Eva Pilgrim – All about her husband, parents, baby girl and more


Eva Pilgrim is a household name in the face of the American news industry. The South Korean born is the co-host of Good morning America and the news correspondent for ABC news. In addition, the on-air personality is also best known for writing a children’s book.

News anchor cum author, Pilgrim is also open about her personal life. So, who is Eva Pilgrim’s husband? And what is the name of her daughter who is said to be only a year old? We’ll have the answers soon. No matter who they are, Eva is sure to make time in her busy schedule to be with her family.

That is why in this article we dive deep into the life of Eva Pilgrim. How was her childhood? Who are her parents? And is it true that Pilgrim was an overachiever in high school? We will know more when we examine the article. So let’s get started!


Eva Pilgrim is originally from Seoul, South Korea; Her early life

Pilgrim, 40, was born in South Korea’s capital, Seoul, on August 30, 1982. Her parents, Tim Pilgrim and In Sook Gayle, were in the military at the time and often moved from one place to another. That’s why Eva never really had a constant home growing up. It wasn’t until the anchor was in third grade that the Pilgrim family settled in Lexington County, South Carolina.

Eva Pilgrim parents
An old photo of Pilgrim and her mother. Source: Instagram/Eva Pilgrim

Speaking of her ethnicity, it is clear that the news anchor is Asian and follows Christianity. In addition, despite being born in another country, Eva has US citizenship.

Who are Eva Pilgrim’s parents? Her father was in the army

As mentioned above, Eve is the doting eldest daughter of her parents, Tim Pilgrim and In Sook Gayle. Her father was previously in the military. He grew up in South Carolina. Likewise, her mother works in the health sector and takes care of the elderly in a nursing home.

Little Eva was just in 3rd grade when her parents decided to move to the US permanently. The Korean family lived in the house of Eva’s father’s relative in South Carolina.

In addition, to this day, Pilgrim seems very close to her family, especially her parents. Her parents still live in S. Carolina to this day. Moreover, Eva is not their only daughter. She grew up with two younger siblings; Sherry is her sister and Sean is her brother.

Pilgrim was an overachiever from the start: her university and school

Pilgrim attended West . Airport High School Columbia and was the smartest girl in school. She was an active member of several clubs and a member of the student board. In addition, she was also the editor of her school’s newspaper.

At the same time, Eva also blossomed as a writer contributing articles about high school sports to a local newspaper called, The Lexington Chronicle. This is also when she leaned more towards journalism.

After graduating from high school, Eva Pilgrim attended the University of Carolina, where she took a degree in journalism and mass communication. She graduated from college in 2004 and went on to study at the University of Florida.

Eva Pilgrim has a successful career as an American journalist

According to her social media accounts, Eva Pilgrim is the proud co-host of Good morning America, the weekend edition and a news correspondent for ABC News. So, what led her to have such a bright and successful career, you may ask?

Eva has come a long way in her journalistic journey. Before joining major news outlets, she worked in places like Charlotte, West Virginia, Philadelphia, and Indianapolis.

In 2002, Pilgrim began her career in media by working as a web story producer for WIS TV. She was still in college and worked with Sarah Messer, who still works for ABC. She also started in 2006 as a morning anchor for WVV.

Pilgrim has a Frenchie named Walter
Walter – Pilgrim’s Frenchie. She wrote a book based on him. Source: Instagram/Eva Pilgrim

She then worked as a reporter for Fox Charlotte for almost 3 years. Later she also went to work for a few other TV stations such as WXIN TV and WPVI in 2012.

Finally, after years of jumping from one job to another, in 2015, her journey into ABC news began. Likewise, she was introduced in 2018 as the other host for the weekend version of GMA.

But Pilgrim is more than just a news anchor. She is also an author and has written a children’s book. Walter does his best: a French adventure in kindness and muddy paws her book is based on her dog – a French bulldog named Walter. It was released in September 2021.

Eva has been married to her husband, Ed Hartigan since 2019

News anchor/author Eva Pilgrim is a married woman who has had a blissful marital relationship with her husband Ed Hartigan for years. As for their first meeting, the media personality met her husband years ago at a friend’s wedding in Miami.

There was a spark between these two and we clicked from the start. Their second meeting was in London, where Hartigan used to live. It turns out that Eve has been sent to town on an assignment; best suited the lovebirds.

In the meantime, her then-boyfriend Ed couldn’t stay away from his future mistress. So he moved to Brooklyn to be with Eva. It was the sweetest gesture and Eva fell head over heels for Ed.

Eva and Hartigan have been together since 2019
The Beautiful Couple – Eva Pilgrim and Ed Hartigan. Source: Instagram/Eva Pilgrim

Pilgrim and her beau Hartigan got married in November 2019. In fact, the couple had originally planned a destination wedding. However, due to the increase in the global COVID-19 pandemic, they had to compromise and get married in New York City Hall. It was a short and simple wedding with no fuss and chaos.

Who is Eva Pilgrim’s husband, Ed Hartigan?

Speaking of her husband, Ed is a very smart guy with a degree in Bachelor of Science with Honors in Business. Before that, he worked as director of digital marketing and media at RWS Moravia.

Currently Eva’s husband works for The Sorye Group. Unlike his wife, Hartigan likes to keep himself inconspicuous. However, we can enjoy looking at the beautiful pictures of the couple from Eva’s Instagram.

Pilgrim has a 1 year old baby girl named Ella with her husband

Eva Pilgrim is a wonderful mother to a beautiful girl with her husband Ed. Their daughter Ella is her 1-year-old daughter, born on September 3, 2021. The brand new mother announced the arrival of her daughter a day later, on October 1, via her Instagram.

Before that, in July of the same year, Pilgrim had announced her pregnancy to the public and was apparently very excited to be a mother.

Ella is a year old daughter of Eva and Ed
Pilgrim with her daughter and husband! Source: Instagram/Eva Pilgrim

Eva Pilgrim even had a live-on-air baby shower with colleagues from GMA. The small event was a surprise, but it turned out to be very big. The moment was also shared on the show’s official Twitter account, where Pilgrim later appreciated her colleagues for the great gesture and gifts she received.

On the contrary, Eva keeps her daughter’s identity hidden from the world. She posts photos with her daughter’s face covered on Instagram. Anyway, we have to respect this decision of hers and wait patiently until we can get a good look at little Ella.

Is Eva Pilgrim a Millionaire?

Yes, Eva Pilgrim is a millionaire. With a successful career in the US news industry and as an author, she stands at a whopping $3 million dollars in 2022.

She also has a beautiful home in New York, where she lives with her husband, daughter and dog. So she definitely has the life we ​​all dream of having a great career and a supportive family.