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Christi Paul is an American journalist and author, who gained fame for being the newscaster on HLN Network during the week and CNN Network on weekends.

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Early life and family

Christi Ruth Paul was born on January 1, 1969 in Bellevue, Ohio, USA to Roger and Ann Paul. She and her brother, Danny Paul, grew up in Bellevue and stayed in Ohio until they finished college. Her middle name came from her paternal and maternal grandmothers, both called Ruth. Little else is known about her childhood other than competing in and winning beauty pageants, including ‘Miss Mansfield’, ‘Miss Greater Cleveland’ in 1991-92 and third place in the ‘Miss Ohio’ competition in 1993.


After enrolling in a local high school in Bellevue in 1987, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Toledo in 1993; she was an Entertainment Tonight intern at CBS. Christi was recognized as an “Outstanding Alumna” and received an honorary doctorate when she delivered a kick-off speech to the 2014-2015 graduates of the University of Toledo.


After her studies and internship she could not immediately go into broadcasting. She did all kinds of odd jobs in Cleveland, such as assisting magicians at shows, presenting car shows, and even singing at sporting events.

First steps

It wasn’t until she was offered a job as a news host, reporter, and photographer at WDTV, a CBS-affiliated television station in Clarksburg, West Virginia, that she was able to use her college education. Her steady work in broadcast journalism earns her about $12,000 a year.

Later, Christi moved to Boise, Idaho to join her first husband, and worked as a news correspondent for KTVB. When her marriage broke up, she accepted a job with KNXV in Phoenix, Arizona, and then moved to KTVK, a Phoenix CNN-affiliated TV channel, where she became a news anchor, consumer correspondent and weather girl.

Christi Paul

further success

In 2003, she joined HLN (then CNN Headline News), a CNN cable news channel whose main focus was to provide live news throughout the day, but later relaunched with a new programming concept featuring morning shows and true crime shows. In 2013, she joined the CNN network as a news correspondent and anchor while still working at HLN.

Reporting tragic events such as missing children forced her to: make the TV show, “Find Our Children”, in 2010, to spread awareness about these children and seek help from viewers in looking for them. It started as a segment on CNN’s online site and then aired twice a week on two networks, such as HLN and TruTV.

With the help of the show, they were able to track down quite a few missing children.

Christi became a popular news anchor by covering major national news events, including several presidential elections and the historic inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington DC. In 2013, she was given an exclusive interview with Vice President Joe Biden, which discussed domestic violence and Obamacare. She extensively covered the news of horrific tragedies such as the $70 billion devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the deadliest hurricane in 2012, and the most violent mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012, the Orlando Pulse nightclub in 2016, and the Orlando Pulse nightclub in 2016. Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 2020.

Today, she continues to present news for HLN as one of the network’s weekday news anchors, and CNN’s news anchor for the weekend edition of the TV show “New Day.”

Private life

Christi married her second husband, Peter Wurm, a chemical engineer at a beach resort in Kauai, Hawaii, on June 21, 2002. She met him a year after she filed for divorce from her previous abusive husband. She always believed in second chances in love, and now she has been married for 18 years and has three daughters. If you have to believe her Instagram posts, her relationship is go strong and she has a happy family. She has been constantly posting about her infinite happiness to have Peter as a husband.

Previous relationship

While still starting her career in broadcast journalism, she met Rob Koebel, another news reporter, and dated him for a while. When Rob was hired for a job in Boise in 1996, he decided he couldn’t leave Christi in West Virginia, so he proposed to her. That time, she was also offered her dream job in Cleveland, but she chose it. While planning their wedding, she’d seen him lose his temper, but for which he would apologize profusely.

After their marriage, his mood escalated and the abuse began. After a few years of marriage, she was ready to call it quits, but his parents intervened and they went through marriage counseling.

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It went well for a year, but the abuse started again. After four years, she decided to leave him for good and was advised not to inform him until she was far away, as it is usually the most dangerous time in a violent situation. In October 2000, when she was back in Ohio with her parents, she filed for divorce.


One Love Foundation

Christi is a member of the National Advisory Council for the One Love Foundation. It was founded in honor of University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love, who was beaten to death in her apartment in 2010 by her boyfriend, also a UV men’s lacrosse player.

The foundation spreads awareness about abuse and offers support to the victims.

Girl Talk Inc.

She is an advocate for Girl Talk Inc., a peer-to-peer mentoring organization, in which high school students would help high school girls and learn how to tackle bullying in school and develop self-confidence.

Child health care

Volunteering as Baby Buddy is a weekly thing for Christi, if she can find some time in her busy schedule. She hugs babies and supports families where their babies are incarcerated in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Interesting facts

  1. She received the illustrious Hope Award from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in 2012 for her unwavering support in spreading awareness of missing children through her TV show “Find Our Children.”
  2. In 2012, she wrote a book, “Love Shouldn’t Hurt,” in which she shared the emotional and verbal abuse she had experienced from her former husband. She never mentioned his name and called him Justin in the book. It was immediately included in Amazon’s Top 20 books when it was published.
  3. Her former husband was arrested to pee in front of an Apple Store; Rob was so drunk that he even resisted arrest. He later said it was caused by the release of his ex-wife’s book, because although his name was not mentioned, all their colleagues knew who it was.
  4. Christi recorded two songs entitled “Wake Up In It” and “Free”, which can be downloaded from iTunes. Both songs were related to her abuse ordeal and were released to accompany her book.
  5. Singing has always been an outlet for Christi. She sang national anthems at sporting events, including the Cleveland Cavaliers games, and shared the stage with other popular singers, including David Foster and Richard Marx.


She is 1.60 m tall and weighs about 54 kg. She is white with blond hair and blue eyes.

Net value

authoritative sources estimates Christi’s net worth at approximately $1.5 million as of June 2020, primarily from her salaries as a news correspondent for several years and her current job as a TV news anchor on HLN and CNN shows. She earns about $90,000 a year on average.


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