend time with the dog and take mirror selfies. It is also alleged that since the player was unable to fly to his family for Thanksgiving due to the covid epidemic, he spent the holiday with Jana. However, neither has publicly acknowledged or accepted their connection.

When he joined his first professional team, the New York Cosmos, he gained valuable experience.

Haji said in an interview that playing professionally was a goal of his. He said he had a positive experience with the teams’ players, coaches and staff. He used to play as a winger, so he picked up a lot of information and strategies from his peers. He joined the club with the intention of becoming a great finisher and helping the club score goals and win several trophies.

Have a football background

Haji was not the only one in his father’s family to get involved with football. Besides his own brother, his other two cousins, Joseph Putu and Joseph Addai, were also footballers. Putu was a cornerback for the Florida Gators, while another relative, Addai, played for the New England Patriots.

Will Haji play in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar?

The United States qualified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup by finishing second in the third round of CONCACAF. The respective national team is represented by 26 men or players. When US soccer manager Gregg Berhalter announced the names of the 26 players, Haji Wright was put on the roster. As a result, he will play at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It will be his first World Cup appearance in his football career. He will play striker or winger for the United States national team.

Haji Wright

How did Haji earn his spot in the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Gregg Berhalter, the coach of the Hajis, said in an interview that Haji is part of a generation that is not closed. According to the management, Haji belongs to a generation that grew up together. Haji has a strong bond with every member of the squad. Despite being recognized by the national team, he has an excellent relationship, connection and understanding with the other players.

Following Haji’s entry, the United States national team took on a new look, with Gregg claiming that the reason for letting Haji play was because he was the goal-scoring player now. He even predicted that Haji will score a goal in his first World Cup appearance at Qatar Stadium.

Net value

Haji’s net worth is estimated to be over $2.5 million. He has a market value of $2.9 million and an annual salary of $1.3 million.