Georgia Marie Thompson; Read all about SNL actor, eldest daughter of Kenan Thompson


Georgia Marie Thompson is the eldest daughter of longtime SNL cast and actor, Kenan Thompson. Kenan had Georgia with his ex-wife, Christina Evangeline around the early 2010s. Georgia also has a younger sister.

Kenan, the father of this famous boy, has a long history in America’s one of the most popular shows SNL. His face has been on TV since the early 2000s and over the years the comedian has become one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood.

When Kenan is not acting, he is quite busy and happy as a father of two girls, including Georgia. Since becoming her father, Kenan has talked about his little girl and her sister on a number of occasions, including how they grow up to how they changed his life. Read them all in the article below.


Georgia Marie Thompson was born in June; How old is she now?

Kenan Thompson’s first child, Georgia Marie was born on Friday 20 June 2014. At the time, Georgia weighed 6 lbs.

Newly born Georgia Marie Thompson with her mother Christina Evangeline
Christina Evangeline with her then daughter Georgia Marie Thompson via Instagram

Shortly after the birth, Georgia’s mom, Christina, took to her Instagram to show off her then-newborn baby with a caption:

We’re just very sleepy.

Kenan had first publicly announced that he and his then-wife, Evangeline, would be having their daughter Georgia during his interview with Set Meyers on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

I’m about to be a daddy. Dad Kenan! I’m terrified,

said Kenan to Meyers.

He also confessed at the time that he didn’t know what to do with babies. He also joked that he would be at the casino when Georgia is born.

In another interview, Kenan said having a baby was always on his and Evangeline’s mind and that Georgia’s birth and becoming parents “all happened at the same time.”

Georgia is now eight years old.

Georgia Marie Thompson has a younger sister, Gianna

Marie has a younger sister, Gianna, who is four years younger than her. Speaking of the birth of Georgia’s younger sister and his second daughter, Gianna Michelle Thompson, Kenan said her birth really turned things upside down for him. However, he admitted to being thankful that Georgia and Gianna weren’t wearing diapers at the same time. Thompson says changing diapers was the hardest thing on earth for him.

Parents from Georgia, Kenan and Christina were together for more than ten years

Georgia’s parents, Kenan and Christina Evangeline, got married in November 2011. Her mother, Evangeline, 33 years old, is a model and interior designer. Thompson and Evangeline met through a talent manager and exchanged their vows in 2011 in the Arctic Room of the George Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, E! reports. The TV presenter/actor/rapper Nick Cannon Mc’d the ceremony.

33-year-old Georgia mother, Christina Evangeline and her actor father, Kenan Thompson
Georgia Marie Thompson’s parents Christina Evangeline and Kenan Thompson.

Three years after the wedding, the couple would have their first child in June 2014, a daughter, Georgia. Four years later, in August 2018, they welcomed their second daughter and Georgia’s sister, Gianna.

Georgia’s parents would see their relationship end in June 2022 when Kenan filed for divorce from Evangeline. The couple initially separated in April 2022, but co-parented their daughters Georgia and Gianna. The parents of the two remained very close even after their divorce. Moreover, apparently there is not much reason behind their divorce.

According to TMZ, the divorce filings include the 50-50 petition for custody of Georgia and her sister, Gianna. Besides, Georgia’s mother is currently in a relationship with her father’s co-star, Chris Redd.

The birth of Georgia Marie Thompson changed Kenan Thompson

Kenan Thompson says the birth of his daughter Georgia changed him in a hilarious way. The Ohio-born comedian said this during his part in an Apple TV documentary: Fathers. He also stated how his calm ended soon after the birth of his first daughter Georgia.

One day you’re not a father and the next you are. From that moment on you are just a father. And sure, my composure just got sucked out of me. I didn’t know… I didn’t even feel it, but I just started wearing black socks and shorts right away,

said the now 44-year-old actor.

Kenan also said he looked corny in stores and asked too many questions about items that were otherwise super obvious to him.

Georgia Marie Thompson, eight-year-old daughter of SNL actor Kenan Thomson
Kenan Thompson eldest daughter Georgia Marie Thompson

Thompson added in the interview for the documentary that he also worries constantly as he learns to calm down and tests his daughters’ resilience. Challenges arose in figuring out the warning signs, too, according to SNL’s longest-serving cast.

In addition, Kenan said while speaking to People in 2020 that the biggest wake-up call for him was how quickly everything happened to him.

Thompson said that after his daughter was born, he began to grow and mature in ways he never imagined. He also said it was great for him to see his daughter Georgia do her homework.

Thompson also shared similar sentiments when he appeared on the NBC talk show Today in 2014 Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb about fatherhood, the D2 actor said it really changed him and it was both incredible and the best thing in the world, “like witnessing a real miracle.”

Georgia once appeared on America Got Talent

Georgia is apparently a huge fan of the reality show America Got Talent. In 2020, when she was six, the famous daughter even appeared on the show, while her father, Kenan, acted as a guest judge. Christina then took it to her Instagram to show off her daughter’s time in AGT. At the time, Thompson had received an offer to fill the role of the show’s regular panelist, Simon Cowell who was then recovering from his accident with an electric bicycle. Kenan’s daughter, Georgia, gave her critique of one of the acts in the competition during her time with AGT. Apparently, both Georgia and her sister Gianna have interests in entertainment and acting.

Georgia Marie Thompson is funny, says her father Kenan Thompson

Thompson once revealed that his daughters, Georgia and Gianna, are both funny in different ways. During an interview with HuffPost in May 2021, the father of two said:

“My big girl is one of the greatest amateurs I’ve ever seen. She’s so funny. She is 6 years old. It goes hand in hand, she’s funny and she’s also very energetic, just everywhere and just like a kid.

Kenan also added that his baby girl, Gianna, also had a really sly sense of humor. He said those were probably more from their mother, Christina’s side.

Actor Kenan Thompson with his daughters Georgia and Gianna
Georgia with her father Kenan and her sister Georgia

Thompson added that his daughters were just hilarious and they said the damnest things and it was just because they didn’t really know what they were saying.

Georgia was the one who, Kenan said, inherited his sense of humor. In fact, the Smurfs 2 actor said the older she got, the funnier she got.

How rich is Georgia Marie Thompson Father, Kenan Thompson; What is his net worth?

Georgia’s father, Kenan is quite a wealthy personality with an estimated net worth of over $13 million. Given his title as SNL’s longest-running cast member, that should come as no surprise. In fact, he’s the richest cast of all the other faces of SNL Kate McKinnon, Peter Davidson, Cecile Strong, and others. Celebrity Net Worth claims that Thompson earns an average of $25,000 per episode, which in turn earns him about $2-3 million per year. Moreover, he is expected to earn such an amount and possibly more over several years as he has a longer contract on the show.


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