Felicity Blunt: Everything You Need to Know About Stanley Tucci’s Second Wife


Felicity Blunt is a famous celebrity husband. She is popular because she is the wife of the American actor and filmmaker Stanley Tucci. Her husband Stanley is known for the movies like The devil wears Prada (2006) and Julie & Julia (2009). Plus, Stanley is a four-time Emmy Awards winner.

In addition to being a famous celebrity husband, Felicity is also in the spotlight as the older sister of Emily Blunt. Her sister Blunt is a well-known British actress and is one of the highest paid actresses in the world according to Forbes. Despite the fact that Felicity belongs to a well-known family, the famous husband himself is an English literary agent.

In this article we cover every personal and professional detail of Felicity. What about her career? How is her married life with her husband? Stay with us to learn more about this beautiful lady along with her birth details, early life, husband and more!


Who are Felicity Blunt’s parents? Her early life and education

Felicity was born to Joanna Mackie and Oliver Simon Peter Blunt on the January 8, 1982 in London, Great Britain. So from 2022she is 40 age. She is the firstborn child of her parents. Her mother Joanna is a former actress known for her role in Lillie (1978) and fight back (1986), while her father Oliver is a senior trial attorney.

Since Felicity belongs to a very stable family, she grew up in a comfortable environment along with her three other siblings. Before we go any further, let’s take a look at her ancestry. Felicity is of Caucasian ethnicity and of British nationality.

Felicity’s family background

Her ancestry used to be more prominent in British politics. Felicity’s grandfather Peter Blunt was a Major General in the British Army and also a businessman. Not only this, but her grandfather was also awarded the George Medal.

Likewise, Crispin Blunt, her paternal uncle, is a Conservative MP for one of her Reigate.

Her education

Speaking of her education, Blunt enrolled at Westminster School in London. After graduating, she attended the University of Bristol, where she completed and obtained her law degree.

After graduating, she trained as a lawyer and did an internship at a literary agency.

Felicity Blunt’s Three Siblings: Know About Them

She has three siblings named Emily Blunt, Sebastian Blunt and Susannah Blunt. Emily was born after her on the February 23, 1983. By profession Emily is a well known actress as we mentioned above.

Felicity Blunt's sister Emily is an actress
Felicity Blunt with her famous sister

In addition, Felicity has a brother named Sebastian who is an actor by profession. He studied film and drama at his university. Furthermore, Susannah is her youngest sibling who has completed an A level study in her education period.

Short bio about Felicity’s famous sister Emily

Her sister Emily started her professional career as an actress in the play The Royal Family in 2001 where she portrayed the character Gwen, granddaughter of Dench’s Fanny Cavendish. For her first debut, she was also named Best Newcomer. After that, she appeared in several television dramas and films.

Likewise, she starred in the British drama My Summer of Love, Mary Poppins Returns, Wild Mountain Thyme, Outside Mullinger, Henry VII, and much more. For her incredible performances, Emily has been honored with multiple awards such asthe Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and many others. In 2020, Forbes ranked her as one of the highest paid actresses in the world.

What does Felicity Blunt do for life? Her job

Felicity is a literary agent by trade. Before that, she was an aspiring lawyer and received her law degree. So how does a law student choose to become a literary agent?

Actually, it started with her internship at the company Wylie Agency and Curtis Brown. Then she began to fully immerse herself in the book world. In 2005Felicity Blunt did an internship at Curtis Brown, a leading literary agency, eventually joining the company as a full-time employee. She worked for Curtis Brown from London and also from New York.

After that, Felicity Blunt worked as an assistant at another agent company called Vivienne Schuster, which kept her in this profession. As a literary agent, she has her own list of fiction and non-fiction writers such as Tammy Cohen, Gytha Lodge, Gillian McAllister, Renee Knight, Rosamund Lupton, and others.

Felicity Blunt is married to Stanley Tucci: their marriage

On August 4, 2012 a literary agent Felicity married an American actor Stanley Tucci Who is 20 years older than her. Their wedding took place in a civil ceremony and their reception was held at Middle Temple Hall in London a month after their wedding ceremony.

Felicity Blunt
Felicity Blunt with her husband Stanley

Before the wedding, Felicity and Tucci dated for a year. The husband-wife duo have had a blissful relationship since their marriage.

How did their relationship start? Their involvement

Blunt and Tucci first met at her actress sister Emily’s wedding ceremony in 2010 where Emily introduced her sister to her co-actor Stanley.

After that, they slowly started taking a moment together and shared a good bond about their shared interest, especially food. At the time, Stanley was still mourning when his first wife Kathryn “Kate” Tucci died of breast cancer in… 2009. As time goes on, they are both attracted, fall in love and finally Stanley proposes to her in October 2011. And what’s more, they shared a vow.

Felicity’s Husband is an Emmy Award Winner Actor

Born Nov 11, 1960, in New York, her husband, Stanley, is one of the best-known actors and directors in the American film industry. He started his acting career at a very young age, but made his first film debut in the movie Prizzi’s Honor in 1985. After that he appeared in several movies such as Burlesque, Easy A, Captain America: The First Avenger, Beauty and the Beast, and much more.

Furthermore, his career as a director began with the cult comedy big night, where he was also a co-writer and actor. For his talent and contribution, he has been nominated for various awards such as Tony Award, Grammy Award, Academy Award and others. But between all the nominations, Stanley won four Emmy Awards.

Felicity helped her husband Stanley overcome cancer

In the year 2017, a large tumor at the base of Stanley’s tongue was identified and later found to be cancer. His treatment required him to undergo seven sessions of chemotherapy. Likewise, he received treatment with 35 days of radiation and as a result, had a feeding tube for six months.

In Stanley’s health battle, Felicity was there for him every second, strong to encourage her husband and take care of him. In an exclusive conversation with People, Stanley said: “Felicity’s undying attention, affection and encouragement got me through it.”

Blunt is a biological mother of two children with her husband

Felicity shares two children with Stanley in her married life. After 3 years of marriage she gave birth to a son on the January 25, 2015. The duo named their son Matteo Oliver.

Felicity Blunt
Felicity Blunt with her newborn child

In addition, Felicity shares a daughter named Emilia Giovanna with her husband. Her child was born on April 19, 2018.

In addition, Felicity Blunt is also a stepmother to her husband’s children from his first marriage, daughter Camilla and twins Nicolo and Isabel. Kathryn Spath, the first wife of her husband Tucci to die of breast cancer, was a social worker. Before him, she was married to actor Alexander R. Scott.

Where is Felicity Blunt today? Her presence on social media

Currently Felicity lives with her husband and children in Barnes, London. Speaking of her social media presence, she has a private Instagram account. In addition, she is also on Twitter under the username @felicityblunt with 12k followers.

She also has a Facebook account with a total of 310 friends.

Felicity Blunt’s net worth

As we mentioned above, she is a literary agent. Felicity thus collects a large part of the money from her profession as a literary agent. And her fortune is $1 million in 2022. On the other hand, her actor husband, Stanley, has a net worth of $25 million.