Gretchen Knauff: Untold details about Jennifer Coolidge’s late mother


Gretchen Knauff is the deceased mother of an American actress Jennifer Coolidge. Her daughter is an acclaimed actress best known for her character in the 1999 movie American pie and the HBO anthology series The White Lotus.

To date, not many details about Gretchen are known in the media, the fact that she died years before her daughter received recognition as an actress. It has been many years since the famous mother left the living world. When and how did she die?

Find out the reason behind Gretchen Knauff’s death here in this article. In addition, we also did our best to explore her life in detail, so stay tuned.


Gretchen Knauff is Jennifer Coolidge’s mother; Her early life

As mentioned above, Gretchen is Jennifer Coolidge’s mother. She is just in the spotlight as a celebrity mother, so details about her early life are hardly known in the media.

However, she was born to her father Paul Augustus Knauffand her mother Mildred Ann Adkisson in the United States of America. Although her life has been a mystery to the world, we believed that she had a decent childhood with her parents in her hometown. As of now, it has been three decades since she died.

By the way, by nationality, Gretchen Knauff was American by birth.

Gretchen’s lineage

Her paternal grandparents Henry Kauf And Frederica Marie Maulfinge were residents of Wisconsin but had German nationality. Her grandfather Henry was the son of John J. Knauff and Elizabeth Schmidt. Her grandmother Frederica was born to Georg Henry Mulfinger and Rosine Marie Hermann.

Likewise her maternal grandfather William Frank Adkisson was a son of Joseph Newton Adkisson and Cassey A. Harding. So is her grandmother Margaret Ann Portlock was born to Samuel Vince Portlock and Nancy I. Frizell.

What did Do Gretchen Knauff for a living?

As for her career, it seems that she was never involved in any profession. Instead, she was a housewife.

Although the mother was not a career-oriented woman, her daughter Jennifer received worldwide recognition as a Hollywood actress. Her entertainment career started with a big break in the American sitcom episode “The Masseuse”. Seinfeld made by Larry David And Jerry Seinfeld.

Grenchen Knauff was a housewife
Grenchen Knauff’s actress daughter.

Knauff’s daughter went on to play several small roles in films such as One night at the Roxbury, a Bucket of bloodAnd Thick fiction. But she gained recognition as an actress after appearing as Stifler’s mother in the 1999 movie American pie. As of now, she has acted in several movies and serials Testosterone, American wedding, Movie data, Soul men, Men in white, Epic movieand many others.

Lately, Jennifer has starred in the HBO anthology series The White Lotus for which she received worldwide critical acclaim for her performance as an insecure wealthy woman Tanya McQuoid. For this, she was also honored with a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

Gretchen Knauff was married to her husband Paul Constant Coolidge

Gretchen was the wife of the Massachusetts native Paul Constant Coolidge. The information about their wedding date is not revealed in the media yet. But according to our assumptions, they must have been married around the late 40’s and early 50’s.

The couple had a beautiful married life. In fact, her husband had a lot of respect for her. In an exclusive conversation with Vulture, her popular daughter Jennifer revealed her parents’ relationship. She said,

‘My father really adored my mother,’ how did she get that? He really thought she was the most incredible person to ever live on this planet.”

From their marriage, they became the parents of four beautiful children. The marriage of Gretchen and her husband Paul lasted until Knauff’s last breath.

Short bio about her husband, Paul Constant Coolidge

Gretchen’s husband Paul was born in 1921 in Massachusetts, USA. His parents were John Templeman Coolidge IV And Susannah Cunningham. After growing up, he completed his undergraduate degree at Harvard University and then joined the United States Navy.

In the four years of his career in the armed forces, Coolidge initially served as a deck officer in the Pacific Theater and was then discharged as a lieutenant. He later started a plastics company and set up two companies to produce and sell synthetic raisins. As of now, Knauff’s beloved partner has also left the living world. He died at the age of 92 in July 2015.

Gretchen Knauff shared four children with her husband

As mentioned earlier, Gretchen and her husband became parents of four children together. Of the four, three are daughters Elizabeth Coolidge, Susannah CoolidgeAnd Jennifer Coolidge. One of her son is Andrew Coolidge.

Gretchen Knauff is a mother of four children
Gretchen Knauff’s daughter Jennifer.

As we all know, Jennifer,61 is a well-known actress who was born on August 28, 1961, in Norwell, Massachusetts. Till date, there is no news about Jennifer’s marriage apart from some rumors about her relationship with various artists. Furthermore, her other daughter Susannah works as a manager at the World Trade Center in New Orleans and is married to her husband Fred Diegel.

Similarly, her son Andrew lives in Norwell and is happily married to his wife Elizabeth. Out of the four, her daughter Elizabeth has an incredible private life, so not a single piece of information is known about her until now.

Gretchen Knauff died shortly after her daughter’s big break in Hollywood; What was the cause?

Gretchen died of pancreatic cancer in the year 1994, one year after her daughter Jennifer’s appearance on America’s Most Loved Show Seinfeld. According to her actress child, during her final days, more than the pain, she was amazed at her daughter’s entry into Hollywood.

Before she died, she expressed her emotions about Jenifer’s acting career. About this The White Lotus actress said,

“My mom’s last words to me were, ‘I can’t believe it,’ but she was excited because she didn’t think anything would happen.”

Gretchen Knauff grave and obituary

To this day, her grave and where her obituary was published is unknown. After her death, her body must have been buried in a cemetery in their hometown in Massachusetts, USA.