Gaia Lucariello – All about Simone Inzaghi .’s wife


Simone Inzaghi’s wife is Gaia Lucariello. Simone works as a football manager and is a former player professionally. He is the Serie A head coach of Inter Milan. He is originally from Piacenza, Italy. He was born to Giancarlo and Marina Inzaghi and grew up with a sibling.


Quick Fact

First and last name Gaia Lucariello
First name Gaia
Last name Lucariello
Profession famous woman
Nationality Italian
hometown Rome
Country of birth Italy
gender identity Female
Sexual orientation Straight ahead
Horoscope Fishing
Marital status Married
Husband Simone Inzaghi
Number of children 2
Date of birth February 26, 1983
Age 39 years
wedding date June 2018

When did Gaia and Simone get married?

Gaia Lucariello married Simone three years ago in June 2018. The woman is originally from Rome. According to reports, Gaia is the one who persuaded Simone to choose Inter: fashion entrepreneur. That is why he agreed in May to extend his contract with Lotito. He later decided to accept the orphaned Inter van Conte’s proposal. Without a doubt, she has shown tenacity as a fashion entrepreneur. This courage saved the life of a child from drowning.

Gaia and her husband were cautious for a year, calling Covid Sneaky.

Gaia, her husband and the entire family tested positive for COVID. She emphasized how they had all taken measures for a very long time. Gaia said her son Andrea had a fever and diarrhea. However, the result of the COVID test was negative. She then started showing the same symptoms. Gaia was concerned about the same symptoms, but another report revealed the same result.

Gaia Lucariello

So she had a molecular test, which revealed a positive result on April 7. Her husband and son Lorenzo, on the other hand, were asymptomatic, but had a wonderful outcome. The woman went on to say that they had all been extremely cautious for a year and had no idea how they got the virus. She also said she is tested every week. Finally, Gaia and her family go out alone to work, to the park, or to be outside. Simone, on the other hand, is always tested for COVID.

What was the most memorable moment of Gaia and Simone’s wedding?

It wasn’t just Gaia’s wedding dress that caught the eye. However, the centerpiece of their evening was Alessia Marcuzzi. Simone’s ex-girlfriend is Alessia. It’s encouraging to see that even when their relationship is over, Alessia wants to keep the family together. She was also the wedding witness to the event, which was handpicked by the bride herself.

Many of you may not know that Simone and Alessia have a child named Thomas. Thomas is in his twenties, born on April 29, 2001. He is now studying in London.

Mother of two children

Gaia is a mother of two children. She gave birth to their second son Andrea on August 8, 2020. The woman spent a wonderful moment in the hospital bed with her baby, her husband and her older child. Lorenzo also felt happy tears in his eyes since he was the bigger brother. Thomas, nicknamed Tommaso, was one of the first to congratulate by writing several red hearts in the photo’s comment box. In addition, numerous celebrities congratulated the couple, including Costanza Caracciolo, Federica Nargi, Anna Falchi and Vittoria Belvedere.

Gaia Lucariello

The personal life of Simone Inzaghi

Let’s take a look at Simone Inzaghi’s personal life alongside his professional life. When it comes to his father, Giancarlo sold textiles. He also has an older brother by the priestly name Filippo. Simone’s parents wanted him to become a doctor. He, on the other hand, chose to become a player. He also played various sports from an early age.

Net value

We depend on the financial statistics of her husband, who has a total estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million as Gaia Lucariello’s income details are not disclosed.