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Emma DiGiovine is a Fox News associate producer, who rose to fame when she had an affair with, and later married, Fox’s “Watters’ World” host Jesse Watters.

Early life and family

Emma DiGiovine was born in 1992, apparently on May 29, in Cranford, New Jersey, USA. Not much information is available about her family other than what she has posted on her Instagram account. Based on the photos, it is clear that they have a close family, including her grandparents. Her father is not mentioned, but her mother’s name is Janice, and she has a brother named Greg, whom she considered her role model; he married his girlfriend Ashli ​​in August 2019.

The whole family celebrates milestones and special occasions together, such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Greg’s graduation. Her mother greeted her on her birthday on May 29, but it was not clear if that was her real birth date.

Education background

She graduated from the Academy of Saint Elizabeth in Convent Station, New Jersey, and graduated in 2014 with a major in journalism from Fairfield University, Connecticut. While still in college, she had a internship in the public relations department of the Showtime Network. She also worked for the school newspaper ‘The Mirror’ and was Marketing Director of the university student association.


DiGiovine signed with MSA Models and worked on a modeling career from mid-2012 to 2014. She also worked as an assistant editor at Wainscot Media. It had always been her dream to work at Fox News, and it came true in 2015 when she worked as a production assistant on the Fox News weekly talk show, “Stossel” hosted by John Stossel, and her first on-air assignment was an interview for show segment in October. In 2016 she worked as co-producer on “Watters’ World”, then in 2017 she was later transferred to the opinion-based and current affairs program “The Ingraham Angle”.

Private life

Emma is 28 years old and married to 41-year-old Jesse Watters.

He announced their engagement on August 26, 2019 on his Twitter account and was even congratulated by President Donald Trump when he retweeted Jesse’s announcement, adding “Jesse & Emma, ​​Great News.” The couple married in December 2019 and Jesse shared their photo on their wedding day on Twitter in January 2020 with the caption, ‘I’m Watters and this is my wife. #love you.’ He did the same thing on Instagram, but with the hashtag “soulmate.” His twin was the flower girls at the wedding. Jesse also often posted pictures of himself and Emma when they were on family outings with the kids. Emma is also generous in sharing photos of her new family.

Their love story didn’t get off to a great start as Jesse was married to Noelle Inguagiato Watters at the time. Emma and Jesse had an affair – it was not revealed when it started. The first photo of her and Jesse she posted was in July 2016, at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Speculation within the network about their relationship only materialized when they both started uploading photos of time spent together, such as their vacation in the Caribbean. The news about the impending divorce and the reason for it was made public only in March 2018.

Jesse met his first wife, Noelle at Fox News, while she was in the advertising and promotions department. They married in 2009 and had twins Sophie and Ellie in 2011.

Emma DiGiovine

After Noelle’s maternity leave, she stopped working. It was said that she filed for divorce in October 2017 after learning about her husband’s affair. Jesse then informed the network’s Chief of Human Resources in November about his consensual but adulterous relationship with a member of his staff, DiGiovine. Management met with Jesse and Emma, ​​and she was transferred to another program, Laura Ingraham’s “The Ingraham Angle.” The divorce was finalized in March 2019.

Who is Jesse Watters?

Born on July 9, 1978, Jesse Watters grew up in Germantown and East Falls in northwest Philadelphia. He graduated in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in history from Trinity College, Connecticut. While in college, he worked as an intern for then-Senator Joseph Lieberman.

After graduation, he was hired by Fox News in 2001 as a production assistant and worked in the basement logging videotapes. In 2003, Jesse became part of the production staff of the TV news and talk show ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ hosted by Bill O’Reilly, whom he considered his mentor. Jesse first appeared on air in 2004 in the man-on-the-street interview segment of the show, which became a regular feature, and he became known for his ambush-style interviews – O’Reilly dubbed this segment “Watters’ World. “

In 2014, he was an occasional guest co-host of the Fox News Channel talk show and news program ‘Outnumbered’.

His biggest breakthrough, however, was his own show on Fox from November 20, 2015 titled ‘Watters’ World’, a news show where he analyzes and discusses headlines with a panel of guests and also features man-on-the-street style interview segment. It started as a monthly special, then became a weekly show in January 2017 and has now aired over 200 episodes, with more to come. In April of that year, he became a co-host or part of the five-person panel of the talk show ‘The Five’, in which the panel discusses controversies and current issues. The format and style of the show is similar to that of the popular and award-winning show ‘The View’. Critics gave positive reviews of the show.

Just two days after Jesse became part of “The Five,” there were calls for his firing when he made a suggestive remark about how Ivanka Trump spoke into the mike, even making a vulgar gesture. He denied that his comment was sexual in nature and was not fired, but was not seen on the show for two days afterwards. This wasn’t the first time he got involved in a controversy because of what he said or commented on. In 2016, during the five minute segment of the O’Reilly show, he made insulting remarks and questions while in Chinatown, making stereotypical stereotypes of Asian-Americans, such as asking a street vendor if what he’s selling was stolen, or two men asked about their opinion of Ms. Hillary Clinton and if they answered in English with a Chinese accent, subtitles were displayed at the bottom of the screen. People were outraged and staged a protest outside Fox’s headquarters in Manhattan.

He expressed regret that people were offended, but said his interviews were intended as an ironic or light-hearted joke, although most people were not happy about this.

Interesting facts and rumours

  • Emma was part of the Fairfield University Dance Ensemble in 2014.
  • Emma learned to dance ballet when she was a young girl.
  • On her profile at the social network for aspiring models, Model Mayhem, she stated that she does not tolerate nudity.
  • She danced at Jets practice in March 2013.
  • Her family is a strong supporter of President Trump.
  • She was in a car accident in 2014 and broke her hand in three places.
  • She started her YouTube channel ‘Emma Watters Workout’ on April 3, 2020, featuring a variety of workout routines such as cardio burst, upper body burnout, and high-intensity interval training.

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She is 1.7m tall, weighs 53kg and her vital statistics are 34-26-36. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Net value

Her earnings as a model and as a production assistant have not been disclosed, but sources estimate her net value as of early 2020 about $500,000. Her husband, Jesse Watters, is said to have an annual salary of $2 million at Fox News and an estimated net worth of over $5 million as of 2020, according to authoritative sources.


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