Everything you need to know about Youtuber Kelli Maple



Who is Kelli Maple?

Kelli Maple is an American YouTube personality, who rose to fame by uploading videos of her playing with various baby dolls and toys. She has attracted more than 1.2 million subscribers, so many are talking about this young YouTube star. Here’s everything you need to know about Kelli Maple.

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Kelli Maple Wiki – Date of Birth, Childhood, Education

Kelli Maple was born on October 12, 2001 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


Kelli is the middle child and spent her childhood in Boston along with her older sister Kristin and their younger brother, Joseph, who is also now a YouTube star who built his fame playing the hit video game Minecraft. Kelli is currently in high school but has not shared which school she attends as she prefers her privacy and desire to stay away from the public. She is currently in her senior year and apparently has yet to decide whether to enroll in college or not.

Career start

Kelli started her YouTube channel in 2014, when she was just 13 years old, mostly out of curiosity.

She started uploading videos featuring her cats, the first being “Cute cat Mittens talks about birds”, and continued with her cats, but this is not what made her a star. Shortly after, she began making toy review videos, especially those from the Playmobil TV franchise, and with each new video she gathered more subscribers. In addition, she started reviewing other toy brands such as Lego, Surprise Toys, American Girl Dolls, Little Live Pets Bids, and Shopkins among others, all of which helped boost her popularity and net worth.

Kelli Maple

Rise to stardom

With new videos, Kelli’s subscriber count increased and she soon reached her first 500,000 loyal fans. Buoyed by her success, Kelli began expanding video subjects such as making up stories for her baby dolls and playing with reborn dolls. This was a great idea, since Kelli has since become not only a national star, but also known all over the world. Her videos are apparently getting more interesting day by day, and besides videos related to baby stories, she has also shared some events from her personal life, which have further contributed to her popularity.

She now has almost 1.3 million subscribers and her videos have been viewed almost a billion times, and that number is clearly still rising.

Some of her most popular videos are ‘Reborn Babies Laura and Landon Go To The Park! Reborn Skit”, with 25 million views, then “A Baby Alive Christmas” (24 million views), while “Emma is trying to be mom” and “Go to the restauranteach have 18 million views. She has countless other videos with millions of views, all of which have contributed to her popularity and increased her wealth as Kelli earns a decent amount of money monthly through YouTube.

Kelli Maple Net Worth, Height, Weight and Appearance

Kelli is already a star despite not being 20 years old yet. Her successful YouTube career has contributed significantly to her wealth, and according to sources, Kelli Maple’s net worth is estimated to exceed $700,000 in early 2020. Kelli’s exact weight is unknown at this time, but she appears very tall for a young girl. She has a slim body and she weighs about 100 lbs ~ 45 kgs. Her hair is brown and she also has brown eyes.

Kelli Maple Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend, Is She Single?

Kelli is online almost every moment, but she hasn’t shared anything about her personal life.

She has cherished her secretive nature, including any romances. Nevertheless, according to sources, Kelli is still single and not romantically involved with anyone, at least not in public.

Kelli Maple News, facts, influence

With her popularity increasing, many magazines and television networks have asked Kelli for an interview and written about her and her career; she has been featured in CBC Kids Newsamong other news platforms.

Posted by Kelli Maple On Sunday, November 4, 2018

Kelli is an animal lover and has several cats as pets, and that’s not all – she also has a dwarf hamster named Nugget, as well as three small fish she named Crouton, Lapis, and Emerald.

Kelli loves music and has started taking piano lessons, sometimes she only plays piano except practice. She has talked about her favorite musician – Brandon Urie from Panic! At the Disco is her most beloved musician and attended their concert with her brother.

Speaking further of Kelli, she has done a lot for the community as she has supported campaigns to spread awareness of Down syndrome, and also for gun control.

Kelly has become famous on media other than YouTube such as Instagram and has used them to share some of her work and attract more people to her Youtube Channel. Kelli often visits places where her fans meet her, and most recently she has one photo on her Instagram page with one of them.