Georgina Bloomberg-The details about Mike Bloomberg’s daughter


Georgina Bloomberg is one of the many big names in the equestrian industry. At just 39 years old, Bloomberg already owns New York Empire – an equestrian team and is a professional rider. In addition to loving and working with horses, Georgina works for the community and is a philanthropist.

Did you know that Bloomberg is the youngest daughter of the former NYC mayor? Yes, the businesswoman is the daughter of Mike Bloomberg and comes from a very influential family. So, what about her mother? Is her mother famous too? And is it true that her parents are no longer together? Soon we will have all the answers.

Read the following details to know everything about her!


Georgina Bloomberg is the younger of two daughters; About her early life

Professional equestrian Georgina Bloomberg was born in New York City on January 2, 1983. She is the youngest daughter of NYC’s 108th mayor, Micheal Bloomberg, and his ex-wife, Susan Brown. Emma Bloomberg is Georgina’s older sister and her parents’ first child. She is 4 years older than the 39-year-old rider.

Childhood of Georgina Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg’s youngest daughter, Georgina. Source: Instagram

Moreover, talking about her ethnicity, Bloomberg is white and has a mixed ethnic background.

Bloomberg was only 10 years old when her parents separated

In 1993, Michael Bloomberg and Susan, Georgina Bloomberg’s parents, separated. They were married for 17 years. The main reason for their divorce was Mr. Bloomberg’s extremely busy life – he was busy building a business and could not devote time to the love of his life.

So, did it affect their daughters? It turns out that Georgina’s parents remained good friends even after the divorce. In fact, her mother often visited their home on 79th St. Townhouse in NYC.

Therefore, it helped Georgina and her older sister to grow up with a stable childhood.

Bloomberg has two degrees; Where did she go to college?

Georgina Bloomberg is an educated woman. After graduating from The Spence School in 2010, he pursued a degree in equestrianism from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study – part of New York University.

Similarly, the star child also has a degree in it fashion design from the Parsons School of Design. In 2012 she graduated from the School of Design.

How did Bloomberg become a professional rider? Information about her successful career

Georgina was only 4 years old when she started riding horses. It was just the beginning of a great and successful career; it didn’t take Bloomberg long to find the true passion in her life.

In addition, she started competing in 1989. Georgina was only 6 years old at the time and even won the prizes for best child rider at many major horse shows. Likewise, she started competing in Jumpers in 2000 and at the age of 18 she won the USET Talent Derby. She then received her first gold medal in 2003.

Georgina became a professional rider in 2004
The owner of the New York empire. Source: Instagram

The daughter of the former mayor has since won many competitions. As a professional rider, her first win was in the Metropolitan Cup and Las Vegas Invitational Knockout Competition.

Team Miami Glory was Georgina’s first equestrian team. As a rider and owner of the team, she won many medals and trophies. After two years, however, she started riding for another team: The New York Empire. As of 2022, she owns said team for almost 4 years.

Bloomberg has followed in her father’s footsteps to become a philanthropist

When Georgina Bloomberg was 23 years old, she founded the Rider’s Closet. It is an organization dedicated to providing therapeutic riding programs, pony clubs and other individuals in need with riding gear and boots.

As of now, she is on the board of The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Foundation and The Bloomberg Family Foundation. In addition, she is also the Vice President of Animal Ais USA.

Recognizing her deep compassion for philanthropy, Georgian received the 2016 Compassion in Action Award from the Humane Society of the United States.

Like her, her father Micheal is also one of the top philanthropists in the US.

Is Georgina also an author?

Yes, Bloomberg isn’t just an avid horseman and a philanthropist; she is also co-author of many books. She and Catherine Hepka have written several books together, mostly about equestrian show circuits.

The A circuit, My favorite mistake, Naturallyand Curb Here are some books from Bloomberg.

Is Georgina Bloomberg engaged? Who is her fiancé?

Georgina, the daughter of a self-made billionaire, Georgina Bloomberg is now an engaged woman. She said yes!” to Justin Waterman — her longtime boyfriend in April 2022. The beautiful duo first appeared as an engaged couple on May 2, 2022, at the Met Gala.

Justin Waterman is engaged to Georgina Bloomberg
Bloomberg and Aquarius – the engaged couple. Source: Getty Images

It turns out that Georgina and her handsome husband-to-be were together for almost 3 years before getting engaged. While the details of how the lovebirds initially met are not available on the internet, it appears they first encountered in late 2010.

When are they getting married?

Besides, since Georgina and her boyfriend Justin got engaged, people are also curious when the couple would get married. However, the betrothed power couple has yet to drop a single hint about their wedding plan.

After the engagement, they worked on a marriage contract. So it shouldn’t be long before they decide when and where to get married too. By the way, Georgina Bloomberg’s husband-to-be, Justin, is a partner/advisor of Summit Trail Advisors LLC.

Georgina was previously in a relationship with Ramiro; The former couple also shared a son

Before Justin Waterman, Bloomberg had a loving relationship with her ex-boyfriend called Ramiro Quintana. He is also a fellow rider best known as the Argentinian Show Jumper.

The relationship between the two horsemen resulted in them having a son together. Jasper Michael Brown Quintana is the son of Bloomberg who was born in December 2013. He will soon be 9 years old this year.

Jasper is the name of Georgina's son
Bloomberg is the mother of a baby boy.

According to an article by People, Jasper’s biological father has not been around that much in his son’s life. After breaking up with her then-partner Quintana, Georgina is a single mother who takes good care of her son. In the interview she said:

“Jasper’s father will always be in his life and be a friend to him, but he is not involved in the day-to-day running of the business. It’s hard, but it’s much easier to do it alone than with the wrong person.”

She has also posted several pictures of her son on her Instagram. So, looking at her social media posts, it can be said that her son Jasper is following in the footsteps of her parents. In May 2021, the proud mom shared her son’s photo after Jasper won his first small pony hunter class. She wrote,

“I spent my childhood and early years falling in love with this sport and making memories here at Old Salem Farm. And last weekend this man gave me what will now be most special to me, watching him win his first little pony fighter class, 30 years after I won my very first blue ribbon in the exact same ring.

On the other hand, we do know that the man of Bloomberg’s dreams was previously married to another woman. Her now-fiancée Justin also happens to be the father of 3 sons; who will now be the horseman’s stepsons. However, Aquarius never revealed who his first wife was.

Georgina Bloomberg’s Father Is A Billionaire: What Is Her Net Worth?

Georgina Bloomberg is the daughter of a billionaire. Her father, Micheal Bloomberg, who is a self-made man has a net worth of $86 billion dollars. He is also often ranked among the top 10 richest people in the US. So, what about his riding daughter Georgina’s net worth?

Well, Bloomberg is also a wealthy woman who has a net worth of $100 million.

Bloomberg plunked down $10 million on her Manhattan mansion

As the daughter of a billionaire, it’s not uncommon for Georgina to spend millions of dollars buying homes and real estate. Yes, Bloomberg who is already a multimillionaire himself spent $10 million at her apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side in 2019.

Speaking of her new apartment on the 12th floor, it has three bedrooms and two staff rooms.